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The final hour of raw was carried very well by the Judgment Day and the tag team turmoil. Going up against the Usos leaves nobody to root for. Heel vs heel matches can work (Shield vs Wyatts is a good example) but putting it on Raw’s 30th anniversary in two weeks makes a lot of sense with Philly being a smart wrestling city and they’ll be hot for this match.

I bet Edge and Beth will make their return there to get their receipt.

The Raw tag titles being up for grabs does provide a chance to split up the tag titles and that’s worth keeping an eye on.

Alexander from Portland

What a terrible show. Did RAW come to us from Antarctica? The crowd felt so cold, but I don’t blame them. Opening the show with a Baron Corbin match? No thanks. Bronson Reed comes across like a generic heavy, I feel like his win over Okada last year doesn’t mean much anymore. Michin really got her ass handed to her, was there any real reason she couldn’t have been around Gallows and Anderson at all tonight? Uncle Howdy and Alexa Bliss came across as kinda lame, I’m more interested in seeing this MVP/Lashley story. The best part of the show was seeing “Main Event” Dominik get a tag title shot. If Jeff Jarrett can get over as a credible tag team challenger then so can Dom.

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