FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 1/18/21

What did you think of Raw?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

Raw was sloppy at parts tonight. I think the main issue was when Bobby Lashley stomped the ground with so much force, it not only injured Matt Riddle’s foot but sent shockwaves through the production truck. Some of the matches were good but Raw still has the same issues of repeat matches. This might be an unpopular opinion though. Bray Wyatt is one of the worst wrestlers in the history of the company. Even looking back at his run, it seemed like a cool gimmick at first but it spiralled into him randomly incoherently before taking some time off. Now with the Fiend, again I was intrigued but it quickly fell off the rails after that Hell in a Cell match. He’s only been able to have one good match since becoming the Fiend, and that was against Daniel Bryan, who also happens to be one of the best wrestlers of this generation. And now with this gimmick, it’s like a black hole that sucks everything in around it and obliterates it.

Show was the usual fare, 3 Destroyer Dick Beyer masks to cover your burns out of 10.

Under any other circumstance, seeing Duane Gill(berg) on TV after the man nearly died of a heart attack late last year would be a highlight.

The man (no pun intended) entertain fans throughout his career as a comedy character and at time fans take for granted that this is a man who lived doing what he loved and 2020 couldn’t take him away, I’m glad.


No rating. Terrible move WWE.

Another Raw that at best was meandering and, at worse, was hard to watch. Sad state of affairs for an episode 2 weeks away from the 2nd biggest PPV of the year. Randy’s work over the course of 2020 was super compelling, however the last 2 weeks feel like an attempt at melodrama that has boarded on self-parody. Styles vs Ricochet was the highlight on this show for me, however I’m not getting my hopes up for an extended push for WWE’s most wasted high flyer. Really appreciated Alexa’s great character work as well, but on the whole this show felt inconsequential.

After RAW I’m left thinking about 2 things. First, the AJ vs. Ricochet match. Not about their match, but their individual “Untold” documentaries. AJ’s just debuted on the network and his main message was that he has earned where he is. I couldn’t help contrast it with Ricochet’s “I shouldn’t even be here” documentary. Secondly, and most importantly, there are only a few more days until the next episode of Wanda Vision!

Paul from New Jersey

I have been waiting for somebody to stomp on the feet of that dork Riddle for a long time. Bobby Lashley is a smart man. Would Ric Flair turn on his daughter for some young booty? Yes, yes he would. They even let Peyton Royce wrestle a match on television. It’s kind of a shame WWE didn’t take Retribution seriously. If Ali went after Kingston initially for taking his spot in the chamber, I think that would’ve been a very good storyline. I’ve been critical of Alexa Bliss promos in the past, but I think she’s settled into this character nicely even though the content itself is pretty weird. Wouldn’t call this a great show, but I think it’s a step up from what we usually see. 5.

What was your favorite pop culture shoehorn of the night? TMZ, White Claw, 50 First Dates or Thomas the tank engine? I’ve always been partial trains myself.

Obviously it would be ideal to not bring in older people, sick people or whatever, during a pandemic. But dont you think this guy was thrilled to be here doing this? Sure, maybe they shouldnt be asking, but I’m fairly certain that Vince isnt holding a gun to Gillbergs head, making him come do this. I’m betting there was no hesitation. Especially because he very well could have had it much worse and not ever had this opportunity.

I dont understand why we have to be so fucking negative all the time. Its their lives. Whether its Flair or Gillberg or whatever other legends, these guys obviously want to be doing this. None of us know how many more opportunies these people are going to get. If Ric Flair dies tomorrow, we’d all be wishing to see him on TV one more time, pandemic or not.

No because at the end of the day WWE could have said “listen, you just survived a heart attack and the last thing we need is to fly you to Orlando to come in the our “Thunderdome” a week after our WWE Champion tested positive to COVID.”

Also, if Ric Flair, God forbid, dies tomorrow, I’d be wishing he wouldn’t show up live on tv during a pandemic.

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