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Hernis from Long Island

This Lumis/Miz thing is just getting worse and worse. Thought Extreme Rules was rock bottom, guess not.

Seems like they were trying to tease that Theory can cash in on Seth.

Now I don’t think Strowman/Omos will be any good but their SD video is up to 2.3 million in 3 days.

Cross straight to the top. And Kevin “I never seen her this unhinged”. Safe to say he wasn’t a NXT watcher

Saeed from Vancouver

Honestly Lumis and Miz somehow keeps getting worse and worse…

I quite enjoyed the Elias and Gable match, but not looking forward to the upcoming tag fued thats going to follow with Riddle.

Please keep JBL away from the commentary table… cant stand him.

Is there anyone that comes to mind right away for a female joining the OC?

Finally!! The Cross we know and love is back! Now please bring back the rest of SAnitY.

Question, What do you guys look for when choosing a promo of the year?