FEEDBACK: WWE Crown Jewel 2022

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Kavan from Glasgow

While I still can’t bring myself to watch the Saudi shows, I did catch the highlights on twitter, and it’s great to see how far the women’s division has come. From not being featured on the first three cards, to tonight’s extremely fun and vicious looking plunder match, plus the first women’s title change in the Kingdom with Iyo and Dakota. I’d still rather they weren’t there, but given they are, I’m glad they’ve continued to push for more inclusion.

On RASD, both Kate and Wai seemed convinced that Usos / New Day next week was a foregone conclusion. Could you guys instead see New Day picking up the win, Jey taking the blame, and a title shot for Jimmy and Sami? That could also open the door for one more match with Jey and Roman during this run, which I’d love to see.

Also, shout out to Kate, always a very welcome addition to the shows!