FEEDBACK: WWE Extreme Rules 2021

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After our review we’ll be going to open phone lines to talk about the very eventful week in pro wrestling/MMA.

What did you think of Extreme Rules?

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“We make movies”. - Vince McMahon

The finish to Balor / Reigns would have been like 1995 Undertaker being revived with the urn, from the edge of defeat against Yokozuna or King Mable - when all of a sudden the giant R from RAW sign somehow just randomly fell over and crushed him.

It’s insane that people are defending this finish on Twitter as “creative”.

Dipped into this match as my first WWE match in quite some time… Guys worked very hard… And then that was the finish designed to protect (?!) the talent? Time to dip back out again.

The WWE has fully become the Harlem Globetrotters, as AEW rises to become the NBA. Both are basketball, and successful… But how many Globetrotters games can the most hardcore of basketball fans watch?

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Alexander from Portland

Mostly good show tonight, the tag matches delivered and WWE’s consistency with quality triple threats is great. I’m still baffled by the Lily angle, are we supposed to feel sympathy for a doll? If Alexa hurries to shopwwe she can buy a replacement for $29.99

The Lilly angle and the final minutes of Finn and Roman made the show stink, but the ending to Becky and Bianca was bad too. After the bait and switch at Summerslam we get our big title match ending in a DQ. A triple threat will be fantastic but with the draft coming up soon it may not happen. For a show called Extreme Rules, this show was neither extreme nor did it rule.

For a stretch, it seemed like Extreme Rules was going to be a better than expected show with some entertaining matches, but WWE stepped up to shoot themselves in the foot.

Sasha causing the disqualification now means that, rather than facing whoever won, she’s going to be in a 3-way match where she could lose without being pinned. Thing is, I want to see all three of these women fighting each other, so I was willing to look the other way, UNTIL…

I do not ever want to hear criticism of the AEW botched explosion again. That was a mistake. What we got tonight was a decision. The whole Roman/ Balor program has been a waste of time with an obviously foregone conclusion. They might as well have just let Roman squash The Demon and be done with it. He wouldn’t be in any worse a position than he is now. Just put him in a box-like structure and send him back to NXT.

On a more serious note, Roman putting on a mask to brawl into the crowd worries me. Balor didn’t have one, so it’s clearly something that was done specifically to protect Roman. If his immune system is fragile enough that he can’t risk getting close to the crowd without a mask, he shouldn’t be going into the crowd at all.


I honestly don’t think he would be going in to the crowd if there was a risk, he took WrestleMania off to protect himself so I’d like to think he won’t do anything deemed a risk to his health.

I immediately assumed it to be a personal comfort decision for Roman but again that’s just an assumption in my part.

Also, I think a mask does very, very, little when you’re in the middle of 10K people screaming in your general direction… And it’s safe to assume at those levels, airborne virus is impossible to avoid.

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Yeah… in an indoor stadium filled with relatively maskless fans I completely understand what you’re saying and it furthers my belief it was a personal comfort decision for him.

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I think this was just a heel tactic