FEEDBACK: WWE Money In The Bank 2019

What did you think of MITB?

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0 voters

Jamie from Leamington

Weird show. A lot of the matches felt pretty sloppy and rushed. A lot of weird finishes between Joe/Mysterio’s clear referee incompetence, the end of the women’s MITB feeling like it was in slow motion once Carmella came out, both Becky matches having ref problems…just overall very odd.

I will say that Elias’ bit tonight was fantastic. I’d happily watched him have one minute watches and do five minutes promos month in month out. I’m similarly thankful that Corey was not commentating on Mandy Rose’s match.

As for the good bits, really happy for Bayley, felt her win was executed well and hopefully this can reboot her career. Kofi and Owens was very enjoyable, AJ/Seth was great and the men’s MITB was good until the end. Brock again. I supremely don’t care and just more signs of how creatively bankrupt this company is.

Matthew from Down Under

I’m on holidays enjoying my time off but still decided to check in and watch MITB. Decent show, but fuck whoever decided that Lesnar needed to win the MITB. I had it suggested to me that he might keep the cash in until the FOX deal and cash in on Kofi, but I’m not gonna give the WWE credit. This could have been great for several talent in that match. One of the worst results chosen for it. Brock Lesnar ruined my holiday.

Rafael from North Liberty

I dont know why I always get surprised by the new and exciting ways that wwe finds to get me to be more excited for AEW. AJ vs Rollins, Kofi vs Owens, womens MITB all being fun matches couldn’t make up for the garbage ending and the other wonky finishes. I don’t know what audience this is made for but it’s clear it’s not for me.

Dave from Sydney

This was a proper downer of a ppv. So many options to move forward and push new talent and they go with Brock. Do they save the Lesnar cash in for the first night of Smackdown on fox to boost ratings?

Poor ref issues and outdated booking is not the way they should be moving forward a few days before AEW’s double or nothing.

Negative aside, AJ and Seth had an incredible match that will probably be the best WWE match of the year. The stars that they should be pushing like Andrade, Ricochet and Balor looked incredible also.

Andrew from Cape Breton

Interesting show tonight. The two Money in the Bank ladder matches were pretty good so I definitely enjoyed those. I think the big issue tonight people are going to have is with Brock Lesnar. I don’t think we can ignore the fact that he’s a star, and this is a company that has had a problem with star power for the past number of years. It’s almost like a self fulfilling prophecy. You’re not going to get stars if you keep stars from breaking out and becoming main event talent. The finish was worse with Ali just standing there when he could have grabbed the briefcase.

One other note that some people may not talk about is the Crusierweight title match. It was great that it got on the main card but Nese and Daivari aren’t very dynamic performers, especially if you compare them to many other people on the 205 Live roster. I also hate the fact that they are seen as this lesser division, when I think the champion looks like he weighs more then the WWE, IC, US and one half of the Smackdown tag champions. Tonight was the worst 205 Live match that they had on pay per view since the brand started. Anyway, I liked the show, and there were some good matches. 14 bouncy Balors out of 20.

Kenny from San Diego:

Weird show tonight. No surprise that AJ and Rollins had an awesome match, but the rest of the show was a pass for me.

3 matches where a ref totally blew a pinfall? Where are they finding these guys? Miz and Shane is my vote for worst match of 2019. Those punches on top of the cage were just too terrible.

Happy to see Baley with the title, but hated how they got there, including Charlotte pinning Becky after a kick that clearly missed by a mile.

Finally, 7 of your best guys kill each other for 20 minutes, and then you have Brock win? I can’t wait for AEW.

I give the show a 10/20 for a great AJ/Rollins match, and the first 95% of the Men’s ladder match.

Sorry for pointing out the obvious but may I ask: how come the men’s ladder match started without Brock Lesnar if Brock was indeed the 8th man ?