FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 10/14/19

What did you think of Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

If Charlotte has to get drafted, why would she care about representing Smackdown? Anyway, love Charlotte’s character work lately. The one guy I hope benefits from this brandsplit is Andrade. He’s more than ready for a main event role. Congrats to the Viking Raiders. They got a nice ovation. I’m just embarrassed for Lana, Lashley and Rusev. How many weeks does it take to get sick of Jerry Lawler? Three. Seems like a lot of people didn’t get drafted. It makes them look insignificant. Not IIconic.

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AJ from PA

I just dont really like where this angle with Wyatt and Rollins has gone. Not sure if the finish of the HIAC match soured it that much or if it was doomed from the start. Rollins promo seemed to completely ignore that fact that the Fiend rose up and made him bleed after the finish of that match.

Also I wished the location of the funhouse was never really revealed. I always just figured it was all in Brays head and it wasn’t an actual place or location. Although it was a nice touch for him to be confused as to why seth was attacking him since hes not the fiend in his mind.

Some good matches on this show though. Better than Smackdown. Got tickets to AEW on Wednesday, you guys think Baker takes the belt or Priestly costs her the match?


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So a week ago I wrongly suggested leaving the cafe. My apologies. But help me out, normally it’s a good thing when booking isn’t apparent but where is this Seth/Bray thing going? Didn’t we just split the brands? I liked everything else tonight but the women’s title match went long.

I’ll stick around for the MCU Reviews for sure but what’s after that? You are already up to Homecoming.

Jeff in St Louis

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Noah from Vaughan

Couldnt get through the full show tonight. Ever since the beginning of this month with aew and nxt doing their live shows, it just makes watching raw especially tough to get through. What’s up with lacey and natalya teaming up tonight? Rollins taking his t-shirt catchphrase literally? Disappointed not to have an aliester black promo but was amazed to see that eric young still exists. Quick little interesting fact, this past weeks dynamite scored an 8 on the forum, something that raw has never done since you started post wrestling. also did you guys notice they used the EXACT same war room footage during the show tonight.

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Mecial from Fairfield

Bray has to lose the match because he’s on Smackdown now right?


Brandon from Oshawa

I’ve never been a huge hater of the 3 hour Raws, but now with Smackdown & Impact, NXT moved to 2 hours and AEW joining the mix, the 3rd hour finally did its toll on me tonight. I felt like I was watching for 6 hours.

There was some really questionable picks in this draft. Who the hell would draft Humberto Carillo over guys like The Miz, Samoa Joe, Baron Corbin, Elias? Even if some of those arent the greatest in ring talents, they have still been seen in prominent roles. Glad the War Raiders have rebounded after a terrible first couple weeks. They seem really over and I hope they have a long reign as champs.

Ending was terrible. I am really questioning why they are going with Rollins/Fiend again, when they dont want either to lose. And who loses the Fury/Strowman match? Strowman is going to look pathetic if he gets knocked out, so it looks like 2 non finishes there.

Dynamite cant get here soon enough.


I thought this episode of Raw was absolutely trash. The draft has been a big let down and Smackdown got horrendous pick. Raw’s picks are so much better than smackdown but the stories raw tell are just awful. As far as the fiend and Rollins the only thing that needs to burn down is this damn feud. WWE has been horrible past week and I’ll stick to aew and njpw. 2/10 show
Ps glad Bennett is asking for his release and should have done it weeks ago!

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Jay from Colorado

A friend called me and said he had an extra seat for tonight’s show here in Denver. I turned him down as even though it’s a free ticket, an hour drive into town, an hour back, paying for parking, grabbing an over priced beer, all of that would’ve made this night an expensive night. Oddly enough though after watching the show live from the comfort of my home where the parking is free as is the beer, and the food is good, I still feel defeated.

Honest question, Raw and SmackDown have been consistently scoring 4 or below since the debut of AEW. Neither show changed dramatically in the last month with the exception of the set design, commentators and pyro. Do you guys think this is because AEW, and to a lesser extent NXT, has spoiled us for a good product? Or is the show really that much worse than it was a month or two ago?


Charles in Louisiana

Regarding Mike Bennett/Kanellis, I feel as though he never should’ve been brought up directly to the main roster after his initial signing. Compared to his peers who’ve competed in similar promotions, he was already a mediocre wrestler before he signed with WWE. That’s not to say he’s bad or untalented, but he was never a standout performer in any major promotion he was in. He should’ve debuted in NXT and subsequently joined the Undisputed Era, à la Roderick Strong.

In honor of the Viking Raiders winning the Tag Team championship, who are you guys’ favorite Raw Tag Team Champions?

Wasn’t competition supposed to bring out the best in vinny mac. The product has been unwatchable since AEW dynamite debuted


Rusev was on SmackDown?!

This draft and third brand spilt means nothing!