FEEDBACK: WWE Fastlane 3/11/18

Leave your quick thoughts on the good and the bad of WWE Fastlane.

Tune in late Sunday night as we will be chatting WWE Fastlane, ROH’s 16th Anniversary card, and the New Japan Cup tournament.


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0 voters

Matt from Morristown, Tennessee

Tonight’s show was much better than Elimination Chamber, which is surprising considering how boring Smackdown usually is. Rusev/Nakamura was a great opener, I was glad Rusev didn’t dominate 99.9% of the match only for Nakamura to hit a few moves and pin Rusev, good showing for Nakamura. I also shouldn’t be surprised that Orton won the US Title with how Hell bent they are on making history right now, this better lead to a Roode heel turn. Also for the love of God, STOP. WITH. THE. ON. SCREEN. GRAPHICS. I almost immediately soured on the tag title match with this crap. Its just terrible. Anyway hopefully the Bludgeon Brothers win the tag titles at Mania, that match should be fantastic. I can’t wait for Charlotte/Asuka, that could be the best women’s match since Sasha/Bayley at NXT Brooklyn, maybe best ever if they get time. Awesome main event, predictable but awesome. What do you think is going to happen with Kevin Owens/Sami/Shane? I really hope its not going to be a triple threat because that would be lame. Wrestlemania is shaping up to be amazing. Overall good show

Also do you think AJ/Nakamura goes on before or after Brock/Roman? And poor poor BIG MATCH John Cena, can’t believe he isn’t going to have a match at Wrestlemania :frowning:

I give tonight’s show 15 Wrestlemania signs out of 20

At least we have Styles x Nakamura to look forward to…

This show reminded me of an old school In your House, it never dragged and really fun to watch. I loved it. Instead of a three way for the Smackdown tag titles at WrestleMania do you think they would combine one member of the Uso’s with one member of the New Day to fight the Bludgeon Brothers? They could have the Bludgeon Brothers take each member out until there is just one from each side.

Is there any chance at all AJ Styles and nakamura will close the show at wrestlemania? it certainly feels like there promoting Ronda Rousey rightly so as the main attraction, do you think that’s the right direction to go making that the main event considering the match quality might leave something to be desired?

I was really impressed with the fact that the main event was what it was and MORE importantly I cared about everyone’s stories (mostly) both entering the match and leaving the match as well. Cena, Styles, Zayn and Owens all had interesting things happen to their stories, Corbin looked SOLID and intense for the first time in awhile. It’s just too bad Rusev had to lose on Rusev Day.

12 not wanting nones out of 20

Enjoyed the show even though almost every result was predictable. Can Rusev PLEASE get a real push??? I thought the New Day / Uso match was a lot of fun, with each team using the other’s signature moves. The bludgeon bros were not a surprise and while they interrupted a fun match, there’s a clear direction now, so it’s fine. Very excited for Charlotte / Asuka; and Ruby had a really good match with Charlotte. I’m annoyed we’re heading to more KO / Sami / Shane stuff but whatever. At least AJ / Nakamura is worth getting excited for!

Dustin from Maui, Hawaii. The Asuka/Charlotte standoff was a holy shit moment. It’s pretty hard to buy a wrestler who’s won multiple World Championships to settle for the U.S. title. I kinda see Shane siding with Sami and a tweener/babyface run for K.O. What is Rey Mysterio’s injury status and do you think that he’s projected for a match with Cena at Wrestlemania?

Really solid show overall. Both women’s matches were fantastic and all the women involved worked really hard tonight. The main event was great, but it felt a bit rushed. Rusev was great as always, I hope after wrestlemania that he goes to raw or Joe goes to Smackdown because I would love to see that feud. Lastly, I don’t know who does the editing for WWE, but whoever it is deserves an Emmy. The Ronda and Usos video packages were put together really well.