FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 1/25/21

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Every time the MIZ. & Morrison yell correct, not only does an Angel not receive its wings, but an angel has its wings violently removed. What was with that women’s segment having two restarts? Could we have not pinned Dana Brooke in one match? On a positive note, I really like the promo work of both Drew McIntyre and ALI as of late. My DVR was malfunctioning and I couldn’t watch the rest of the show. I think it’s trying to protect me. Typical Monday night dreck. 2.

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Andrew from Cape Breton

It feels like a broken record. I’ll get this out of the way first. The Fiend is shit. It’s the worst wrestling gimmick WWE has ever done. Worse than Mantaur. Worse than the Repo Man. Worse than anything they’ve done for a wrestling character. One issue tonight like with last week was the match with the Fiend Alexa Bliss is pointless. All offence is pointless because you know the match is going to go to the goofiness and there’s no real progression. For some more negativity, Nia Jax shouldn’t be wrestling anymore. Not just for the Dana Brooke spot, but she’s also a lot slower and lumbering. Raw is also a 2 hour show spread across 3 and it was apparent with how some of the matches were extended. The positives were some pretty good wrestling with Riddle, the Hurt Business, Sheamus and John Morrison. They have the talent. I’m baffled people work hard on producing this show. 2 out of 10.


On Smackdown Reginald couldn’t hit Sasha Banks but on Raw Randy can RKO Bliss? Does this have to do with Fox and USA or…

Erin from Brampton

Is Orton the only male on the roster that can getaway with constantly hitting his finisher on women? It says a lot about how well he’s moulded his heel persona over the years.Anyways, I thought it was a cool moment and it probably got a big reaction from most people watching.

Now that WWE has another big deal with NBC, do you guys think they’d be open to making Raw 2 hours?

If I were WWE and knew what had been happening with Raw’s ratings lately, I think I would have announced in advance that Edge was making an appearance tonight. As it stands, I feel like his announcement is the only thing that happened over the last three hours that might have gotten people more excited about seeing the Rumble on Sunday. The show just seemed sloppy in both concept and execution.

Alexander from Portland

Tonight was garbage. Why book Charlotte and Shayna one-on-one if the end result is a multi-woman tag-team match? Why book Riddle beating both tag-team champions to get a shot at the US Champion? Why does Randy Orton need to be booked to interfere in an Asuka title defense? Goldberg has no appeal to me whatsoever; this show has no appeal to me whatsoever. I rated this show a 2/10 but I don’t know why I gave it that point because this show was pointless.

question: WWE advertised Edge for the Royal Rumble, do you think he should have been kept as a surprise entrant instead?

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I actually really enjoyed the opening to tonight’s show. Drew & Goldberg’s confrontation didn’t feel overcomplicated. The segment felt intense, & went a long way in selling the match to me.

The rest of tonight felt like a banner episode for why Raw should be 2 hours long. Filler segments, video recaps, match restarts, non-finishes, & at the end of it all it’s genuinely hard to tell who has any momentum going into Sunday. Enjoyed Riddle getting to play the crafty babyface for the night, however I doubt he needed to make the whole Hurt Business look foolish in the process. Alexa’s character work was immense once again, but seeing Randy appear looking like Sloth from the Goonies really took me out of the moment. Overall, another night that feels like a missed opportunity.

PS: WWE needing to announce the 1st, 2nd, & 30th rumble entrants on Backstage really diminishes the effect of the match. Same with Edge declaring via a pre-taped promo. Vince, we’re gonna watch the rumble, no need to spoil things ahead of time. It’s almost like they’re not confident in the way they’ve built things up week to week…

Great promo from Edge and I feel like they should have made his appearance and announcement a bigger deal. Riddle and Cedric was also pretty good.

Rest of the show sucked bad. The Alexa stuff is just brutal, same with everything involving Flair and Evans - just comes off sad