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Man, what to say… If I look at it as just a pure wrestling show, it started off pretty good, most of the early world cup matches were fine or better. Then it completely went off the rails. Is Shane McMahon the best of the world considered canon? That Brock/Braun match was honestly one of the dumbest things I’ve seen, wrestling or otherwise. I’m not usually a massive critic of WWE, but good lord. While HBK still looks good, it does feel like a massive waste. The match wasn’t great, and they didn’t really build to him coming in for some big moment. 4/20, lets pretend this didn’t happen.

That was one of the worst pieces of shit I’ve ever sat through. I’d say this company should be embarrassed but I don’t believe they’re capable of feeling that. Just putrid. The Shane thing, the car wreck of a main. I’ve got tickets for NXT and the Rumble in Phoenix and I’m questioning if I should even go. Awful

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CONSPIRACY ALERT: WWE knew how wrong it was to run this show in the first place so they purposely booked a terrible show to punish anyone who ignored everything going on in Saudi Arabia and chose to watch the show anyway.

Bill in Orlando

As for the show the it was fine. The Miz/Shane angle was weird but I can see them putting together a match at an upcoming PPV between Shane & Miz for Best in The World title. Questions: So is the big uproar about this show the fact that the Saudi government is paying for it? Would this same uproar be there if the show was put on by a private promoter not affiliated with the government? I recall there being shows in China where human rights violations are prevalent but don’t recall the uproar about those shows taking place.

Love the live video post shows!!,

I’ll keep my review short by using one of my all time favorite movies quotes from Billy Madison that seems to really capture this show:

“What you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be described as a rational thought. Everyone in this room is dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

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What a complete waste of time. Probably the stupidest booking of any show I can remember for awhile. I was one of the many who disliked they didn’t move the show away from Saudi Arabia, but I was at least hoping they would put on an entertaining show. Hopefully something to help forget how ridiculous it is the show is happening. Straight up garbage. The first round of the tournament was about as blah as it gets, especially with the talent involved. Seth and Dolph finally put on a decent match but then I was confused at the heel vs heel dynamic for the final. But of course…they resolve that issue with Shane McMahon. I don’t hate him as much as others, I enjoy his matches because if he’s going to be a part timer he at least puts on a show, but this was ridiculous. Weeks of building up this tournament wasted. Just when I thought the Braun squash was the worst thing on the show they changed my mind within another 15 minutes. I haven’t been this annoyed at a show in so long too. I’m usually more positive than this but this just flat out sucked. Can I give it a zero? Actually zero seems like a compliment. -3/20 for this one.

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Guess we got what was to be expected … an event with stars from 2000 and all of them being triumphant. Shane, Lesnar, DX & Brothers … but hey if Reigns makes a miracle recovery we can look forward to Lesnar Vs Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania - that would be new :roll_eyes:

It was an okay show but also an extremely weird one. It’s as if they had a couple of controversial moments just so they can pretend that people are referring to Shane winning the World Cup and Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship win when they talk about the controversial Crown Jewel PPV…

A nice positive from the show was that when they were showing the matches for Survivor Series, Becky vs. Ronda got the loudest pop. I think that match should main event Survivor Series as well. Not because they’re women and it’d be good PR but because I think the match actually deserves it more than the others.

People will overreact to how bad the actual show was because of the real life controversies but whatever. People will be people.

David from Potterton,
Was watching this, my first WWE show since Mania (so thank you for keeping me up to date without watching), more to see how WWE would get through this show, and if there were anything similar to the Greatest Royal Rumble show earlier in the year.
I will say coming out of this show, I’m 99.9% positive that WWE are actively trying to make me laugh at them for how ridiculous they can be. Brock demolishing Braun, btw nice to see all that work over the summer with Owens has paid off for Braun who will no doubt boringly battle authority, and Brock probably staying through to Rumble, by which point I would assume he is going to UFC, the pointless World Cup (which we will no doubt see those matches again on Monday and Tuesday on TV) and Shane somehow winning when the more sensible way to get out of having two heels in the final would be to have Rey defeat Miz or even replace Miz when he gets “injured”, to the main event where it looked like four very tired and old men wrestling through treacle and look painfully awful to the point where I fear they maybe damaging themselves, both physically and legacy wise
There is one question I’d like to ask, what do WWE do when the likes of Taker, HHH, Kane & Shawn can’t physically wrestle anymore? Who do they use to fill out stadiums, or is it a case of the brand will survive any lack of stars?

