FEEDBACK: WWE Hell in a Cell 2020

What did you think of Hell in a Cell?

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Andy from London

It’s been really easy to criticise WWE this year; they have produced some awful TV and pay per views, but let’s give them credit when credit is due - this event was great.

In my opinion the opening match stole the show; from the video package before, to the match itself - which was more of an epic story segment than a match - it was all superb! The performance from Roman Reigns with the emotion he portrayed - was some of the best wrestling character work I’ve ever seen! And the finish was magnificent; I think we all assumed they were just going to throw it out to a no contest; which given what had come before would have been acceptable, but instead they cleverly delivered on the stipulation!

The Sasha & Bayley cell match was also really great - they worked a clever match with some creative weapons spots which I really enjoyed. And even Orton vs McIntyre was a lot fun - much better than I anticipated it being - if you go on top of the cell then you’ve won me over! And a shock finish with Orton going over clean to win the title to finish it all off.

This is without doubt the best WWE show of the year; perhaps of the last few years. 8.5/10

A tale of two matches:
Orton-Drew was booked like every cliche hell in a cell match for the last few years. Actually that spot felt right outa KO-Shane. Except with placeholders for their feet. It was an awfully booked match that did Drew zero favors post title run. First Orton is walking out of the cage like he’s had enough despite being the challenger. And Drew chases him like a dummy. Then Drew climbs the cell like the babyface champion WWE couldn’t help resist turning him into…really worked out well for him.

On the flip side, Sasha and Bayley looks like they took time in carefully crafting cool and innovative sequences utilizing the cage. Sasha scaling the ring to the cage and back. Her metioras. Well maybe not the duck-taped kendo stick, but their match was one of the best hell in a cell matches since Taker-HHH. I really enjoyed it.

To be honest, I only watched as I took part in the watch-a-Long with the BDE and I wanted to support and be with friends tonight. Some things WWE have gone with have really turned me off lately.

A pretty good show overall that benefited from not going over 3 hours, keeping the non cell matches short and by having the best wwe match of the year in Sasha v Bayley.

While I enjoyed Roman v Jey, I can see why many others didn’t and do think that they could have taken a few minutes off it and that it didn’t really need to be in the cell.

Taking the briefcase off Otis was the right move but giving it to miz is pretty uninspiring. Is anyone really interested in a miz title match let alone a potential miz title reign?

Retribution might be the worst faction ever, though there is some competition for that for that title.

Brian from New York

It’s not every day you get what can be the quote unquote entertainment match of the year and the wrestling match of the year on the same card, but WWE put one in each nominee bucket tonight.

The first chapter of the Roman Reigns heel turn was given the perfect ending with his match with Jey Uso. I never thought we’d find many positives in the pandemic era, but having no crowd has given the two of them so much runway to talk their way through the fight scenes of their story that it’s brought Roman to new levels. Even finding a way to get Jimmy involved equally in this story to set off whatever they’re going to do with the Bloodline was great. The coronation with Afa and Sika genuinely felt like not just a crowning moment, but the moment Reigns finally got to the level we all have been waiting for this entire time. Can’t wait to see where it goes next.

On the other side, what might be the final chapter of the year-long story between Sasha Banks and Bayley put together a match that fits perfectly in their pantheon with the Takeover: Brooklyn and Ironwoman matches. Loved the call backs to their previous segments and matches and thought the ending couldn’t have been more apropos. The Survivor Series interbrand matches seems like it’s hitting at a good point to get these two apart for a bit, but it’s always great when the big match lives up to the length of the build.

Unfortunately for the main event, the heights of the previous two matches weighed heavily on how it was going to be perceived. With the way they’ve built McIntyre this year, I could see why they wanted the magnitude of him finally losing to mean as much as possible, and we can see from the table spot, that they wanted to make it look every bit that impossible task. But running a month past the expiration date on their feud and having to come off two nearly perfect HIACs before that was never going to end well. Cheers to McIntyre though. He handled his first reign running adjacent to the most abnormal time in wrestling history as well anyone probably could do. Let’s hope he gets the types of crowd reactions he deserved next time around.