FEEDBACK: WWE Payback 2020

What did you think of WWE Payback?

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Its a me, Luigi!

Its 9:32pm EST and the show is over.

That’s it. That’s the post

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Andy from London

This was an excellent WWE show, the best of the empty arena era. Big E & Keith Lee are 2 baby face stars that the company desperately need, and might actually be getting a proper push so that they can shine.

And New Universal Champ Roman Reigns has finally turned heel! Right now, whilst WWE control the crowd audio, it’s the perfect storm - WWE can present him as a heel on screen, and everyone at home can love it and cheer him without it ruining the presentation.

Thunderdome makes WWE feel big time again! 7.5/10


Jesse from the 6

So they finally turned Roman heel. After years of feedback from large portions of their audience that they didn’t like this character, why now? Roman beats cancer then takes time off to ensure the safety of his family and now Vince looks at him and thinks, “Goddam! What a heel!”.

And why the hell did they put the belt on Wyatt for seven days? What was that about?

The women’s tag was very good. Loved the ending. Only Baszler can do stuff like that and make it look good. I also liked how they treated the title win like it actually mattered, unlike Lashley’s win earlier in the night.

Take Care

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Paul from New Jersey

Look at at all of those clean finishes. What company is this! I really enjoyed the show. Storyline progression, paying off feuds & the IICONIC’s helped the Riott Squad rekindle their friendship. Makes me want to tune in to see what happens next. 8.

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Alexander from Portland

Fun show tonight, hard to complain about a PPV that’s less than three hours. Lashley feels like he’s at his strongest now since returning to the WWE, Dominic is a far better wrestler than I anticipated, and Keith Lee looked tremendous. Seeing the action in the ring after it collapsed was a fun visual, and this may be the most I’ve looked forward to a Roman Reigns title run. Only downside is Braun Strowman. I’ve gotten into his character lately and seeing him lose two PPVs in a row in two successive weeks doesn’t bode well. Here’s hoping he moves to RAW since he’s clearly third, at best, on SmackDown. 6/10

Question: between tonight and SummerSlam we didn’t get any cinematic matches. Now that WWE is in The ThunderDome do you think cinematic matches are done for?

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Am I crazy, or was that the best WWE PPV of the year? No Daniel Bryan, no AJ Styles, No Drew McIntyre and still some of the best wrestling of the year.

More than that, they did the right thing when it came to building new stars. Shayna and Keith both looked like beasts, Riddle looked great against Corbin, Big E got a nice win, and Dominic didn’t seem out of place at all in an awesome tag match.

All that said, the main event was predictable garbage, but I don’t even blame them at this point. I think it’s impossible for The Fiend character to have a good match, and Strowman has been dead for months. Hopefully they have some idea for Reigns that doesn’t involve those two, but I doubt it.



Roman - to this fan - is face. He took time off when the WWE was being negligent. He came back to save us from a very boring and tired 3 months of Bray and Braun. And he is aligned with Heyman which makes this turn unique for his character. It’s total cool heel vibes which = face. Imagine this in front of a live crowd…they’d be eating this up going nuts For him and his changed gimmick after his absence…

Also Matt Riddle reading a wwe scripted promo while high makes you realize what horrid scripting they are given.

Quick, breezy show tonight. Pleasure

Phil from the Bronx

Its crazy how a seemingly nothing ppv ended up being their best show of the year by far. Every match outcome gives way for new direction for the majority of the wrestlers. A heel champion in Roman Reigns, Bayley and Sasha are one step closer to turning one another and they are building up new talent in Big E, Riddle and Lee.Thankfully there was no Retribution tonight, I wouldn’t be upset if they quietly dropped that angle and they are never spoken of again. 9/10 show

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Surprising a great show filled with good matches.
I don’t know if you notice but Big E and Shemus were very physical in their match, especially in the beginning with stiff shots. I actually thought it helped the match and made it very enjoyable.

Woman’s tag match was great and shayna baszler was mvp in match and what a finish.

My only issue was with the main event and the finish. Leave it to wwe to have a perfect pitch and still only hit a baseline hit. Felt Roman should have just came in when he did. Hit Braun with a spear as he gets up and wins the belt. Not look weak trying to pin both multiple times and fail, but hey he gets the title and that was the right call.

All In all good show 9/10

Brian from New York

So we can probably put more stock in Keith Lee beating the biggest heel in the company in under 7 minutes than what his pants or music selections are, right?

Overall a very fun show tonight with all the results making a ton of sense. A fresh Roman Reigns getting the belt away from the Fiend-Strowman feud, Big E winning, Matt Riddle winning, Keith Lee winning, the Mysterios getting a much-needed victory…and Shayna looking like an absolute badass. With shorter PPVs in this COVID era, there does seem to be room to do quick turnarounds with major Sunday cards with the roster size they have. At least this time around, it was a positive experiment.

Now if only they can figure out if Clash of Champions is 3 weeks or 4 weeks away…