Daniel in Vancouver.

I have been part of the POST Wrestling site since the beginning, but this is the first time I have left feedback for an event.

The first thing that stood out to me was the New Day’s entrance. It seems odd that the people who were the most vocal against Hulk Hogan’s comments were the ones who were given the only gimmick on the show that could have been considered racially insensitive.

Lesnar vs Strowman had a heel GM, a champion that no one wants, and a screw job match that lasted 3 minutes and 16 seconds. Vision 2030 might be trying to modernize Saudi Arabia, but this booking is from 21 years ago.

Congratulations to Braun Strowman. That match will go down with the great championship matches like Hogan vs. Yokozuna, Backlund vs. Diesel, and Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus.

We had a tournament only so they could say “Shane McMahon is the best in the world.”

Speaking of 21 years ago, there was the main event. My favourite part was the video package with HHH saying that this is not about nostalgia, followed by an entrance video of both DX members will full heads of hair. At least we will get to see HBK get the big win… thanks to Triple H’s favourite wrestler.

The most positive thing I can say about this show was that it was not the all-out wall-to-wall commercial for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that The Greatest Royal Rumble was. Rather than being an offensive show due to the politics surrounding it, it was simply offensive for the booking of the matches. Yay progress!!!

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Company is finacially strong, creatively void and morally corrupt. Brock does not show any variety when wrestling nowadays or talking skills. Do you still find him entertaining? David from Ireland.

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David from Israel

I don’t have too much to say about the show as I found it hard to feel comfortable bringing myself to watch it and even harder to sit through it considering how god awful it was.

I just wanted to say my main takeaway from this show is that Michael Cole perfectly represents modern WWE: soulless and plastic. He always sounds so extremely manufactured, produced and barely human with zero emotion. He actually makes the commentary in the video games seem realistic because he actually talks in soundbytes and catchphrases instead of actually giving any weight and real emotion to what’s happening in the ring.

I felt this more than ever when he made his whole stand up and applaud shtick at the end of the show. I felt like I was listening to someone who is so disconnected with is actually happening that I immediately turned off my TV. If this version of Cole is the voice that represents WWE in 2018 there is no wonder their shows are so bland, generic and by the numbers.

This show sucked and I’m sorry you guys had to watch it. I will be donating to the committee to protect journalists.


Started the show out of curiosity and my disappointment met new levels with the entrance of Hulk Hogan. How hollow do the lyrics of “Real American” ring in the current context? Turn it off after confirming Renee Young was on commentary. At least they did one thing ring. Probably cancelling my subscription at this point.

Shane o mac is the best in the world, that is fact.
All other facts are false

I feel like I shouldn’t be, but I am truly shocked at the end of this how tone deaf WWE has become in so many regards. I did not watch this show and have no intention to, but the fact that they 1) went forward with the event 2) had a man who by all accounts never really apologized for his racist behavior host it and 3) having the man who bored all of us for over 400 days as the universal championship win it again. I’ve had several times that the WWE pushed my buttons, but this truly the last straw. I’ve canceled my network subscription and it will take an act of god to bring me back.

Much love to you both,


Jesse from the 6

I did not watch this show because I have cancelled my WWE Network subscription. I have continued to watch WWE throughout decades of shady business practices and offensive content, but this was a bridge too far.

Kudos to you two for doing this type of review show and your donation to the CPJ.

Take Care

At the Greatest Rumble, there was the long period where people in the arena were praying. This is when they aired the propaganda video.

Was there a “prayer break” during today’s event, and if so–what did WWE do during that time?

–Hack-Man in Minnesota

Shane McMahon won a tournament he wasn’t even entered in, this says it all about the show. It’s not to be taken seriously and in a week everything on the show will be forgotten. A relative waste of 4 hours wrestling wise. The only interest here was how it was handled. Good to see Renee on the show, dare I say a silver lining?

Jack from Denmark.

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Thank you so much guys for introducing me to the Committee to Protect Journalists. I’m studying photojournalism and even at times here in the States, freedom of press is antagonized from some of our leaders. I’m giving a small monthly donation to the CPJ as this is an issue that is near and dear to my heart.

I’ll just say this Crown Jewel was a glorified house show at best.

Jake from The Windy City