FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 10/19/20 (Season Premiere)

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

I actually really enjoyed the opening segments, but Retribition was made to look weak. Where is our Mustafa Ali promo? WWE hypes a leader for this ragtag group forever and we don’t get the big promo from Ali? Makes no sense. Makes about as much sense as splitting the IICONIC’s so Peyton Royce can tag with Lacey Evans. Baffling. Thought Drew McIntyre cut a Great promo and 1/2 of the women’s tag champions sounded half decent… I’ll let you guess who. Lastly, I think it’s important to note that Lana really held her own in a nice little match against Asuka. Overall a 5.5.

Noah from Vaughan

So let me get this straight, they broke one of their few women’s tag teams in the iconics for the purpose of creating a makeshift team of Lacey and Peyton for a makeshift 4 way match which featured a team that as of last week is no longer a part of the raw roster. I gotta be honest, that doesnt make much sense.

The Ali promo was really good however I can’t help but think back to how they made retribution look like complete geeks in the opening match by losing so quickly and then getting killed by Bray.

Pretty poor episode of Raw. 2.5/10 show. I have no idea how Keith Lee is supposed to get over when 90 percent of his matches end with dqs/screwy finishes

Alexander from Portland

Randy Orton delivered a message from hell, was he implying the third hour of RAW was hell? Strowman and Keith Lee flopped, how does this company expect Lee to get over when all his matches end with tomfoolery? Retribution look like dorks. Miz’s promo spoke a big truth, WWE hasn’t done anything with Otis since he won Money in the Bank. I’m all for Miz taking the briefcase, imagine him cashing in on Randy Orton like it was 2010 again.

question: with both guys being main eventers on RAW, could you see another Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton feud in the coming year?

A lot of tonight’s events felt like the same song and dance. Retribution losing to the Hurt Business and being decimated by Bray Wyatt has made them look even worse. The draft felt meaningless with the women’s four way tag match and Otis in a luchador mask bypassing it. The two positives I found were AJ Styles getting a heater in Jordan Omegbehin, which could bode well for AJ to move back up the card, post-HIAC and Mustafa Ali’s promo circling back to the hacker angle from this past spring. He’s got an uphill battle making Retribution worth paying attention to.

The “hiatus” has done nothing to right the ship. A lackluster go-home show. Is it Friday yet?