FEEDBACK: WWE Elimination Chamber

Leave us your quick thoughts and feedback to the WWE Elimination Chamber show and tune in late tonight for our review.


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Jochy In Chicago.

Dont know if you guys caught this but it seems as if the crowd started chanting Holly Holm and that shook Ronda, which lead to the front row of Cormier, Cain, Travis Browne and more chanting her name and was mic’d louder. Am I crazy?

Good ppv. Loved the womens chamber match.

Darren from Florida

I don’t know why I am surprised as we all knew what was coming but I guess I still had some hope for something else, anything else less predictable for the men’s chamber. Though if nothing else I figured we would have more direction for the other participants coming out of tonight and really have nothing further other than the Rousey stuff.

All I could think about when Elias was in the match was that this should have been and probably was Samoa Joe’s spot he took and how much better this match could have been with him.

The women’s chamber was surprisingly good. They are making it almost too obvious with the Asuka will now face Alexa that that probably won’t happen.

Rest of the card was meh as we all assumed.

Some rough parts tonight to watch with the Rousey/Kurt bad acting and the few spots specifically with Braun having to fall back or go back into the ring for no reason to setup spots.

At least Asuka still has her streak.

Andrew in Saint John, N.B.

The Ronda segment was weird garbage only saved by the physicality. Nothing made sense and characters weren’t consistent. Both Chamber matches were fun, the tag match was filler, Nia/Asuka was fine, Bray/Hardy started strong and lost the crowd.

Shaun from Manchester England :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Not a bad show but not a blow away show, the chamber matches were good but not great in my opinion, I think tonight proved that Ronda could do with somebody like Heyman to talk for her.

With him being advertised for Fastlane I now could see Cena challenging Nakamura for his title shot.

Joe from htown.
Solid show. Women did fine. Chose bray/ hardy match to take a shower. I chose wisely. Ronda did just fine. Was hoping for some physicality on Steph. Who takes a slap like that and does nothing? I’m a Roman guy, but made no sense to pin braun clean like that. Was hoping for someone to come out of the ring. Didn’t happen.

Saeed from Vancouver

Very fun show tonight, no real surprises on the results, but they kept a swerve in the mind of fans for the 2 chamber matches.

Hopefully nerves got the best of Ronda tonight and she can prove she can be better on the mic.

On Raw talk we got a different John Cena… Seems like he lost his smile and will now go out of the norm to make it into mania. Maybe we get heel Cena calling out Undertaker?

Vish from Victoria

Great promos on this show… Ronda did well! Well structured promo too. Started off allowing her to be sincere and humble (even though she seems shoot nervous) and ended up winning over the crowd and building great heat for a 1:1 or tag match with angle/hhh. I think that’s the last we’ll see RR smile on WWE TV. Or at least it should be. All in all predictable outcomes but great matches (except Titus WW). Lots of spots in the women’s match that were more risk then necessary, but Alexa came out of it looking really strong. A solid show and way better than I expected. 7.5/10

We all knew what was coming. Didn’t like the prospects of Brock/Reigns a year ago when word came out that was the plan. Like it even less now.

Women’s chamber match was easily my match of the night.

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Mj from Nj

Baffling booking on the road to WrestleMania.
Rousey and Kurt can’t get out one clear sentence, and Kurt can’t remember the most basic details but will be paired together. I wonder if that Mania 21 flub will cost him the spot. That was BAD!

Roman and Asuka won as expected but then got destroyed on the way out by bigger competitors.

Bray needs to go away for a very long time. Maybe a dip in the Lake of Reincarnation and come back as Husky Harris.

Where is Samoa Joe? Nobody pinned anybody to set up potential fall out feuds, making the Miz pointless in the Men’s match - at least an iC program could have been teased. Bliss was a star tonight, she’s the best Main Roster success story for talent that were only fringe NXT characters.

Highlight of the night was finding out Golden Lovers v Young Bucks will be official. That is such a better matchup to look forward to than Brock and Roman again.

Don from Sunnyvale, CA here.

The best part of the show was the fun storytelling with Rousey, and the followup to Wrestlemania 31. I’ve never seen a Rousey fight, but loved the crowd’s reaction after the Stephanie slap. Some fellow had a “Ronda Lousey” sign in the crowd, and I thought the fans were crapping on this segment at first by chanting that. I got a good chuckle out of Triple H’s excuse for escorting Angle from the ring.

Both chamber matches were entertaining enough, with no surprises for the men’s match. Who else would it be other than Reigns or Stroman? I would have liked to have seen a new contender. I’m really liking what they’re doing with Cena, as he’s like the older ballplayer whose career is in a decline. As for the woman’s match, those “You Deserve It” chants are becoming very, very cringe worthy. Nice setup with Banks and Bayley, though.

The video they did on Asuka was great. Not sure if that’s been on RAW recently, but it showed her dominance before barely escaping with a win.

The rest of the show was filled with okay matches, with not much else happening.

(pronounciation note: ken-REE-kay)

The Rousey segment should have been shit. And for a bit, it TOTALLY was. But then Rousey stopped talking. I believed for a second she could wreck everyone in that ring. I was into it. I’m not 100% sure I care about where this angle is going, but I’ll give it time. I’ll say that Ronda has potential, if absolutely nothing else, and that segment made me feel a little more positive about her.

Crowd was fucking shit, commentators sounded like they needed a coffee.

