FEEDBACK: WWE Elimination Chamber 2021

What did you think of WWE Elimination Chamber 2021?

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While Miz wouldn’t have been my choice, I for one am happy that the Money in the Bank actually means something again.

Drew now having some obstacles to overcome on his way to winning the title back at Mania isn’t the worst thing, and if you assume Lashley beats Miz, having Drew come in as the challenger actually makes for a more interesting story, in my opinion.

Also, I know it fits with the Reigns character, but having Bryan go 40 minutes in the chamber only to lose in a minute was some BS.

Five 40 year old WWE champions out of 10

Obvious choice to with Lashley vs Drew for WM. Main question to be answered now is if Drew is chasing into WM (Lash winning at Fastlane) or if Drew just wins it back.

I feel they have to put the title on Bobby at some point or his protected status is kind of wasted

Hey guys Elimjbation Chamber 2021 was a very solid 7 Cash Ins out of 10. Both Chamber matches were outstanding and the undercard was solid with the surprise of Riddle winning the U.S. Title

So who do you guys see being champion longer, Miz or Riddle? My vote goes to Riddle as I feel Miz is just keeping the belt warm so Drew can have a championship win in front of live fans at WrestleMania.

the two elimination chamber matches end with the baby face winner immediately getting beaten down by the heel and pinned made the whole show feel a little strange. It was like it started to repeat itself before it was over.

The Smackdown chamber match was the high point and I thought that the 4-way on the kick off was really solid, even though it was clearly the match to determine who was taking the pin for the US title. Not having a women’s singles match hurt the show, in my opinion, although I wasn’t sorry to lose Asuka vs Lacey Evans. (Asuka desperately needs a good feud. She hasn’t had one in her entire title reign.)

Do you think that the ending to the US Title match was going to be any different if Keith Lee had been in it?

Solid show I thought. Good pacing to start and end with the best matches. Thought AJ looked like an idiot trying to enter the match sooner. Didn’t like the women’s tag team match, thought it was sloppy and shouldn’t have been booked in the first place. I know there will be complaints about Miz winning because he’s booked as a comedy character, but I liked inverting expectations and having him get the win. I also just like him as a person so I could be biased and happy he got this moment. 7/10

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Miz is a legend amongst my casual friends for his Real World beginnings. They all hit me up immediately tonight. All their girlfriends watch Miz and Mrs. He’s going to headline fast lane and he should be in a main event of Wrestlemania on Peacock. This was a smart business move. All time legend!

Brian from New York

We came into tonight hoping that the 10 year journey for someone who has been grinding away this entire time and kept away from the WWE Championship for far too long would finally get there and that’s what we got.

Congrats to the Miz!

So close, Cesaro.

Still, Reigns is most likely going to be champion far past Mania and will need opponents and the MITB was all built around Cesaro, so hopefully that’s a sign they’re saving up his big match for later. It’s hard to trust, but with only Bryan and Owens standing in the main event orbit as faces it still seems likely to come soon.

On the Raw side…they needed a bridge to the McIntyre-Lashley and that’s all I’m taking the Miz win as. He’ll draw good heat they can always depend on from him when he’s Serious Miz and then in a day or month he’ll get crushed by one of them, and we’ll be on our way. I know many people aren’t fans of giving the top belt to a guy for being a solid professional, but I like Miz and if they needed a transitional champion, he’s a harmless one to me.

Good, quick show and a melancholy goodbye to the WWE Network.

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Why would that make him look like an idiot? Everyone was just laid out, by one of the most devastating finishers in the company, that most dont kick out of. It would have been dumb for him to wait and let those guys get any more fresh.

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