FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 10/21/19

What did you think of Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

  • [ ] I’m sure much can be said about Ric Flair, but the guy can still cut a killer promo. So natural, so fun. Glad to see performers like Andrade and McIntyre being showcased. Both gentlemen possess the necessary skills to be world champions. This certainly seems like the show that is making an effort to push new and different talent so I found this show to be a step up from what we’ve been seeing lately. Every time Aleister Black cuts a dark room promo, I can look extra forward to Rewind a Raw. Was hoping to see The IICONIC’s, but it appears many of the women on the RAW side are on the Australian tour with SD. Shelton Benjamin wins most logical performer of the night and what did you gentlemen think of the commentary tonight? I found Joseph and Lawler to be OK, but Madden seems lost.

Nick from Atlanta,

Any more, WWE programming is something I throw on in the background while I pay attention to something else, and even that is rare. Tonight’s show was exactly meant for that, throw it on while you do anything else, and glance over to see if you are missing anything. Spoiler: you didn’t.

This product is an inconsistent mess. I wish I could understand some of the decisions they make. Why turn both Sasha and Bayley heel, and then put them both on Smackdown so the two top women on that show are both heels. And then Alexa Bliss is a face, I guess? No real turn there, or any reasonable story to show why Bayley or Alexa changed. Rollins seems like a heel, but like Roman, I am sure they will fight it. Why did Seth burn down the Firefly Fun House only to bring it back the next week, what was the point? Why did the Kabuki Warriors turn? Do they blame the fans like Bayley? If the WWE can’t care enough to give me a consistent story explaining anything that happens, then why should I care at all?

Holding out hope that Gable and Gulak team up as the Shorty G’s, F it. Thank you guys for being entertaining and reviewing this product.

Jeff from STL

-Turn Seth already.
-Saudi Arabia seems like an amazing place if you don’t care about women’s rights, homosexuals or journalists who speak against the crown. I guess with the NBA China fiasco, WWE and the Saudis are making their move.
-Street Profits could be the future but who has faith that they will get booked right. Hopefully, they won’t be jobbing out in 6 months.
-Finally, the raw tag team division could actually mean something shortly. The profits, raiders and AOP are legit teams. Let’s hope they get a chance.


Brandon from Oshawa

Terrible, boring show.

Why does top pick Andrade have to cheat and barely beat undrafted Sin Cara?

Why is Aleister Black not just immediately ending that job guy with a Black Mass in 5 seconds?

I usually love angles outside of the arena, but the cuck brawl in the restaurant was lame.

Wasnt the main event supposed to be 3 v 3? Where the hell was Kevin Owens all that time and why did it randomly become a tag match?

Shelton Benjamin & Ric Flair were the best part of this show.

Guy from Charlotte:

This show was, in a word, predictable.
More Lana-Rusev-Lashley cuckolding. Predictable.
Another awkward Aleister Black promo. Predictable.
Another awful AoP promo. Predictable.
A RAW guy (Rey) feuding with the Smackdown Champion (Brock) and the RAW champ (Seth) feuding with a SmackDown star (Wyatt). Predictable.
The only unpredictable parts of the show were the total lack of any women’s matches (unforgivable) and the return of KO but even that felt half-hearted.
In summary, I’m totally disappointed. Again. Predictable.


Noah from Vaughan

Heading to Pittsburgh on Wednesday and hoping for a better show than this, the crowd in cleveland tonight sounded so quiet for most of the night. Wasn’t the main event supposed to be 3 vs 3? Not too excited to see we’re going back to that awful Owens-Styles feud from a couple years ago where every match had a dusty finish. Serious question, how did Bray rebuild his funhouse so quickly? Did he get money from the insurance company? Wasn’t that angle last week meant to end the funhouse? And as I’m typing this I’m realizing I’m thinking way too hard into this haha. Take it easy guys

Tyler from Orlando,

I’m glad to see some different faces getting their chances on RAW like Carrillo & even Shelton. Cain looked awkward & nervous once he entered the ring. Street Profits’ debut was a success to me week 1, but I wonder if Owens & Styles can possibly have a worse feud than they did in 2017. 5/10.

Brandyn from Ohio

I got home late from work and was just about to start the show when I checked Twitter for a second, saw so much negativity from even accounts I generally see enjoy things that I just decided to get a late start on king of pro wrestling looks like it’s a 2 sitting show anyways, maybe I’ll finish on Friday when I inevitably skip out on smackdown.

Sorry I’m just really down on main roster wwe right now.

Brian from Sacramento

First time poster. Longtime listener. I’ve been a loyal listener since the early LAW days.

I’ve been a fan since I was a small child. I’m 45.

Today’s WWE product is just so hard to watch. I decided to put Raw on in the background while I cooked dinner. My only knowledge of what’s going on lately is from your reviews. I tried to get engaged but it wasn’t interesting at all. Now AEW on the other hand is can’t miss TV in my opinion.

A co-worker who is 26 and his buddy who is 28 just started watching Dynamite. Not knowing what AEW was before turning in for the first time. I found out after episode 3. Neither one was a fan of wrestling in any way previously. They love AEW. I asked them what they thought about WWE and they said they thought that it was a kids show.

It feels like the beginning of the Attitude Era all over again.
Keep up the good work guys!


I walked in the house around 9pm, so I rewound the recording an ended up skipping through most of the beginning of raw, an for a second I thought about watching all the promos, but I would much rather hear John out deliver all the wonderful lines wwe had to offer us tonight. Overall Meh show with matches that would’ve been better if they was a lot shorter. 5/10 fake restaurant brawls

Went to play basketball and saw all the negative reaction online. I’ll just catch the podcast :slight_smile: Go Raps tomorrow!

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I hope you got a writing credit for your first draft of both Heyman’s and Sheldon’s promos tonight.

Also, is Black now talking directly to Vince in these promos? Almost felt like it tonight.

Hey guys, dunno if you’ll see this at this point but just wanted to apologize for my non feedback feedback, I’d been drinking a bit and was reading everyone else’s thoughts and stupidly posted my shit.
I’ll make sure I watch the shows I feedback from now on! Lol