FEEDBACK: WWE Hell in a Cell

Please post your feedback, comments, and questions coming out of WWE Hell in a Cell.

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Brandon from Oshawa

Decided to up my patreon to Double Double about 20 mins after you guys started to record.
This was a really solid show and proves that less is more. Sure, some top names were left off, but not everyone needs to be on every show. I couldn’t help but think of John when Orton went for the ear. That may have got a bigger reaction than Hardys dive.

I thought the WWE Title and Raw tag title match both had creative finishes. It was nice to see Becky finally get the title. Ronda/Alexa I thought was really good too.

Is there any chance you guys will be reviewing the MLW Wargames match. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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Jake from The Windy City here!

The new blood red color of the Hell in a Cell kind of reminds of that X Division Steel Asylum cage from TNA years ago. Can you imagine being in the crowd staring at the huge sea of red the entire night? Regarding the curtain jerker, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have nightmares for weeks of someone chasing me with a goddamn screwdriver trying to pierce my damn ears. As for Charlotte & Becky, I was really hoping for a double turn, but it looks like they’re still building up to a bigger climax later so I’ll just see what happens. AJ Styles and Samoa Joe was a strong match with a good finish once they showed the other camera shot, which definitely told the story that will keep the feud going strong into the rematch at the WWE Super Show-Down event and likely beyond.

Finally, when Ziggler, McIntyre, Ambrose, and Rollins came in with their run-ins, were Strowman and Reigns just taking peaceful naps while the actions were going on up top? However, I hated the finish of the main event without any outcome. Like what else is gonna come out of this, are we gonna have a three-way match with Lesnar, Reigns, and Strowman?

A more solid PPV tonight from the last few even though it wasn’t flawless.

Ari from Montreal

Randy Orton is just sick in the head…tht screw driver spot was just discusting. Solid match but ending was wierd as hardy has done way crazier things and never had medical attention. Tag Match was good. And honestly shocked becky won…i thought charlotte would cheat and a double turn would occur. Joe and styles match are great story tellers and i can watch this feud go on until Wrestlemania 36.
During the main event i thought to myself boy would it be funny if kane just popped up out of the ring. We did get a kane reference however in the form of Lesnar just destroying the door…good call back.
I guess Heyman has been mugged one to many times and caries around a can of mase with him. The rollins ambrose and kings of the jungle run in was way to long. Rollins and Ziggler also did the exact same spot of Rollins and Dean from a few years ago.
Question what would be the best stipulation for the next chapter in styles and joe? Could they go to a submission match possibly?

Chris from Pennsylvania,

This was probably the best main roster show of the year. Everything through the first four matches was excellent, and while things dropped off in the second half, nothing was bad. The Orton-Hardy match was brutal, the Raw Tag Title match was outstanding and the AJ-Joe match seemed to be a strong middle chapter to their rivalry.

I’m not sure where they are going with the Universal Title picture though. Do you guys think they will give the briefcase back to Strowman due to the match being called off? That sounds strange, but given how much they protect the MitB briefcase, it would be even more unsatisfying for the cash-in to be wasted on a no contest.

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Jalen from Pickering,

That main event was a joke. Climbing to the top didn’t really make sense, and that bump off the side of the cell is the dumbest spot you can do in a cell match. Always comes off as extremely contrived.

Unfortunately for NXT, Ciampa is no longer the best heel in wrestling. After thinking we were finally free, Lesnar showing up was the biggest heel move of the year. I also love how they wasted MITB and turned Strowman heel for whatever garbage booking we’re about to endure.

But Becky won, Joe has magically great hair, and the Raw tag match was great, so there’s that.

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Show didn’t feel like it had any filler, with the exception of the mixed tag which turned out to be passable. The matches felt long, but In a good way.

Glad Becky got the belt, even if the match felt a little sloppy.

The main event was the cooler match for me to get ready for bed, so I guess the surprise of Brock made it /something/. But I’ve given up on the universal scene being appealing for a while

I enjoyed the opening match but the finish really annoyed me. The ref refusing to count the pin because a wrestler is hurt, in a Hell in a Cell match no less, is beyond stupid. Hurting your opponent is the whole point!

Nice to see Becky win the title, good match and great booking for a change.

