FEEDBACK: WWE Elimination Chamber 2020

What did you think of Elimination Chamber?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

I wasn’t expecting much of a show tonight, but I actually really enjoyed most of it. The match of the night by far was Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak. I love that style of wrestling and I knew nothing much could really follow it, but I felt a lot of the matches certainly tried. I also loved the main event elimination chamber match. That match was exactly what it needed to be. A brutal murder of everybody. I thought Shayna did a great job looking like the menacing threat and I feel she’s now ready for Becky at Wrestlemania. I love Shayna’s style of wrestling. The main lowlights of the show was it felt like there was a lull after the tag team chamber match. They had a hardcore match that wasn’t as violent or as entertaining as the Bryan/Gulak match, which was just a normal match. That being said, everything else was pretty good. 7 out of 10 show for me.


Lara from Vancouver

Happy Birthday John!!!

Drew Gulak vs Daniel Bryan will be the WWE match of the year.

For all the talk about Nakamura phoning it in… I don’t think AJ Styles gets enough criticism for constantly underdelivering: Owens, Nakamura, some of the Bryan matches even, now Black. AJ Styles is king of “Good Match on Paper”

Sami finally pinned Braun after years of feuding. Who says there’s no long term booking in WWE?

Loved them actually going all in on Shayna choking out everyone else. Frankly I’d have started the match with her, and cut out the dead air between eliminations. Have her demand they skip the timer, and then just have her blow through everyone until Asuka gives her a fight to finish… but still they made her the scary monster she needed to be for Becky and I loved it.

Everything else was pretty forgettable outside of some spots in the tag chamber match

But hey forgettable is better than bad!

Noah from Georgia

Just writing in to say that the #1 Contenders Match was the worst Elimination Chamber I’ve ever seen. I don’t get the appeal to Shayna and I’ve only seen one good Shayna match in my life

Good things included Gulak vs Bryan and the men’s Chamber. Other than that it was dud after dud. I hope Becky beats Shayna in 2 minutes at WrestleMania

Great show tonight until about 4/5th of the way through. While there may not have been any 5 star classics, Bryan/Gullack was very good and made Gullack look like a star. Andrade was great as always, and Zelina was equally fantastic. The tag elimination chamber was a fun car wreck, and Styles/Black was an awesome match that was hurt by dumb logic and a predictable finish.

After that the PPV fell off a cliff, hard. If you told me 5 years ago that Cesaro, Nakamura, and Sami were all going to be in the same match, and it would be the worst match on the show, I would have called you crazy.

All in all, I thought the first half of this show was every bit as good as Revolution, but I wish I’d gone to bed at 9:30

Better than expected card tonight, but you can tell how little this card mattered when they couldn’t fill 30 min of preshow, spending the majority of it talking about Mania. Wondering if Bryan/Gulak will get any Naito/Ibushi heat, the match was outstanding but that suplex made me very concerned for Bryan’s neck.

Nas from NYC

Had little expectations going in. But I really enjoyed this show. Daniel Bryan is a magician. The Andrade vs Carrillo match very good. The tag EC match had many great spots. Especially the Lince Dorado one. They surely need to give the Lucha House Party some level of push. They put Shayna over big.

Major complaint of the show will have to be that they could easily have bumped the IC title match and the second tag match to TV and had the show finish under 3 hours.

When Roman Reigns got popped for a wellness policy violation he apologized and then after his suspension was over he came back and ate a lot of pins. Andrade gets busted, nothing is said as to what for, no apology from him and he keeps on winning. Do you feel his push is still deserved or should he have lost the title and come down a bit before being pushed again?

Suren from Portland

Hello! First time/long time

Overall, a very lackluster show. Highlights were Lince’s spot in the chamber and Sami winning the IC Title. Here’s hoping this is the start of a main roster push for Sami.

Question: Where does Taker go after his spot? I counted three seconds of darkness after his attack on AJ… that’s certainly not enough time for anyone to make it up the ramp or through the crowd and I can’t imagine someone of Taker’s age being comfortable, lying under the ring the rest of the night. Where did he go?

Jordan from Kitchener

Very paint by the numbers PPV. The wrestling was good to great, but it lacked depth for real storylines to get people invested. Elimination Chamber really lived up to its name at being a filler PPV.


Happy birthday John!

All the best

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David from Vaughan

I enjoyed the show tonight especially the first half of it. Thought Bryan and Gulak was great. I’m hopeful this wasn’t just a one off and they give Gulak some kind of push coming out of this. Andrade/Carrillo and the Tag Team Chamber were fun matches. The rest of the show was ok. However there were some lulls in the second half and the crowd clearly reflected that. I can also see a lot of people disliking the main event but I thought it was effective in making Shayna look as dominant as possible heading into mania. My only suggestion would have been for her to enter last so we didn’t have those awkward pauses of her waiting for each entrant. Overall decent show 6/10

As always I only watched the highlights so I probably get a different view on these events but it seemed decent, just no drama attached to it.
The quality of the first Bryan match and the Tag team match looked great but the stakes attached to all just didn’t peak my interest enough.
Humberto and Andrade having yet another match without a clean outcome so this feud will continue to go no where.
No ones keen on on the womans chamber and I can see why. Shayna should have been brought up months ago and have already beaten most the roster. I dont care for her match with Becky and expect Becky to win.
AJ and the OC arent great either are they. I love AJ but I think he’s better as a face, I’d rather a 4 way with him Seth, KO and someone else for Mania, He’s going to lose to Undertaker and why should I care.
I’m gonna stop moaning, I prob shouldnt even give my view as I dont watch the full shows but I simply don’t have the time…

I haven’t listened to the full review yet, but did anyone notice the WWE Network ad that played on the show? It mentions all of the upcoming PPVs so it seems whatever new deal they will do with a streaming service etc, those platforms won’t be getting it exclusively. Thought it was interesting.

I thought overall the wrestling wasn’t bad on the show but my god the crowd was completely dead.

Liked Bryan/Gulak and the elimination chamber womens match I thought was booked well, but there was zero heat all night long.

That AJ/Black match sucked. Way too long and boring. It feels like they are getting very close to ruining Black. The tag elimination match was ok and the Sami Zayn thing does not surprise me at all - titles are worthless in WWE.