FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 1/1/18

Leave your feedback here for POST Wrestling’s Raw Review with the first episode of 2018 taking place from Miami, FL.

On a scale of 10, how do you rate WWE Raw 12/25/17?

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Easily the best raw of the year!


Alexander from Portland

Tonight was the first time I was able to watch RAW in months, and I have to say I’m happy that I was able to. Tonight had good matches, a fun Elias segment, and even seeing the Balor Club somewhat forming. What stood out the most to me though was the announcement of the Women’s Royal Rumble having the same rules as the men’s. Between both RAW and SmackDown, both rosters don’t have enough women to fill up the match to get to 30 entrants. Taking the champions out (and any possible women wrestling for those titles tonight), there will be a lot of spots to fill. While I’m happy the women have the opportunity to have their own Royal Rumble, I’m unsure how WWE will differentiate it from the men’s match. If the Women and the Men have Rumble matches to determine contenders at WrestleMania, it makes me wonder how a Cruiserweight challenger will be figured out.

Question: If you were booking the Royal Rumble event, how would you book both Royal Rumble matches to make them both interesting yet different from each other?

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Saw the 1st hour. Now watching the last 30 minutes. Hard to watch 3 plus hours straight. Typical WWE that the first segment goes for about 30 minutes or more. With promos and match always happens every week. Will listen to review to hear if worth going back and watch anything else. From what I have seen so far I will say a 6 out 10.

Brian from MN

Super happy to hear the Women’s Royal Rumble is indeed 30 people. It will be fun to fantasy book for the next few weeks. The battle of the Samoans was a PPV quality match for TV.

Do you guys think The Club pairing was some strange shout to NJPW? They could have put those three together at any point before. Interesting they did it just days before Wrestle Kingdom with a huge match that includes Jericho.

This was Schroedinger’s Raw. Simultaneously action-packed and full of plot points and slow and dragging and plodding. I liked it - kind of - but it could have done with about a half hour less runtime to really tighten it up.

edit: i know that’s not what schroedinger’s cat is don’t @ me


Mj from Nj

I give WWE credit for having two decent holiday shows these last 2 Mondays. It’ll be curious to see how this Monday rates vs the ending of the epic Rose Bowl game and the other big college playoff game. That said, pretty much from the IC bout on Raw was captivating. Joe v Roman was a good Raw match and then the BC reunion. The Brock ending was flat, but still interesting if he held ratings.

The POST is now 1 for 1 with booking - last week you discussed Balor and the Club and then this week: TOO Sweet! Do you see this as a one-off or do you think they’ll keep it going? They definitely acknowledged the internet popping which is a good sign. I’d love to see a Balor Club v New Day feud at Mania stemming from interaction in the Rumble (obviously split brands). It would be cool to see that 6 man on the big show, even as an opening match with both entrances being very over.

John from Montana,

First day of 2018, and this year is already weird

Goldust was in a 205 live Tag Team match…
Finn, Anderson and Gallows finally team up…
Michael Cole directly acknowledged Dean and Renee being married on RAW

With that being said, I really liked tonight’s Raw, it didn’t drag as much as usual.

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Andrew from Nova Scotia

Drew Gulak reading out Enzo Amore’s promo reminds me of John reading Bludgeon Brothers promos. He’s so wonderful. I appreciate WWE having Crusierweights wrestle other members of the roster, but Goldust has been seen as an undercard performer for such a long time that it kinda makes them undercard performers too. Hopefully it continues with people higher up the card. Anyway, decent show, 6 out of 10, the crowd seemed dead tonight so that really hurt the show.

Mitchell from Auckland

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode of RAW. Samoa Joe is proving week after week why he’s my favourite person on the mic right now.

How cool was it to see Finn team with The Club ? I’m hoping they keep these guys together as it will benefit all 3 guys

Matt Hardy continues to be the definition of fastforward tv for me along with Bray and i thought Roman Vs Joe was a really good hard hitting match. Don’t get the Roman hate at all

Pretty pumped for both Wrestle Kingdom 12 and the upcoming Royal Rumble in a few weeks.

Thanks for all you guys do :+1:t3:

Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

A rather “meh” Raw today, or maybe it’s just me looking forward to Wrestle Kingdom.

Although it was nice to see Bálor, Anderson, and Gallows team up again I feel nothing major will come of it long term.

3 “ever shrinking Woken Matt’s” outta 10.

Not included champions I’ve counted there are 19 active women’s wrestlers on raw and smackdown alone so i think you can easily fill up another 11 spots you factor into the equation there’s an alumni of women’s wrestlers to choose from you have the bella twins, nxt stars you also have celebrities such as Maria Menounos Kia Stevens and of course Ronda Rousey maybe even Steph gets in there. I’m way more exited for this Rumble than the men’s one atm.

I think the two women’s champs should be numbers 1 & 2 in the rumble, since it’s the “historic” first one and with 30 entrants I’d rather see them than some nxt one-off. If they won (they won’t) you could do a unification match or other nonsense. Good or bad idea?

I also have a terrible feeling that #30 will be Steph.

Jalen from Pickering,

Raw had a great crowd, some interesting stuff going on, yet somehow still seemed to drag. Joe has clearly taken over as the MVP of the show with the Miz gone, with everything he says and does having an air of intensity and legitimacy to it. He’s like Ishii, plug him in to any midcard or main event spot and he feels like a threat.

Having 30 women in their RR match seems like a terrible idea, we’ve seen - especially in recent years - how hard it is to make just one Rumble good. Having to make another one with a much smaller roster and list of legends to work with is going to be difficult and will hurt both matches.

Also, shoutout to Lesnar following in his OVW alumni’s footsteps with his haircut. Hopefully Batista returns with the same cut and all 4 of them can be matching.

5 OVW haircuts out of 10

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Women’s Rumble should have been 15, 20 participants tops.

30 is just too many. Might create some opportunities, maybe a Blue Pants cameo, or Candice Lerae, and others from the Mae Young classic. A Sara Del Rey spot might be pretty awesome too.

Imagine Renee Young in this dumb match.