FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 1/4/21

What did you think of Legends Night?

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Rich in East Selkirk.

Tuned in for the first time for Raw in 7 months, hoping for the best, got the H phone joke, and immediately left. Taking in Wrestle Kingdom instead.

The most surprising thing about Raw tonight was how good the main event was. I knew that the two men could have a great match but I felt like this exceded expectations for television. Almost makes me think that they could have chosen to go back to that pairing for the Rumble…

Other than that, the show was pretty cringe.

I wonder how Mickie James feels about being moved to the “legends” category while MVP, six years her senior, is still very much active.

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Whenever Goldberg comes out, I’m only thinking one thing. Did he do it? Did he do it? By taking a quick look at his forehead tonight you can tell that yes, this man still hits his head on a locker before going through the curtain. Ouch!


Noah from Vaughan

So funny story, I was watching Raw for the most part by myself, but around 10:55 my dad (who only watches AEW with me) was fortunate enough to catch the final 5 minutes or so, and his verbal reaction to Goldberg coming out and challenging drew had me dying of laughter, he was not too impressed. As for the rest of the show, it felt like a standard episode, nothing really good but with some random cameos from legends. Question, in kayfabe, why wasn’t Retribution wreaking havoc all night long, I feel like they’d love the opportunity to mess with all the alumni.

Cheers guys, have a great night

Tonight proved one thing. Keith Lee’s going to be just fine. He got a chance to shine against Drew McIntyre in a PPV-level tv match. The result was never in doubt and they’ve shown great chemistry…and then came Goldberg. The wounds from Super Showdown are still pretty fresh and I fear that Drew’s gonna get fed to him.

It boggles my mind that Mickie James is labelled a “Legend” when she’s an active performer.

Ben from Vancouver

My god this show was pathetic - three sets of champions pinned, stale rematches that no one asked for and all the legends trotted out to read poorly scripted lines with zero enthusiasm.

Nice usage of baszler too, she should just go back to the vampire gimmick at this point.

And why should I cheer for Riddle? He’s annoying, he attacked Lashley before the bell and cheated to win. What a hero

Orton and the main event were the only watchable parts of the show.

Q: What’s the status of Aleistair Black? Complete waste of talent

2/10 show

Erin from Brampton

Like I do with most episodes of Raw, I usually leave it on in the background while I get other things done. Tonight I watched a bit more than usual, and it seemed like a fun episode. There was nothing that made me overly angry.

As for Goldberg, I don’t see him beating Drew for the title the way he beat the Fiend. Drew is the clear cut top guy on Raw, and he’ll probably figure into Mania plans with the title. With that being said, I’m excited to see him in a “buffer” feud with Goldberg.

By the way, I wanted to thank you guys for how you’ve covered the Brodie Lee passing, and his tribute show. Every time I go on reddit, I see far too many controversial “AEW vs WWE” type comments in regards to his death (mainly from respected insiders). That’s not the case with you guys. Thank you for being two of the most classy people in the wrestling world!

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