FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 1/15/18

Leave us your feedback to Monday’s episode of Raw from San Antonio, Texas.

Rate the show from 0-10.

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Alexander from Portland

I gotta say, I’m disappointed in both John and Wai. When The Fight Network released you two, you just took it with no fight. Braun Strowman got fired, intimidated everyone, threw a dude through a table, flipped a truck, and then got rehired. Why couldn’t you two go to the Fight Network studios, toss microphones around, pour cups of Tim Horton’s on executives, and sucker punch the interns? It’s like you two didn’t want your jobs. After seeing the ending of RAW, I’m convinced Rollins is bringing back the Curb Stomp because nobody could come up with a name for his knee finisher.

Question: Do you think 2018 will finally be the year Roman Reigns turns heel? I don’t think it will be, but I’m having a hard time coming up with credible heel opponents Reigns could have after WrestleMania.


Tyler from Orlando

Better show than I expected tonight, thought it would kind of be a nothing show with the 25th anniversary show coming next week, but I was surprised by the amount of backstage segments with Braun and as always I found him very entertaining. It was funny to see Kevin Dunn appear on TV also. Sad to see Joe was no longer on the promotional picture for the men’s Royal Rumble match, hoping he can get cleared just in time to be in the match. Lastly, I nearly jumped off my couch to see the return of the curb stomp! It shocked me that it’s being allowed again but then again it seemed like Vince’s problem was mainly the name of it.

8 Okada pants out of 10 for me.

P.S Carmella and Big Cass have apparently broken up (check her twitter) and this makes me sad.

MJ Gelkopf from Europe ( NXT class of 2014 )

I laughed a few times thanks to Braun Stroman who has some of the best comedic timing. He’s somehow the perfect amount of campy while being a believable monster. Also, I always wished they went into a Balor-Rollins program playing off the real life injury situation that took place on between the two and we saw on that documentary they did for the network. They seem to have a lot of in ring chemistry.

The real standout moment for me was Jericho being announced for Raw 25! I bought tickets after the first round of announced appearances and now the show seems to be entering the anything can happen territory. Let me know if you want a live report next week!

Maybe i’m still thinking about the awesome show that was wrestle kingdom, but I thought this episode was weak in building programs for me to give a shit about. Many of the promos tonight were so cringy and what was with that linger at the end of the show. Kurt Angle is a dumpster GM. I like what’s happening with Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins but everything else is a punch to my dick.

Braun’s rampage was great, in a just world, he’d be winning the title at the Rumble, he’s clearly the most over face on the Roster.

Loved seeing the Revival get some mic time and trying to differentiate themselves from the rest of the roster, really hope its not just leading to a beat down by old stars next week ala The Ascension.

The Curbstomp is back, and on Martin Luther King Jr day to boot. Finn made it look like a killer. Though as much as I adore the move, I almost hope we don’t see it often, make it like Cena’s Super AA, something that take out anyone (except AJ Styles)

8 Flipped Tables out of 10

Saeed from vancouver

Raw was a good show and went by quicker than usual.

Brauns destruction is always entertaining to watch, i felt bad however for the security being tossed around like rag dolls. The cake bit was really funny.

Asuka vs Nia was an okay match, but I found Asuka vs Alexa more entertaining. Heres to hoping Nia isnt actually hurt.

Thought the Main Event was fun and the crowd was into it. Also good to see Seth use the curb stomp again. What was up with the ref counting 3 and a half.

Another announcement of special guests this time the women of the past for raw 25. Do you think any will enter the rumble or will they leave them as special guests?

Lastly, i found it odd that they were using still images to recap last weeks segments rather than using video. isnt is usually only done to recap PPVs?

7 out of 10 for me.

Anthony from Philadelphia -

The Asuka vs. Nia Jax match interested me the most tonight, but because of the future. It was much better than I anticipated, as I am not fond of Nia (last week’s segment with Alexa didn’t help.) However, as was the case against Alexa a few weeks ago, it still didn’t sound like the crowd was into Asuka, nor this match, much at all until the count-out. It even sounded like there was more support for Nia at times and they continued building her turning face with that ending as well.

Which leads to my question: Sans Rousey debuting, the consensus has been “Asuka will win the Rumble.” Assuming there is no Rousey, Do you think Asuka is winning the Rumble? More importantly, WOULD you have her win the Rumble if you believe Asuka’s not connecting as well as you thought she would?

The way that match ended and the continuing interactions with Nia, Alexa, and Asuka, I’m getting the sense Asuka and Nia are going to eliminate each other: Asuka might have a sleeper on Nia, which makes her fall over the top rope, eliminating both, and somehow we’re getting a Triple Threat at WrestleMania.

Again, assuming there is no Rousey (who I have zero interest in seeing.)

This was the first Raw I’ve actually watched in months, due to declining interest and being able to keep up via John and Wai’s recaps. I thought the show was a real mixed bag. The stuff with Braun was all really entertaining, besides Kurt’s “acting”, “Oh my god, those are worth 12 million dollars!”, but most of the rest of the show dragged aside from the main event.

I’m still very confused how Sonya won a “women’s submission match” (as Jojo announced it) with a kick to the stomach followed by a pinfall. How does something like that even happen?

Six 12 million dollar production trucks out of ten.

Jalen from Pickering,

Raw was a weird show. Everything Braun did was awesome and he actually managed to pull off the comedy too. The main event was good. I appreciated both men selling a body part and having it impact how they worked and played into the finish. However, I wish Seth would stop going for the superplex into falcon arrow when he’s selling the knee, seems like the last move I would be trying to do with a hurting knee. Seeing the curb stomp was a great surprise and made complete sense with Finn selling his neck. It also hints at Seth resorting back to his heelish and opportunistic side, which is welcome since his babyface run has turned him into someone to not care about.

Have you guys noticed how much Finn is smiling? Seems very forced, and I have a feeling the Balor Club is turning heel on the Raw after Mania.

5 Curb Stomps out of 10

Charbel from victoriaville

What a nice raw 9/10

Nia and Kurt acting is horrendous like Agnew would say it !

Question I absolutely love Finn Balor but what could they do to the Balor Club to make them more relevant , what use to make them popular in Japan ?

Steve in the UK

An entertaining Raw, that didn’t drag and held my attention. Love the goofy Braun stuff and the main event, still can’t stand the commentary.

8 giant chocolate cakes out of 10.

It felt like the camera work last night was exceptionally zoomy compared to most nights.