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Carl from uk
This probably sounds a bit of a stupid thing to say because wrestling is wrestling at the end of the day, but as a person who has only watched WWE throughout my lifetime they’ve conditioned me in a way to only watching one women’s match, (maybe two) at the most for a ppv show so I was worried I might become overwhelmed come the 5th match in but for a 3hr show that perhaps lacked a few big match attractions going in I was throughly entertained throughout. Thumbs up :+1:

Jake from The Windy City

I wasn’t even a fan of building up leading up to the show and to be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to it. Tonight, these ladies really proved me wrong. It was a great show! Lots of better than expected matches! Becky and Charlotte was a five-star calibre match with so much emotion and drama that I have never seen in a long time. Nikki and Rousey was what it was, from a match quality standpoint, this was low on the list for the night. At the same time, the match worked for what it was and that’s what counts and Ronda is the big draw for the company so I have no problem. Overall, Evolution exceeded my expectations although I was a little bummed that there wasn’t a female cover of Motorhead’s Evolution theme song

19 weird Ronda makeups out of 20.

BTW, House Hardy Halloween was so funny and entertaining and I hope you guys cover it on the Double Shot.

Connor from St. Paul

Fun match to start off, even with Alexa being unable to get involved physically. Mickie and Trish got a great reaction and Lita’s moonsault was actually pretty good. Much safer than the last one I can recall her doing at the Rumble on Sasha and Becky.

Good rumble with a lot of fun spots and Ember was made to look great. Not super excited about going back to the Ronda vs Nia angle, but there is potential for a good story.

Enjoyed the 3 v 3, but just had one small note I found interesting. When Cole mentioned Sasha had 4 title reigns I got curious and looked it up. In her 4 reigns she was champ for 82 days or an average reign of 20.5 days. For some contrast Bayley’s 1 reign was for 76 days.

By far Becky and Charlotte’s best match. Only small thing that annoyed me was Becky’s coward act after Charlotte got up from under the chairs.

Main event was solid. Looks like the work Ronda and Nikki did worked out and the match was really good.

Overall, every match delivered or over delivered for what seemed to be the general expectations going in. I did feel a little weird seeing the Crown Jewel advertising on this PPV though.

Bill & Alex from Orlando

Bill reporting solo as Alex was representing all the Postal Workers at Evolution. Alex indicated that the Lita got the biggest pop out of the 4 in the tag match. Nikki had a lot of support during her promo. Battle Royal biggest pop was for Nia coming to the ring. The crowd was disappointed when Naomi got eliminated but happy when Nia finished it off. Will kairi be on the main roster tomorrow or Tuesday since she lost? Becky v Charlotte match of the night, great spots all throughout. It seemed like Nikki had a couple of close calls landing badly on her neck. I (Bill) still don’t like how Rhonda talks in the ring that seems more like a heel tactic to me. Very good show. 8 postal workers out of 10

Overall I think this was a pretty solid show.

Production-wise, this show clearly had less money put into it than most main roster wwe shows (minimal staging, clothed metal barricades, no LED’s over the ring apron, etc.). This was especially noticeable with the crowd lighting, although I’m probably in the minority who doesn’t like the crowd lit up as I find it usually find it distracting from the action in the ring.

The three matches I was interested in (MYC final, NXT championship, Smackdown’s championship) delivered big time for me. The other matches were all fine for what they were, they didn’t exceed my expectations but weren’t offensively bad either.


-Lita’s moonsault had good rotation and looked great.

-Nia vs. Rousey again does absolutely nothing for me, and knowing Bliss will probably somehow
Get involved is a major turnoff.

-Storm/Shirai gave me what I like about wrestling these days (cool moves/big spots), but I would’ve liked it to go a few minutes longer.

-Sane/Baszler was my MotN, and perhaps the best of their series so far. These two have amazing chemistry. Did a good job of formally introducing the rest of the MMA horsewomen to the WWE universe.

-As a last-woman-standing match, it really couldn’t be anything other than a plunder match. But Becky and Charlotte brought it and the big spots were impressive and should be memorable for a while.

-6-woman tag happened.

-I want to see what kind of match Rhonda can have with Asuka or Charlotte or any of the great worker women with weeks of meticulous planning. At the rate we’re going with Ronda, it feels like we’ll see feuds with Dana, Carmella, Lana, Maria, Maryse and Mandy before we’ll see Ronda with an actually talented in-ring female.

The constant patting themselves on the back and some production flubs put a little damper on it, but the show was great. Especially loved the Battle Royal and, of course, the one true champion Becky Lynch. I feel like they reluctantly made one of the best PPVs in years. Thank you, Stephanie!

A thought: In relation to their spot on the card, I don’t think I dislike any of the women performers, while there are several male performers I really don’t like. I’m not sure why.

Steve from BC

Great show tonight. Becky vs. Charlotte may have been the best main roster women’s match we’ve seen. Ronda vs. Nikki was pretty good but I still think Ronda sells too much in her matches, but I understand you can’t have 3 minute squashes in high profile matches as they will get old real quick.

Overall really good show.

Question: Do you forsee the usual brand vs brand format for Survivor Series this year? It seems they could be taking a big risk of derailing the positive reactions Ronda has been getting by putting her against a strong fan favorite in Becky Lynch, as it’s been shown Becky is pretty bulletproof when it comes to trying to get her booed.


Ari from Montreal

Reading the previous comments, I have similar views on this event. I give a solid 17.5/20

Question: With Micheal Cole pretty much introducing the 4 horsewomen of MMA, when do you see them battle WWE 4 horsewomen? Maybe Mania or is that too soon?

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My biggest take about this event was the lack of reaction the non main rosters matches receive from the long island crowd. It’s not that they weren’t good matches because both the MYC finals and The NXT title match we’re really good, it’s just that it felt like in the eyes of the crowd, they just didn’t see them as stars or didn’t know who they were and it took me out of those matches.

As far as the rest of the show, really great show, better then I expected and the double main event delivered. Becky vs Charlotte was the match of the night and the result did surprise me and Ronda vs Nikki was also a really strong match, better then I expected and kinda prove why Nikki was put in the position in the first place since she was super over with the crowd.

Anyway, all in all, great show, too bad that both rookie matches we’re kinda design as bathroom breaks for the crowd because they miss some great wrestling but outside of that really great show