FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 1/27/20

What did you think of Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Enjoyed the booking of Drew McIntyre tonight. Kept it simple & I actually like the countdown to the Claymore. Jerry Lawler stated that Rey Mysterio could get back to his winning ways tonight in his home state of San Antonio Texas. Wrong San King. How about some of the babyface booking on the show? I Owens/Joe getting the Viking raiders to attack AOP evening the odds for the tag match. Humberto gets completely screwed out of the United States title and he makes Andrade pay for it the same way he had to and the rest of us did in that gauntlet match/injury angle. All too often baby faces in the WWE are made to look like soft idiots, so I very much enjoyed these angles tonight. I would like to thank the WWE for consistently front loading RAW & leaving all the horseshit to the third hour. The third hour contained perhaps the worst promo thus far from the Street Profits & Kelly Kelly, No Way Vs. Mojo, Rowan’s box & everybody’s favorite cuck angle. I feel jetlagged & I haven’t been on a plane since last February. Good thing they ended it with Edge. 6 Claymore‘s out of 10.


  1. Does Aleister Black’s promo mean we don’t get any more Pollock dark room promos? Tell me a lie.

  2. Did you guys happen to catch the WWE 24 mania edition? I have to say, those are pretty masterful.

Brandon from Oshawa

I thought they might actually have Rated RKO team a couple times, before the turn, but I’m glad they just came right out with it and ended the show with a big angle. The fans were never going to get behind Rated RKO, more than they were tonight, so it was perfect.

I agree with Paul about the booking of the babyfaces, they’ve actually done a pretty good job over the last couple months, of making Owens in particular look really smart and not fall for every heel tactic. I’m not that into Humberto Carillo, but he’s never been more over, than he was tonight when he laid out Andrade.

Before Edge eventually retires again, do you see at least one more run with the WWE or Universal title?

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I feel like it might just be me but I’m not buying Drew McIntyre as a future WWE Champion and winner of the Rumble. His recent change to this crowd pandering babyface comes off as just hokey and cheesy. I could buy it better if he was this badass destroyer like a Sid in late ’96 that the crowd just wanted to see destroy Shawn, but I’m not getting that feeling. This feels so manufactured and hollow and I wonder if in a year Drew will just be a bodyguard for Shane again. I hope I’m wrong.

Sam from Lincoln, Nebraska

Andrew from Cape Breton

I thought Raw was pretty good this week. Apparently it just came out about Andrade’s wellness policy violation, which kinda makes it weird they didn’t just let him drop the belt to Humberto, but I guess they want to try to give Humberto a bit of an edge. Speaking of Edge, they gave him quite a heavy angle going into Wrestlemania. The main issue coming out of that is nobody came out to help Edge from Orton attempting to paralyze the guy. And lastly, with MVP returning, I hope they reunite him with Lashley. He and Lashley had incredible chemistry in Impact and Lashley needs all the help he can get after the Rusev angle. 6 out of 10.

Only saw the second half of the show but having the 24/7 title defended in a normal match then doing more title changes afterwards perfectly sums up WWE’s illogical booking style.

Also Orton turning on Edge could be seen a mile away. Why not try to pop a rating with a Rated RKO reunion match next week on Raw or have it on one of the PPVs you need to fill before Wrestlemania?

Alexander from Portland

just a question this week, what match do you see main eventing WrestleMania? I can’t see Reigns getting that distinction yet again, McIntyre is a new top star and a main event might be too much too early, Edge in a possible final match against Orton seems unlikely to close out the show, and since Baszler didn’t win the Rumble I can’t imagine the women main eventing again this year. Is there a possible unannounced/rumored match that could main event instead?

Will from NYC

The closing angle was fantastic because Randy Orton is great when given these kinds of things. Unfortunately, it has to lead to a match and it’s hard not to get disappointed with seeing our returning hero paired with the stalest guy in the promotion. There’s no shortage of fresh matchups and dream scenarios with Edge, but as is par for the course with WWE, they picked the one opponent that’s impossible to get excited about.

Pedestrian show otherwise. You guys are doing the Lord’s work watching this stuff every week — you’re my only gateway for staying on top of it!

Nick from Lansing

What should have been a celebration episode of Raw ended with one of the most uncomfortable and hard to watch segments I can remember. When Orton came out, at first I thought reuniting them would be a smart way to slowly get Edge back into the grove of things, but boy was I wrong.

I was also uncomfortable with them including the spear from a ladder so early in the packages about his career. I know it was chronological, but moves like that are a part of his legacy, yes but also contributed to his early retirement. It’s ok to talk about, but glorifying it and then ending with that angle left a bad taste in my mouth personally. What did the two of you think?

I’ll end with one last controversial statement and say that tonight was Lana’s best ever match. I thought her and Liv worked well, and I hope it’s a sign of good things to come for Liv

Diego from San Antonio, attended live

For Main Event, I only saw (I believe his name is) Riddick Moss beat Cedric Alexander in a solid match.

I enjoyed the show overall, even with a third hour that was only redeemed with Edge’s appearance.

Overall nice audience turnout. The hard cam section of the arena had a good number of people occupying it.

*Drew vs. Gallows & Anderson was fine to set up for Brock to lay him out with the F-5. Drew walked to the back by himself. The audience loved Drew. Sounded like everyone volunteered to countdown with him.

*Rey vs. MVP had a solid TV match. Can’t tell if hitting the 619 to MVP’s back was intentional or not.

*Aleister talking brought happiness when I hear him talking John’s voice, though not in the dark room.

*At first, I had no idea why the crowd were cheering Seth. Thankfully, it seems they came to their senses. KO and Joe actually outsmarting Rollins was great to see from the WWE.

*Tag Team Match was good that had the crowd engaged even during the break. Rollins tripped Owens on the turnbuckle to gain the advantage during the commercial break. Didn’t know why Joe went to the back, but I’m glad Owens looked strong in holding his own.

*The US title match, while soild performance, didn’t matter much to me with the constant matches these two have had and the DQ finish.

*Having not watched RAW in over a year, the start of the third hour had me and the crowd a bit tired and wasn’t until the finish that things picked up, just for the DQ. Yawn…

*SO… this is Street Profits on RAW. Moving along.

(Space left intentionally blank for anything remarkable about 24/7 segment, Lana vs. Liv, and Erick jobber match).

*Needless to say, everyone was on their feet for Edge. Great comeback promo from him. I enjoyed the obvious RKO from Orton and the hesitant nature of Orton to continue his wrath.
Edge got taken out in a stretcher after the segment.

Being live, I’d say I’m bias with my score of 6.5/10.

Ben from Vancouver

That was an excellent closing angle with Orton and Edge. Both guys played their role perfectly - I was almost expecting a punt. I just question putting Orton as a heel. The fans eventually want to cheer him no matter what.

Not a bad show overall but long matches with lame finishes always annoy me. Why couldn’t Asuka or Carrillo lose? If you don’t want them to lose book different opponents. The Asuka/Flair match especially accomplished nothing.

Oh and the Street Profits are officially dead after tonight. Just a terrible segment and they did the impossible of making Kelly Kelly the best actor in a scene