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Mannie from Pacoima

Another solid edition of Raw. The opening promo between Punk and Drew really made the rumble feel big and now with this added story there will be eyes glued to seee if Punk really leaves drew for last in the rumble.

I loved Wade mentioning Kayden’s time in Mexico and Cole should’ve jumped in to mention she was in Angel Garza’s La rebelion in the crash lucha, but I guess he only knows about the triple tails.
Shout-out to R- truth for delivering the segment of the year and for name dropping the greatest tag team in all of Mexico, Tom and Nick mysterio!

Andrade is no longer being advertised for his 2 gcw shows which means that triple h has robbed me, and I will no longer be able to see Andrade vs Gresham this friday. I really enjoyed the best of show and my pick for male wrestler of the year is Jacob Fatu! Always delivering some great matches

No significant storyline developments but this show didn’t mail it in. The Cody/Shinsuke street fight was a PPV length match. Not too mad about Jinder facing Seth for the world title. HHH went deep into his callback bag for that matchup*

*it happened in NXT a decade ago

The Punk/McIntyre segment was aces and I like how the rumbles are having multiple potential winners instead of locking down to just one or two odds-on favorites.

I enjoyed just about everything on the show other than the Seth Freakin and The Miz segments, which provided me with an opportunity to catch up on my emails. I wish they’d given Gable and Ricochet the TV time instead. I also miss Gunther and Sami. Do you guys think the door is shut on Gable-Gunther at 'Mania? The highlight of the show was the opening segment was the Drew-Punk interaction. I love the fact that these are fleshed-out characters who are worth investing your time in. Drew has been the MVP of RAW for me and consistently the most compelling character in wrestling. 7.5/10

Alexander from Portland (attended live)

Highlight of the whole night was R-Truth, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a crowd as hot for him as tonight. Jinder works as a TV foil for Seth, nobody will believe any other contender for Seth until WrestleMania. Drew and Punk were great, Kaiser looked like a killer, and I genuinely enjoyed seeing The Miz win tonight. I’ve seen plenty of live shows in Portland and tonight’s crowd felt the biggest and the loudest, happy I was a part of it.

Question: could you see Rhea and Nia at Elimination Chamber?

Anthony from Melbourne

That’s 2 weeks in a row Raw has had a differently produced open to the show, along with walk and talks direct to camera backstage it seems the new production style is taking hold.

Not sure if I’m reading into things too much but it seems they are also teasing matches down the line way more than they have in recent memory. I’ve always heard Vince’s approach was don’t tease a match you arn’t going to deliver.

Yet in the past 2 weeks we have seen Ripley/Nia, Rock/Romen, Cody/Romen, Punk/Seth all teased well in advance.