FEEDBACK: WWE Hell In A Cell 2021

What did you think of Hell In A Cell?

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All I can think of as to why I cannot like Rhea Ripley in this current run on RAW is that she is the person who is their “biggest fan!”

Q: What’s next for both Lashley and Drew? It makes NO SENSE for Drew to go for the MitB and cash in against Lashley, with the stip involved and I don’t see Drew beating Roman if he challenged him for the Universal Title?

For Lashley! Who does he face? Kofi?, Riddle? maybe Keith Lee if he ever returns?

5 ‘poorly preformed Riptide’s’ out of 10

If I remember anything about tonight, it’s going to be Kevin and Sami. I can’t believe that after so many matches and so many storyline twists, they still always deliver. I thought this was better than their Mania match because it was given more time and the other dude wasn’t there as a distraction.

It did feel a little weird having HIAC without Sasha but I thought Bayley vs Bianca was very good; better than the buildup story, which now seems to be Bianca’s MO.

Beyond that, the wrestling on the show was very good but marred by screwy endings, which is my reaction to a lot of WWE programming. The ending of the four-day match between Drew and Lashley could have just been a clean pin so Drew could step back a little. And anything would have been better than the idiotic DQ for Ripley and Charlotte.

Speaking of Rhea and Charlotte, there has been no mention of their match at Mania 36, which would give extra motivation for Rhea. In fact, Raw and Smackdown seem to ignore any history a performer has in NXT, almost like it’s a rival brand. What’s up with that?