FEEDBACK: WWE Money In The Bank 2018

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What did you think of Money In The Bank?

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Welcome back Wai! Happy father’s day John. Very so so ppv in my eyes. Wished for better outcomes on both mitb matches but overall they were very good. Didn’t think either Braun or Alexa needed the case. Both Nia and Ronda showed how green they are still. Thought they were both dead at one point. They’ve totally killed shinsuke at this point. Think he could’ve had a nice run with the belt.

Last year Baron Corbin loses the case so soon, and now this years’ goes to a RAW talent (why? When are they ever going to tease it?) it was the one guy who doesn’t need the brief cast at all. Does it seem like WWE doesn’t care for the MITB angle anymore?

I want to pile on a bit with the Roman/Jinder match. Whoever was producing that match back stage had to know the exact reaction they were going to get. How do you justify that formulaic, boring tv match they put together? What is the thinking that goes in to that?

On the plus side though, how good did Ronda look?

Brandon from Oshawa

I enjoyed this show for the most part. It wasnt great, but it was far from some of their shit shows in recent memory. I thought Ronda & Nia stole the show. I had no expectations going into that and it turned out to be a fun little match and I love Alexa, so I loved how it ended. I hope we see Alexa & Ronda for Summerslam and they dont blow it at Extreme Rules. I highly disagree with the people that are disappointed about Nakamura not winning. This guy is not WWE Championship material. Dont get me wrong, I love the guy, but he just doesnt cut it as a main event guy in this company. 98% of his offence is kicks and knees. In New Japan that works. In WWE it is no different than Jinder Mahal, whose offence is kicks and punches. If Nakamura was a homegrown talent, he wouldnt be getting so much love.

Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

I’m sorry but their was almost nothing redeemable from this show. Only highlight was the Brayn entrance & Alexa’s cash-in.

I’m sorry to sound so cynical but for a co-branded event everything apart from the two money in the bank matched just felt like filler. Almost nobody is over to a “SuperStar” level and those who are over to the crowd are stuck in poor booking.

Finally Brawn wins the Money In The Bank match, a guy who not only does not need it but who’s brands champion in never around. Remember when Naomi was stiped of championship as she couldn’t meet the 30-day defence clause, well Brock’s last TV/Network defence was 52 days.

I want to be happy when watching Wrestling and not having to mute the commentary or question what I’m suppose to have remember and forgotten for the past within the same company. Thank god for NJPW, as this was a “Zero out of 10” for me.

PS: As we speak I’m cancelling my WWE Network subscription, any good Indy promotion service you can recommend.

Jesse’s 6 Takeaways from Money in the Bank:

  1. They’ve already ruined any real money-making potential with Lashley.
  2. Creatively, the Women’s Division is in shambles.
  3. Vince must get off on making smart mark crowds sit through formulaic Roman Reigns matches. (Seriously though, how much better would it have been if Roman had squashed Jinder in 60 seconds?)
  4. Ronda Rousey is adapting to professional wrestling incredibly quickly.
  5. The WWE is very good at laying out multi-man ladder matches.
  6. Samoa Joe is a fucking star. The aura and personality of that man is incredible right now. They’re crazy if they don’t put the WWE Title on him by the end of the year.

Take Care

Steve from Sydney, Australia.

After watching NJPW Dominion and NXT Takeover Chicago, which featured some incredible matches and quite possibly the greatest match of all time. When you compare that to Money In The Bank, do you think wrestling would be a lot more popular and respected as a sport/entertainment product if more people were aware of these matches going on in other promotions? Matches like Gargano & Ciampa or Omega & Okada are the types of matches I would show people to get them hooked on wrestling. I feel that these shows deserve more viewers when the quality is just untouchable. Whilst MITB had its moments, I feel like it’s nowhere near as re-watchable as the other content mentioned earlier.

How is wwe and nxt run by the same company. Total contrast in shows. Last man standing was slow and ended very fast. Find me a ref who starts the count appropriately and accurately. Best aj/sn match tho. How great is Ronda. Shes a natural. Find a better outfit plz. Accident waiting to happen. Fell asleep during main event. What was the purpose of roman vs jinder. What a waste.

Chris from Virginia.

I enjoyed the show as a whole, but it definitely had its problems. The worst match was Jinder vs. Roman by a mile as the crowd completely destroyed it (and for good reason). I was not a fan of the booking decisions, especially Nakamura losing. I agree that Nakamura and Styles had a great match, but Nakamura’s character is damaged after this result. Hopefully, he doesn’t get lost in the mid-card shuffle. Raw winning both briefcases was also a downer. But the action, to me, was solid for the most part. So, I’m giving it a pass. NXT was the better show this weekend. But that’s like saying the sun came up today. Happy Father’s Day everyone.

