FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 10/18/21

What did you think of Raw?

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Brian from New Jersey.

Good tag match between RK-Bro and the Street Profits… until the DQ finish.

Good main event between Charlotte and Bianca… until the DQ finish.

Looking forward to your Crown Jewel review, as I continue to not watch these blood money shows. Hope they don’t have any flight delays back home prior to Smackdown with the new roster.

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My dearest Postals

Good evening gentlemen by the time you read this I’m probably knocked out due to the blood they drained out of me today. It’s ok I did it for the people I did it for the rock. I’m fine John thanks for asking. Been awhile since we spoke hope you had a great Canadian thanksgiving. Pass the cranberrie sauce. Raw was great both parties worked hard and their efforts will not be forgotten


-we’re you sad during the final appearance of Ben Mulroney on Your Morning on CTV

-last foundations sounds like a wwe tag team name during the new generation era

–was Adrian Chase sweater a fubu inspired model for his segment

-is this mic on I got a joke. what do Santa elves listen to as they work? Wrap music

Talk soon


Alexander from Portland

Tag team match featuring the champs ends in DQ, women’s title match abruptly ends in DQ, another Queen’s Crown match going less than three minutes. Perhaps my biggest takeaway from this show is that Bill Goldberg is going to travel to Saudi Arabia to kill a man. Goldberg must have had a presence because this crowd felt very dead at times, especially during the Bianca/Charlotte promo. That ending was atrocious, but I really feel for the fans that attended live. You sit through three hours of selfies, promos where Charlotte complains, underwhelming tournament matches, and then you get a main event title match that ends in DQ. Not just that but you’re left with questions surrounding the champion since she’s moving to the other show on Friday. Will this champion who just lost via DQ get stripped? Will she exchange her belt with the winner from Crown Jewel? Is this really how WWE envisions women’s wrestling? 2/10 show

WWE always makes the simplest solutions so hard. Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair shut it down for most of the main event…up until that DQ. It all but guarantees a lazy title trade taking place once Crown Jewel is in the rear view. Not to mention, the Queen’s Crown being an abject failure from the start.

The women’s roster has some great talent but the booking under the main event level reeks of laziness.

Where do we go from here?

If WWE wants to end middling matches with DQs or count outs or whatever other shenanigans they enjoy, I’m willing to let them. But I really dislike having good matches, ones where the talent are working their butts off, end that way. The Street Profits, RKBro, and especially Charlotte and Bianca were the victims tonight.

Although Shayna vs Doudrop had the potential to be an excellent match, there was no reason to waste it on the Queen’s Crown tournament. I have a feeling that Vega is going to win for no other reason than some people think it’s funny that “Queen Zelina” kind of rhymes.

What realistically (i.e., no cutting it down to two hours) do you think could happen to make Raw into a better show?

Well they killed Shayna last night. Doudrop was deep in her finish for like two minutes and didn’t tap. Then the submission expert was too stupid to release the hold and got pinned. Pathetic.

Compare that to the serious way Bryan and Bobby Fish sold that heel hook on Dynamite and you understand why one show is hot and one is ice cold.

2/10 show