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Ken-Ken from the Internet:

I probably don’t need to say anything else other than I tuned it just as Bliss did her high spot, only for Banks to “no sell” it to a submission very quickly. It felt flat after that for the remainder of the night.

The Raw tag title match was just white noise as I spent most of the match on Twitter while my roommate was talking to his mother about her kidney stones. Seriously, that conversation was more interesting than the Bar vs. Titus World Wide.

Nia vs. Auska was okay. I don’t recall hating
it too much, but it just didn’t do much for me.

I felt the same way for Wyatt and Hardy. Again, it seemed like two men wrestling to just wrestle. Nothing seemed at stake, and Hell, it didn’t seem like either one wanted to win. Seems like Matt is still limping, so I hope he’s not wrestling for a bit, but I doubt it.

Ronda’s contract signing was probably the most interesting segment of the night. The first half just looked so awkward. The badest woman on the planet smiling all the time? Angle confusing two different Wrestlemanias that are a decade apart? The giant-sized font of her name on the “contract?” Very awkward. That is, until the line of the night, gentlemen.

When Triple H used the line, “he’s having a relapse of the flu,” to explain Angle’s sudden NARC snitch attitude was just fucking great. Putting Triple H through a table, and the phenomenal legit slap Stephanie gave Ronda was amazing. Again, best segment of the night due to HHH and Kurt.

The men’s chamber wasn’t special either. I didn’t feel like any storylines were being created or developed. We got a little more of Braun tormenting Miz, and Elias doing his spots. That’s all I got out of it. Too much Braun being displayed. I thought protecting Braun by having Seth And Roman elimate him was the way to go, and have the rubber match between Seth and Roman was the way to go, but alas, I’m not a booker. Predictable to have Roman win, but how he wins could’ve been better, I thought.

Below average show for me tonight, but I didn’t have a lot of expectations for this or the upcoming Fastlane.

4 John Pollocks out of 10 Wai Tings.

[After watching that Ronda segment]

… Is it not too late to call Miesha Tate?

I know she’s pregnant, but still?

That show was totally atrocious. There wasn’t a single good match outside of Asuka vs. Nia and that was only Ok. The Mens EC was absolute garbage. I freely admit that I might just be upset about Reigns winning, but good Lord there was about 100 different, interesting directions the story could go and they choose the most boring route possible.

Sure easy to see the medal winning individuals in the ring didn’t win them for their mic skills. But HHH going threw a table was pretty enjoyable.

For the most part, it was a decent effort, didn’t like the booking for the men’s elimination chamber because the 50/50 booking didn’t help either strowman or reigns because it made strowman look like a sore loser after being so dominant and reigns looked like a complete afterthought.

Same goes for the 50/50 booking in the nia/asuka match.

The rest felt like complete filler even the women’s elimination chamber match. The best part of the show was the contract signing. I thought that this was the best Kurt angle as look in months.

In the end, this felt show felt like a place holder and it sad since it could have been such a better show.

MrMulligan from Ontario Canada.

I thought the PPV overall was just OK. It felt more akin to an episode of Raw to a PPV though. I found most of the matches entertaining though I did skip the Hardy, Wyatt match to do a few things before bed.

The women’s EC match was decent, though the pacing of the match felt off. Bailey took a kicking by Sonya and Mandy Rose and they could have double pinned her and took her out early but hung her from the wall like a female jesus and let her recover, why? Booking could have been smarter for the first half of the match but the second half redeemed it. Alexa Bliss pulling Twisted Bliss from the top of a pod had me up out of my seat and was pretty excellent.

The Bar vs. Titus & Apollo was an entertaining match but I still feel like the Titus brand is not up to par with the rest of tag talent sitting on Raw waiting for a shot. The Revival, Gallows and Anderson are both better teams. Apollo feels wasted here but the match was decent and fun.

Nia and Asuka, the booking felt a bit off but I didn’t mind too much having Nia physically man-handle Asuka was decent overall and they could (but likely won’t) work the angle that Asuka is so good she finds opportunities to win against all foes even if it means taking a beating.

The Rousey signing, I am not sure why this is getting the praise online that it is. I watched with my girlfriend who was only half paying attention and even she felt the cringe of Rousey’s promo. We both felt she was about to cry on account of stage fright and was rushing her lines. Angle just cannot do scripted promos he bumbles them constantly. Triple H was the only one in the ring who was bailing water out of that sinking ship. Stephanie tried but it came off as overcompensating and her speaking over Triple H make it even more bush league.

Putting Triple H through the table helped to redeem it but only slightly. I don’t think Rousey will get the pop she did anywhere else other than Vegas, it is an MMA city and she has a reputation there.

The men’s EC match was OK, it was a bit boring at times but I really liked the point where Finn Balor was booked to take on Stroman 1-on-1 for a good 5 minutes in the match and was showing his size shouldn’t discount him from an opportunity at a title. He held his own, and that really had me excited.

Ultimately though the men match had to bury 5 solid performers to put 2 over. Cena, Rollins, Miz, Balor, Elias just to make Reigns and Stroman go over, and I don’t think it was worth it in the long run. The fans were not happy but not surprised with the outcome and as entertaining as Stroman is having him billed as this unstoppable force, unless your name is Roman Reigns is a bit overkill for me and hurts the competition going forward for the Universal Title even with an upcoming draft.