FEEDBACK: WWE Extreme Rules 2019

Leave us your feedback to Sunday night’s Extreme Rules show along with your best and worst match from the show.


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AJ from PA

This was a solid show and one of the better WWE shows of 2019. Overall, though I enjoyed Fight for the Fallen, I have to say that this was a slightly more entertaining watch. AEW really needs to work on the flow from match to match. WWE does this seamlessly and it’s an underappreciated aspect of their programming.

Black/Cesaro was my match of the night. Really great match to start the singles career for Black, hope they keep the program going through summerslam.


Brian from New York

Guess you can say a face champion is having a good run when I cheered a damn Rocket League commercial just because it signified that Brock wouldn’t be cashing in on Kofi tonight.

Not so lucky was Rollins. Here’s hoping for a quick turnaround and switch back for the title at Summerslam. As annoyed as I am with another Brock run that does nothing for the TV product, it’s not like Seth has a ton of strong opponents lined up otherwise, so maybe he can continue tonight’s aggression into a more exciting title run after this.

Match of the night has to go to Black and Cesaro. Such a different match than we’re used to in WWE. Black is poised to be a big star and I hope they don’t waste time getting him into the title mix in the Fall. As for Cesaro - we’ve all known he’s got all the tools to be an elite talent for this company, but if you guys had a chance to make a change to him tomorrow to satisfy whatever WWE keeps thinking he’s missing, what you would add to his presentation?

Two other quick questions coming off this card:

  • With New Day all holding titles, do you see a group (like Undisputed Era, or otherwise) going up against them in full instead of still being separated in storyline?
  • Could Balor’s title loss push him towards something (with or against) The Club?

Fun card all in all and certainly gives WWE some momentum heading into Summerslam.

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Why didn’t Brock come out a minute earlier? He could have joined the match and become raw women’s champion and universal champion.

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Matthew from Australia

Overall, I really enjoyed Extreme Rules, and I honestly cannot say I was looking forward to it. My biggest gripe, which will be many others as well, is Brock winning back the title. I am not sure if this was the plan all along, or Heyman’s behind the scene role affected it, but I cannot see what they can do new for Lesnar being the top champion on Raw, and I’m not sure if he can reinvent this run. Defeating Kofi, throwing that curveball, and facing him as SummerSlam garners instant attention to SmackDown ahead of its move to FOX. But this? This screams desperation. Maybe I’m cynical. But even I can’t see how Heyman can create something out of this.

Pretty good show overall - I think all of the Extreme Rules shows put on in WWE makes for one of the better cards every year.

Actually somewhat surprised Brock cashed in - in my mind, I always thought the cash-in would end up being advertised with the “Vince McMahon guarantee” for the first SmackDown on FOX. I mean, it’s on record that Brock said “Friday”, right? I took that line as him hinting he’s not doing it at that Jeddah show, but rather on the first SmackDown since they’d both take place on a Friday.