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I highly enjoyed the 1st half of the PPV up until after the Women’s MITB match. Everything was basic & solid. But then after that we had the Reigns vs. Mahal (which I literally turned on my Hulu & watched something on there than watch that much) & Carmella vs. Asuka (which was insulting that Ellsworth is back & cost her the match…). Then there Nakamura vs Styles & while they’re match was nice & good, I’m dissapointed Nakamura didn’t win. I like to imagine he just want to go back to Japan to be apart of this years G1. Bliss & Strowman winning is odd but what else is new with the WWE. Thank you for the great content week after week. Hope all is well & you guys are staying happy!

Guys, I think I’m done with main roster WWE. I stopped watching Raw years ago, gave up on Smackdown when Jinder won the title and now I think I’m done with the PPVs.

It wasn’t an awful show, it had a few highlights, Ronda looked great, the ladder matches were fun, Elias and Seth was good, Nakamura and Styles had a fantastic match and the Bliss cash in felt important.

So why this show to give up on main roster WWE? I think it was seeing WWE’s tone deaf booking of Roman/Jinder in a 15 minute, plodding, subcalibre Raw match in Chicago and Asuka getting beaten by Carmella, sacrificing three years of character development, a streak and Charlotte’s breaking of that streak,
all to get an awful wrestler in Carmella unsuccessfully over, that it finally dawned on me, with these insane new TV contracts, WWE is never going to change, or at least not any time soon. It’ll never be what I want it to be, and with that I feel an overwhelming sense that I’m wasting my time on it. The fed has been in worse shape in the past but never have I felt so resigned to it not overcoming its creative slump.

This feedback might feel like overkill, but I still love professional wrestling, and with so many promotions providing what I want out there now, with easy access, it’s time to break the WWE habit of a life time.

Hi Guys

My son and I watch NXT last night and it was amazing. Tonight as he is going to bed he says ‘will I miss anything tonight dad.’ I said ‘no son u saw the better show.’

MITB was not a bad show it was just too long and had too much filler. Not even just the matches but the mid-show recap or the shots of the announcers talking in between matches were unnecessary .

In NXT there are no long matches except at takeovers and the weekly show builds to the takeover. Why is this so much harder with the Main roaster?

The only good part is we Will only watch half of this tomorrow as father and son and skip the filler.

2 hour show out of a four hour time slot.

Thanks guys u rock

Tyler from Orlando,

I enjoyed this show more than I thought I would. The women really brought it in that ladder match, they came in fearless and ready to steal the show. I totally picked Natayla to win that match so I was surprised Alexa won, it seemed like the crowd was going to explode if Becky won it. I also thought Ronda and Nia clicked really well, Ronda continues to impress as if she’s been doing this for a few years. I have to say the men’s MITB match disappointed me, I don’t know what it was, maybe I was just tired after a long show. Braun winning was good and I feel this time they will definitely have him beat Brock as opposed to last year’s No Mercy card. Do you guys think he will announce it ahead of time for Summerslam or do a traditional cash in?

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Mateo from San Mateo
Just wanted to say happy fathers day to John! Just wanted to know ur guys best match in the card, worst match in the card, biggest surprised and biggest disappointment of the night.

Thanks again for all the great work u guys do each and every week!

Hey guys!
I’ll keep it short and sweet - for as unbearable as WWE TV has been the last several weeks I found this show to have delightfully over delivered. I actually enjoyed every match except Roman and Jinder which got exactly the reaction the company deserved for booking it.
NXT has typically stole the show when running Saturday night before PpVs but tonight the main roster stoke back the weekend.

For others reading:
Hats off to Elias who had what I’d say is the match of his career. Hats off to Ronda for taking a beating and Nia for carrying her. I missed Charlotte in group matches (she wasn’t in Rumble or Chamber) she works super hard and carries so many spots with a lot of the roster. Bliss is incredibly over and I’m happy for her. Maybe the most shocking success story of an NXT talent to date. Aj and Nakamura delivered the classic we all have been clamoring for. I don’t excuse the way they wasted so many matchups but tonight did have a great payoff to the feud.

I have to say, for me, this was the show of the weekend. Sure takeover was a strong show, but everything was predictable on takeover which took me out of the action.

Money in the bank was unpredicatable from beginning to end plus you they some very strong matches on the card which made for an great Ppv. Also the fact that you had a sold out crowd for this show compared to takeover help the show tremendously.

The only low point of the show was reigns vs jinder and that’s more on jinder then reigns since they really gave way too much offense to jinder. This match should have been 5 to 8 minutes long with reigns dominating jinder for most of the match.

Outside of that everything else was just plain awesome and they didn’t overthink anything. This became my favorite event of 2018. Really strong show. 9/10.

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I thought it was quite good too. That women MITB match + the return of Ellsworth made my night.

Show was pretty good. Two bad matches, but the rest of the card was good to great.

Reading some of the other feedback in this thread. Woo boy, I’m always surprised by people who don’t realize the bubble they’re in.

I enjoyed listening to John and Wai get progressively more bewildered at the negativity on this shows feedback. Made the Observer board look like a bunch of wwe fanboys in comparison.

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