The tag match was good but a little slow in parts and relied a little too much on the false finishes for my liking, but the ending was good.

The WWE Title match was pretty good and the finish was better than say a double countout, but man that’s the 14th screwy finish for a AJ Styles PPV match in his run, it’s getting pretty old at this point.

The last three matches weren’t very good. It’s really bumming me out how badly Bryan’s return run is going. Brock showing up was a genuine surprise, but it was a pretty flat ending. WWE worked so hard all summer getting Brock booed but he returns tonight like the ultimate babyface. The resultant triple threat match should be good but ending a Hell in a Cell main event like that is rough.


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Could have been worse? Better than SummerSlam or Extreme Rules? Thought the finish to Randy/Jeff had an awkward feel to it, but the match was absolutely brutal.

Hey boys. Just signed up for the double double for tonight’s live cast after being a lowly one milk, one sugar for a few months.

Im so happy for you and your families that you’re able to support yourselves by continuing to do what you love

You guys sound good. John is a bit distant, Wai’s levels are solid

After tonight’s experiment, would you consider broadcasting your Review-A-Shows live as you record them every Monday and Tuesday nights?

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Mj from…oh shit I’m currently listening to this review so I’ll jist leave feedback for others who check the thread:

Great ppv that proves less is more, giving talent time to work will let them hit the right notes in matches, and if you book a genuine surprise oppose to a swerve the crowd will eat from the palm of your hand.

Becky-Charlotte was the best women’s match I’ve seen all year. Not sure it’s even close. They are the best two women’s wrestlers in the industry and proved that there is no substitute for chemistry and in-ring psychology. Great match. Great win for Becky that makes me want to see a rematch.

Joe and AJ have wrestled so many times yet keep finding ways to put in consistently strong matches.

Hardy and Orton felt very unnecessary with all the plunder. The match had no consequence other than to build to the screwdriver and top cage dive. I’m done with both these characters. There is fresher blood on the card to have this opening spot on a card like this.

Raw Tag was terrific. A really well worked match with multiple great transitions and all these guys worked like pros. Felt refreshing to have a serious tag team championship match.

And then BROCK! Had heard nothing about him other than he was done with WWE after Sslam and his return was a genuine holy shit moment. The crowd popped. Him walking up that cage door as a ramp to the ring was perfect improv. He looked awesome with the beard and no wwe merch on - just a badass fromthe outside world coming back pissed off. I hope they go with a story of Brock doing what he wants when he wants and we never know when he’s going to be back or pop up. Keep the surprise element because when he was known to be around but not showing up it felt dumb. This felt cool.

Great show. Haters will hate but she deserves at least 16/17 out of 20

Maybe it’s just me, but that Women’s match felt very choreographed, like they were putting on a show and not having a fight at all, in a match where I feel like there is a lot of bad blood. Not that it was a bad match or performance, I just think a match like that should feel a bit more “real”.

The main event sucked. The two actual participants in the match barely used the cage. The cage was used for the tag teams to fight on, and for Brock Lesnar to make a grand entrance. Why even have Hell in a Cell anymore if that’s what it’s going to be used for? Also, why were Roman and Braun hurt for so long? I am interested in what’s next for Brock though, I didn’t see that coming.

I really enjoyed Joe and AJ, the Raw Tag Title match was good, Mixed match was blah, I liked Hardy and Orton (and I’m not an Orton fan), but didn’t love the finish.

I’m also over Rousey. She’ll make a great heel some day.

I did like Becky and Charlotte, however, am I the only the one having noticed them calling spots during the match ? That put me off a bit.

Already listened to the podcast, so I’ll try not to re-tread too much.

RE: Samoa Joe and AJ Styles… I thought that match was a victim of the “false finish mentality” that tends to plague WWE matches. Too many fans are just waiting for the requisite false finishes and, since all WWE wrestlers only have 2-3 moves (or less) than ever result in a win, you end up with a crowd sitting on its hands until the big moves/spots that they know are coming.

Ironically, this all happened in a match that I thought had a great and unique finish. Samoa Joe sold it well and everybody (including the cameras) were in a good locations so they could execute it without making the referee or commentary team look like idiots. Much better than the Taker/Brock version from a few years ago (Summerslam 2015?).