FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 10/15/18

Leave us your comments and questions following Monday’s episode of Raw.


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It’s Not Brandon from Oshwa
It’s not Brandon from Nj
it’s the one and only - MJ from NJ

Tonight we got 3 matches featuring Shield guys and 2 more backstage segments between the two groups. That’s so much on screen time dedicated to 6 guys. I’m growing sick of them and considering the talent who don’t get screen time on smackdown, it’s a shame Raw is booked this way. Also thought Ronda’s lines about Nikki and John were great - I liked that she went there. Added heat, and saved the fact she botched her script. Enough with wordy scripts already!

Lastly, that was some promo from the Brothers of Destruction. Lot of death imagery and that Rest In Peace sign off…this company is so f’ckn tone deaf.
I would really hope members of the roster would speak their minds about this trip to Saudi Arabia. It’s crazy to me none will for fear of being released. And the big names are making too much money to care. The WWE earnings call will be a fascinating listen. I’ve profitted off their stocks surge but following the company and product as I do, even I have to question how much is the bad feeling worth. Business is Business and I suppose it’s no worse than other questionable things in the company’s past, but it does feel heightened in this era of media.


Brandon frm New Jersey aka not MJ

My dearest Alexander Keith Ale beer barons

It is I your loyal servant and I just wanna say that this episode of raw was a big ol meh episode. What got accomplished? The Rousey promo was kinda cringeworthy till the Cena door dig, Crazy Leets and Trish Stratus trying to crowbar the Allen Iverson “Practice” gimmick into their promo was abhorrently annoying (didn’t think I was smart to use that word eh) lol, Elias slamming his city of the week but no payoff by hitting the coked out version of the Philly Phanatic Gritty in the head with a guitar only to pull Apollo Cruz out of storage what was that. Where has he been in OVW with the spirit squad? It was a cluster fuck of meh tonight.

Miscellaneous items

-this whole elite angle of will they or won’t they stay is getting old real quick on being the elite

-why doesn’t WWE hold crown royal at ramstein airforce base if they choose to back out like every other business is doing as we speak?

-finally jp and Wai why?

I’m out of here peace


Jalen from Pickering,

Fall 2016: Seth and Roman feud interchangeably with Owens and Jericho eternally
Fall 2017: Shield boys feud with the Bar and the Miz nonstop
Fall 2018: Shield boys feud interchangeably with these 3 eternally

RAW is Redundancy

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John from Montana,

I have to be honest, at the first mention of the Crown Jewel event I had to turn off Raw. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I feel like I’ve overlooked a lot of the WWE’s questionable decisions over the years, including the omission of women from the Greatest Royal Rumble, but I could no longer suspend my disbelief anymore given the situation surrounding Saudi Arabia and WWE’s tone-deafness about the entire thing.

Jay from Colorado

Raws been getting slightly better in the last few weeks. I’m sure you’ve covered most of it by now in the feedback so I’ll just leave my highlight which was Michael Cole and Corey Graves losing it over Kurt Angles outfit and making comparisons to Hunter S. Thompson when Kurt attacked Baron Corbin. Corey tried his best to say “We can’t stop here this is bat country.” But was laughing so hard he could only yell “Bat country!” It was a genuinely funny moment on commentary and I gotta admit I watched it over a few times.

With that being said I’m not sure if I’m gonna be sticking around after the Saudi Arabia show. I’m usually the type of guy who votes with my wallet, and I wasn’t happy with the Saudi deal a year ago, and still not happy about it now. I’m forgoing watching the event for sure, but the WWE already has my money for the month. So I sent $40 to an organization working to overthrow and depose the Saudi Royal Family. Feels good man.

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Bill & Alex in Orlando

The crowd was absolutely dead but we thought this RAW was pretty good. Lots of mention of Crown Jewel but no mention of location. The first segment with Roman and Seth’s promos was pretty good, Seth is excellent on the mic. We thought every match with the Shield and “Dogs of War” were really good. The Rollins-Ambrose angle is okay, although might’ve been more interesting of a turn for Dean if he was having turmoil with Roman. Ronda’s promo was great but some of the things she said were weird. “Pretty face, deadly body”? We thought the Lashley segment was just trash, no reaction from the crowd. Trish and Lita’s “practice” thing was bad, really bad and made no sense. But Alexa continues to be a star. The more we see Drew McIntyre the more we see him as a main eventer and eventual Universal Champion. In and after the main event, he was great. We would rate the show 8 deadly bodies out of 10.

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Alexander from Portland

Meh show tonight. I just had one question: do you see Kurt Angle wrestling for the Universal Championship anytime soon?

Paul from New Jersey

For what it’s worth, I thought Apollo Crews cut a very good promo. Perhaps he can build on it, or a potentia push will last as long as Konnor’s did.

The words I can’t see Saudi Arabia never came up on the show. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Hey guys, ive been following this whole saudi ‘Thing’ pretty closely… i think this story will have staying power in media coverage over the next ten days…now truly i think there is zero chance crown Jewel doesnt happen in the saudi kingdom but…if your vince and the donald gives you an ‘out’ …would you take it? Its a lot of money to give back, and not bring in…

Practice your googler.

Kevyn from Reno

Jumped in at the end of the the Moon v Jax match, ending angle to hype up the battle royal at Evolution was meh. Did they really do the “tease the heels coming down to fight the faces twice tonight?” Very creative, WWE creative. Did enjoy the Cena dig by Ronda as did the crowd it sounded like.
Also liked that during the Roman, Dean, and Seth scuffle when Corbin came out, they were on the entrance ramp, it was a different take on the, “authority figure comes out to make things worse”. Would like to know if Wai noticed that, because what got my attention on it was the camera angle when Corbin was coming out.

Wow, Finn Balor just got punked by Bobby and Rush, makes me think Vince relies way too much on his demon character to hype him up but, do you guys think he can ever get back to main eventing or being in the WWE universal title picture? I know I’m probably exaggerating but I’m currently baked liked a Hot Pocket, so sorry. That made me change the channel, turn on my Xbox and started playing WWE 2k19, and decided to just wait for yalls podcast to recap the show. Which got me thinking, possible WWE 2k19 review a wai??? If yall have time of course.

Been a huge fan of you guys since the WWE Summer of Punk glad to see how far you guys have gotten and are going to go!