FEEDBACK: WWE Day 1 2022

What did you think of WWE Day 1?

Brandon from Oshawa

I was really hoping to see some good stuff between from Lesnar with both Owens and Lashley. Unfortunately I was disappointed in the Lesnar/Owens interactions. Even with the big pay day for Owens, it still looks like they won’t consider him at that level.

I was glad to see Lashley get the better of Lesnar though and it looks at least like we will get that match at the Rumble maybe. Decent show overall, but nothing I’ll end up remembering after a couple weeks. I do love the Saturday events though. Hope this ends up sticking.

For me, this show suffered from a lack of emotional engagement in the matches. Much of the in-ring work was really good but I wasn’t excited about the stories. I feel like this showed especially in the women’s match where the unwelcome Becky heel turn and the lack of broader excitement over Liv (although she seems hugely over with online fans) made the audience feel disinterested.

I always felt like Lesnar vs Roman was the direction for Mania and now I’m wondering if they’ll use that opportunity to unite the titles. If that is the case, it really diminishes my interest in the Rumble. I’d rather have Lesnar vs Lashley but there’s no one I can see who could rise to be a credible challenger to Roman. Maybe Big E but he’s been booked so weak that it feels like even a Rumble win wouldn’t elevate him enough.