FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 1/13/20

Tonight, I’ll be solo for Rewind-A-Raw chatting the show from Lexington, KY, going over the news and taking your feedback that you can leave below.


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Brandon from Oshawa

That might be the only fist fight that I’ve ever seen, where there wasn’t a single fist thrown. The finish sucked, since we’ve seen all 3 of those guys, get up from far worse. I loved Buddy Murphy joining with Rollins and AOP. It’s about time the main roster had a stable of more than 3 guys.

I feel sorry for Aleister Black, that ref totally screwed him over by being blind. I don’t think anyone had kicked out of the Black Mass before. It’s time for Paul Heyman to go. He’s been cutting the same, exact promo for 5 or 6 years and it’s boring. I can’t believe they wasted a Brock appearance on R Truth. You can’t have a ton of face offs in the Rumble, but they can use these weeks to tease stuff.

Do you think they’ll throw a mask stipulation into the Rey/Andrade feud, or will next week be the blow off?

Andrew from Cape Breton

So I think I may have figured out boo boo face, this term in wrestling where someone goes to the ring and it looks like they’re going to lose based on the look on their face. Rusev had it bad tonight, and considering he’s constantly losing and made to look like a goof in this feud, I don’t blame him. I also don’t know what I was expecting from the fist fight. The main fist we got was the one that hit Big Show’s balls. Despite the match being weird, I liked them bringing Buddy Murphy in with Seth Rollins. Sometimes in wrestling when a guy loses multiple times in a row, it means they’re going down the card like Cedric Alexander so it was great to see that change up for Murphy. Lastly, I stole this from twitter, but the rumour is the monster in Rowan’s cage is actually wrestling twitter. No wonder people find it so horrific.

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Nas from NYC

Minus Rusev & Lashley, this was a really good episode of Raw. The opening of the show was great with McIntyre winning. Genuinely loved the closing angle. Though the match was a bit trash. Would love to see Bigshow put Murphy over next week. I know the Truth-Brock thing isn’t for everyone. But I truly laughed so hard throughout that segment. Cannot for the life of me believe that this Rusev-Lashley isn’t over yet. Will be skipping the mixed trash next week.

Alexander from Portland

WWE has done a good job with building intrigue for whatever Rowan has in the cage, but knowing the main roster I can’t help but expect to be disappointed with whatever is in there. What do you see being the reveal for what he’s got in there? What, realistically, could be in this cage that would result in the biggest pop?

As much as I like the Viking Raiders I’m just wondering where the division is headed. Do you see them defending the titles at the Rumble?

Nick from Lansing

There’s only one segment I want to talk about from tonight’s show, and that involved the one person in WWE who can still play to a crowd, and that’s Paul Heyman. The man controls a crowd like a conductor with an orchestra. Lexington might have been the hottest WWE crowd I can remember in 6 months and he played them like a violin. Personally I thought the pay off with Truth was funny, he also has a connection with the crowd few else on the roster do. I hope Mojo can do something with it but why didn’t Brock pin Truth for the belt? Brock hoarding both belts as Heyman mocks the jobbers week to week that he isn’t there. Hell why not shoot a couple segments of people trying to sneak into “Brock’s place” to keep it in peoples minds?

Alright I lied. Becky did more to make Auska seem credible in one promo than WWE has since she lost to Charlotte at Wrestlemania 34


Welcome back, John.

Not Raw related. Did you see Draftkings and WWE doing a partnership for Royal Rumble. I thought this was something that would have happened a while ago.