FEEDBACK: WWE Friday Night SmackDown 1/10/2020

Leave us your feedback for Rewind-A-SmackDown, which will be up for all Patrons late Friday night.

WH Park joins us one final time from Japan!


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What do you think about Baron Corbin wearing a spaghetti strap tank top and do you have any thoughts about Cory Graves outfit?

Chris Thunder from Down Under

So FOX is paying US$3,942,307.69 per episode over 5-years for the return of “Johnny Company Name” & and a reformation of a WWECW tag-team?!

As I’ll probily never be able to ask WH Park again, what are his thoughts on the WWE Championship belt designs compared to the IWGP Championship belt designs in NJPW?

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Nick from Lansing

I can’t even be too negative on this episode because it feels like nothing important happened. The Corbin/Roman feud has devolved into nothing but the same beat down after every segment. The addition of the Uso’s was enough to add variety which is a shame because I like the idea of a Samoan faction, but this wasn’t the feud to debut it.

The story with Mandy and Heavy Machinery was confusing for me, because backstage it felt like Mandy was more sympathetic and nice but as soon as she walks down to the ring it’s like nothing happened. I guess we’re supposed to wonder if Otis and Tucker are turning heel or not, but I couldn’t understand the intentions.

Outside of her service history can someone tell me why Lacy Evans is being pushed as a babyface? She has what a friend called a bad case of 3rd Grade teacher face, where it feels like she’s a second away from lecturing you.

I’m optimistic about Miz and Morrison reuniting but personally feel like next week is too early for Morrison’s in ring return, what do you both think?

Andrew from Cape Breton

The show was a little paint by numbers tonight. It wasn’t bad but it seemed liked the usual Smackdown fair. I can’t get behind Lacey as a babyface. Based on her gimmick, there is always a subtext of saying people like her are better then people like Sasha Banks. I also hate the concept of beating the champion to get a title match. A 5 out of 10 show. I’m actually at a bar right now and unlike the people who main evented the show tonight, I plan on getting a cab home. But in all seriousness, I still have an issue of getting behind the Usos, especially with Jimmy seemingly getting off based on his celebrity.