FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 1/8/18

Leave your feedback here for POST Wrestling’s Raw Review as we chat Monday’s episode from Memphis feat. Brock Lesnar, the return of The Miz and The Balor Club vs. Reigns, Rollins and Jordan.

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Mj from the Swamps of NJ

So for the last several months Michael Cole has been making very obscure Bruce Springsteen references when Elias gets interrupted or has a segment. Tonight he dropped the name of a song I almost entirely forgot was a Springsteen song - and I’ve seen 60 concerts!! Turns out the opening lyrics refer to Memphis. This has become my new favorite segment each week and I now have a group text that I relay what the comment was to my family and other Springsteen fans.

Also, I’m giving this Raw a good rating (8) because Finn Balor is so happy it made me happy watching tonight.

Charbel from Victoriaville ( still sorry for my English )

I’m visiting my family in Toronto and i had to watch raw live … i felt what you went thought John …

I don’t understand the booking behind the bar losing vs Titus worldwide … and why Balor club had to win via so much distraction , I don’t know what they did in Japan and tonight’s finish did not help me consider them as Top guys

I never watched tna and I really don’t feel woken Matt for now even if I understand the hype around him after you guys use to always talk about him

Question : I never watch NJPW in my life ,I just watch Jericho vs omega and for you guys was it better then Michaels/Jericho ladder match at no Mercy? And do you see the rematch at wm 34 and Jericho winning ?

Johnny from Saskatoon

Definitely think the crowd for tonight’s show was a little quiet.

Noticed that they eased up on Booker T a bit tonight, usually they’d dig into him for a good chunk of the show, almost to the point where the commentary gets kind of annoying.
Glad Titus Worldwide got the win, they needed it more than The Bar did, but will they go anywhere with this? I super doubt it.

Most days I can’t get behind Braun, just think he’s boring, but then he does some bat shit insane stuff like push over and ambulance, flips a commentary table onto Brock Lesnar, and now pulls down some rigging onto Kane and Brock, also he has immaculate grappling hooks skills.

Main event was good, like Titus Worldwide, I’m glad Balor Club got the win, The Pseudo Shield didn’t need it, rather they needed this loss to progress the story with Jason Jordan.
That said, what do you truly think the end game with Jason Jordan is?

Jesse from the 6

Forward slash = /
Backslash = \
Amuse-Bouche (pronounced “a-mooze boosh”) = a small complimentary appetizer offered at some restaurants.

As I see it, Roman Reigns has a 50% of winning the Rumble. It’s either him or a SmackDown guy. Do you agree with this assessment? Let’s be real, are we going to AGAIN have a crummy Royal Rumble with Philly fans crapping on another Reigns win?

Take Care

(P.S. A belated congratulations on launching POST Wrestling. I’m glad to finally support you guys financially after the years of free content you’ve given me.)

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Graves took a few shots at The Elite and the Bullet Club tonight. He’s turning into a great announcer though.

Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

Firstly, sorry Wai you were right about them sticking Balor Club together full time, given how lacklustre last weeks revile was I assumed it would be just one and done. But then their was Woken Matt’s “Piano Theme - Club Remix” which was horrid, didn’t WWE use Reby Hardy’s “Piano Theme” over the past month at house shows,

At this stage 205live is some kind of Junior Heavyweight purgatory. It’s all WWE style wrestling matches, these guys are almost never used outside of a 205live segment, and even the majority of Heavyweight’s incorporate high flying moves during their matches.

Question: Does John know if the “Mixed Match Challenge” on Facebook Watch will be blocked for all non-US viewers? Dave Melzer stated that he didn’t know on Sunday Night’s Wrestling Observer Radio.

Brian from MN

A lot of storyline progression came out of the final match…which I think was the only match on the show :thinking:

If you watched Wrestle Kingdom over the weekend, there couldn’t have been a better example of the dichotomy between pro wrestling and sports entertainment.

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Hi Jon and Wai! This is my first time leaving feedback either at Post Wrestling or that other place, and I am thrilled to be aboard the PO-Train!

RAW was a typically lackluster 2 and a half hours leading into a pretty great main event.

I enjoyed how the main event accomplished a few things: get the gears turning on Jason Jordan’s now certain heel turn; give the win to the Club, which keeps them looking strong and keeps an eventual big Club/Shield match down the line alive. Even the Mizterourage coming out for the post match didn’t make it feel overbooked, and got me looking forward to Miz/Reigns at the anniversary show.

I feel like, with WWE pumping the brakes on Balor’s momentum, they should go ahead and turn him heel, for this run with Gallows and Anderson as a unit. Would play to Gallows and Anderson’s strengths and gives Balor a new coat of paint. What do you think?

Having just listened to the Worst Of show, I’m wondering if Nia Jax and Alexa’s interactions are worthy of consideration for the 2018 edition. Maybe if there is a ‘Worst Backstage Segment’ award? That was abysmal and after Nia outsmarted Alexa, she goes ahead and attacks Asuka anyway…

Thanks for the all great shows you’ve done that make getting through the dull spots of WWE programming worthwhile.


Decent show. I loved Braun killing Brock and Kane, it looked like he really chucked Brock into all that equipment, not often do you see Brock do something different when he shows up. The Bray and Woken Matt stuff is actually going along well so far for me. I thought Dana Brooke was gonna fall down the ramp in those heels by the way she was walking. I gave the show tonight 6 Okada pants out of 10.

John (really ) Off Set Ting on this rewind. I really enjoy them being able to stretch their discussions now that they are off FN production parameters.