FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 1/11/21

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Erin from Brampton

Besides the Orton-Triple H stuff, and maybe Charlotte vs Lacey, I found this to be a pretty forgettable show. There was nothing in between the first 30 min and the last match that felt remotely interesting.

While I enjoyed the opening and closing segments, Triple H vs Orton seemed like a panic move once they found out Drew couldn’t make the show. I thought it was stupid that he had no actual announcement after Orton confronted him. It just made me wonder why he was there in a kayfabe sense.

Do you guys think we’ll see Triple H in any more shows before Mania, or was this just a one off because of Drew?

Andrew from Cape Breton

I know in Nova Scotia, they capped the gatherings at 10 people so during New Year’s, the party I went to wasn’t that big with just family. I’m guessing in Florida, they didn’t have those rules, and tonight might explain that. A week or so ago, Ryan Satin put out these tier lists, which I think are fun to debate about, but it showed how painfully thin each brand is. If a few guys are off the card, you end up having multiple people pulling double duty. The show was fine, 5 out of 10 as they didn’t have much to work with so it’s hard to judge fairly, but a question for you guys. Should NXT go back to being strictly developmental with a focus on the PC talent and have the majority of capable performers be spread across Raw and Smackdown?

Paul from New Jersey

The show kicked off with an artificial crowd chanting Triple H & I was already on the floor laughing. I thought I was playing SmackDown Vs. Raw 2006 which is the only other place you’ll hear that chant. I actually don’t mind the feud between Charlotte and Lacey Evans. Both cut solid promos tonight and they had a decent match. I don’t have to suspend disbelief that Ric Flair would be swayed by a blonde half his age. The show then goes to mid card hell and dies a death for me. I have no time for acts like Elias, Riddle & Retribution. The main event scene is flourishing in WWE, but the middle of the card needs serious work. I can’t make it through three hours of RAW anymore. 3.

Peyton Royce pinned Bayley at survivor series and was then off TV for like three weeks. Peyton Royce pins Charlotte last week and is nowhere to be found. Why even give her these victories if you’re going to do nothing with


I’m starting to feel like there’s an alarm somewhere in WWE headquarters that says “in case of emergency, bring in Triple H”. He brought NXT talent in to save Smackdown when the company had their superstars stranded in Saudi Arabia. He got stuck with hosting duties on the show that aired two days after the COVID lockdown started. I thought he did a decent job tonight, all things considered, but it really smacked of desperation.
I don’t understand how they can be sure that, if Drew tested positive some time between last Monday and today, he didn’t expose anyone else (or everyone else) on the roster to the virus. It’s not required that they provide that kind of transparency but I feel like it would have helped if Drew’s promo could have included any kind of detail to reassure the audience that WWE wasn’t forging ahead without any regard for the safety of its employees.

Overall, a pretty bland episode. The Riddle/ Lashley and Gulak/ Styles matches could have gone longer than they did and there was way too much time lost to recaps. Also, am I the only one who finds it creepy as hell that Ric Flair appears to be flirting with a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Charlotte?

Alexander from Portland

I’ve been liking Lashley’s US Title run and not liking no-first-name Riddle, so seeing Riddle tap out tonight was fun but I felt like I wasn’t supposed to like it. If WWE is actually trying to make Riddle a babyface they’re doing a terrible job, he feels more suited for the 24/7 title scene with this character. Jaxson Ryker wrestling was the opposite of a treat, but at least I learned how to spell his name correctly tonight. On a positive note, Randy Orton has consistently been in the most noteworthy segments over the past few months and tonight was no different. I don’t know where his feud with The Fiend is going but I’m fired up for it. Forgettable show 3/10

question: do you think Goldberg and McIntyre’s match goes less than five minutes?