FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 1/21/19

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What did you think of the Royal Rumble go-home edition of WWE Raw?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

I really enjoyed the show tonight. It was probably the best Raw I’ve seen in ages. I might be the only one, but I really liked Ronda’s pre match promo. One thing I’ve always liked about Ronda is how unpolished she is. Just like how a fight isn’t always going to look pretty, not everyone is going to sound like Jim Cornette when ranting about someone. She sounded frustrated, and she came across much better then last week. I thought the stuff with the Revival was great this week, and it seems they might be getting their wish for a stronger tag team division. Even the pose down segment was decent, as it seemed like it was the most over Apollo Crews has been in awhile. The big negative was the Corbin/Elias match, and I decided to play my Nintendo Switch during that match. Sometimes you have to turn a negative into a positive. 7 silent EC3 gestures out of 10.

If this is a start to repair their tag team division by actually showing who your tag teams are, it’s a start
I counted in action or with a presence:
Heavy machinery
Singh bros

Regardless of how they were booked, giving them tv time or the ability to build some presence regularly can help people get behind or not, and for that it’s a pass show

All the other upper card (finn/brock/Braun seth, drew, lashley, ronda/Sasha etc.) had their share too but in moderation which gives us a packed edition.

Lets hope they can keep momentum coming out of the rumble which I’m. Always hopeful for


Ozzy from Boise
First time I’ve watched Raw in literally years. Usually I just follow by watching the highlights on YouTube and listening to reviews like yours. However I happened to be home making carne asada so i tuned in albeit a little late.

  • I enjoyed the Drew and Seth match, although every time I see it I like it less. It always amazes me that the biggest wrestling company in the world can’t seem to come up with fresh matches. Even worse I can’t remember the outcomes of their previous matches so they’re burning these matches without even making the outcomes important or even memorable.
  • The commentary during lucha house party vs jinder and the jobber crew is a perfect example of what’s wrong with WWE commentary. Just a bunch of geeks with horrible chemistry making lame jokes.
  • Is EC3’s new gimmick that he’s a mute?
  • They should turn off Corbin’s mic more often. Why does he still wrestle dressed like the assistant manager at a red Robin? Get some gear! I decided this match was the perfect time for a beer break
  • I starting rolling my eyes during the women’s segment when they started coming out one at a time to argue like usual but then when Alexa said they need to not make women look bad by being catty and fighting I went from annoyed to insulted. Pretty meta that they’d acknowledge what makes the segment bad and meaningless during the segment itself. What do you guys think the over/under is on weeks Lacy Evan’s has this accent? I’m guessing she pulls a Lana and ditches it within a month
  • Thumbs up on the Heavy machinery, I hope they get a push with AOP out because of Occam’s injury.
  • Does Vince know what #FTR means? Chad Gable is awesome and deserves better than whatever they’re doing with him now.
  • Enjoyed the shows closing segment and the intensity between the two women. Here’s a real question: Coming out of this how do you guys see Sasha Banks positioned? Are her and Bailey most likely to be inagural women’s tags champs?
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Poor The Revival it sounded so quite during their entrance it was the equivalent of a no-pop. Then Cory saying “Maybe Zack want’s a Official Position” is suppose to make me more invested in this team how exactly?

Jake from the Windy City

Pretty average edition of Raw tonight. The opening match, the closing match, and the Rollins vs. McIntyre were the highlights of the night. Tonight, however, just haven’t sold me on this year’s Rumble matches even though the men’s Rumble has traditionally been one of my favorite moments of the year. We’ll see what they do on Smackdown, but the build to the Rumble has been subpar.

Request for the Double Shot: I don’t know if you have more room this week but I don’t believe you guys gave us your thoughts on the latest inductees of the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame. Seven people went in this year which really suprised me. I’m happy that Gary Hart finally made it in. Can you guys please talk about it either this week or next week? Thanks.

Jalen from Pickering,

The Finn stuff doesn’t fully work for me. Even though he hasn’t lost since November or whenever, they weren’t really giving him a strong spotlight until last week. It’s hard to watch him feud and struggle with Baron for 8 months, and then suddenly have him be “the guy”
Rollins and McIntyre was good, but let the guys you’re grooming to be your top heel and face stay apart until it actually matters.
This tag division is brutal, just seeing Gable dressed and acting like Mini Roode exemplify how bad these 2 have been utilized. But the teams actually worked well together and most of them can talk, so if creative wants to try, there might actually be some money there.

Question: With people requesting releases, is this not the best time for the wrestlers to try and unionize, especially with Mania approaching?

Eric from North Dakota

Pretty good episode of Raw that flew by for me; the tag division looks very promising especially Heavy Machinery, Otis is extremely agile for someone built like a brick wall. I really like the build up for Finn even though the result is pretty predictable, nothing else too noteworthy for me but the show was good. 6 Steaks and Weights out of 10.

A few thoughts on Raw and the past weeks news:

I know Seth is touted as the favorite but could Strowman be a dark horse to win the Rumble?
If not, where do you see his place at mania, they can’t get away with another kid becoming his tag partner again.

Do they think they haven’t ruined EC3’s debut because if he doesn’t talk it doesn’t count as a debut?

Last week you went over Raw’s viewership numbers and said they were up week over week but down something like 16% year over year. Listening to 83 weeks Eric often says the real indicator they care about in TV is year over year and barley pay attention to week over week, is this true or typical Bishof Bullshit?

I ask because the “Fresh Start” sounds like it occurred around the time Jericho was in negotiations with Vince about his AEW offer and with other reliable sources WWE would have indicating AEW is potentially going to be serious competition, could WWE have realized they need to change things and retain viewership before AEW launches?

Also Jericho said Vince didn’t actually provide him an offer to counter AEW’s offer for reasons he understands but would not discuss, any idea what they would be?

As all other rumors suggest they threw their best offers in history at the Bucks and are offering to double any written offer to currently contracted wrestlers to re-sign. Jericho is arguably AEW’s biggest get, I don’t see why Vince wouldn’t have done the same just to keep him from going there?

Brandon Frm Nj

My dearest Shingo Oyama’s

Yo soy amigos, como esta ustedes. I’ve been missed I know you forgot to read my feedback from smackdown but I understand long nights in the post office could be cramped. Don’t wanna get carple tunnel nah mean Ahk. Anywho RAW reminded me of Saturday Superstars and oh what a shock look what got released today on the network. It was a tubular show more please.


-Bobby lashley looking like a slammy award and shit on that pedestal.

-By the way don’t ever put your Bobby on a pedestal

-Can’t wait till Mania weekend when the Wai Tang Clan meet and greet happens

-was this the first time the revival ever met Vinicius Mac seemed like they peeked his interest whit their AEW intel

-I’ll do better tomorrow I’m out of here peace


  • Heavy Machinery
  • Zack Ryder
  • The reformation of the Major Brothers?

Watch out SmackDown! RAW’s coming for YOU…