FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 10/26/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

By now, I think it’s abundantly clear that Retribution was never meant to get over. They’re just a parody & should be viewed as only that. Who’s idea was it to give Nia Jax all this mic time? Nice punk’d reference Nia. So glad they split the IICONIC’s because this Peyton Royce singles push is going really well. This show was a snooze fest. Don’t want to be completely negative so I will say I like that Dana Brooke is on television & lana getting the Kenny from South Park treatment is hilarious. 2.

With the current WWE product, if you guys didn’t do this for a living, how much WWE would you be watching?

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What is your assessment of Drew McIntyre‘s 7 month reign as champion? Do you think he held the stature of the top guy well? and if so going forward can he maintain that? (When i say top guy i mean someone who can fill those top 3 spots at Wrestlemania.) I think during a year of dissatisfactory booking he is certainly one where they have got it pretty spot on.

I’m not convinced The Miz is gunna be the one to cash in this contract at all, i think when you take the briefcase off of someone once, there is nothing stopping it happening again. The legitimacy of the whole thing has long gone so why not change it again. i think Morrison is somehow going to have a match with the Miz down the line and win the title shot and if it’s not Morrison then someone else.

Erin from Brampton

I actually don’t mind the idea of the 24/7 title, but it’s time to change up how it’s presented on TV. The whole purpose of it is to add some chaotic and random comedy to Raw, yet they’re recycling the same old tropes. Give us some superstars that aren’t R-Truth or Tozawa. How about a story that’s more than just wrestlers attempting school boy pins? That title has shown it could be entertaining when Drake Maverick was champ.

I hope they explore the relationship between Bray and Alexa a bit more in the upcoming weeks. They didn’t seem to have natural chemistry in the fun house. Do you guys think maybe they’ll go the direction of them being love interests?

Also, I really liked how Orton sold his fear of the Fiend in the closing segment as he chose brawling with Drew over confronting Bray.

Brian from New Jersey.

I found this episode to be a bit of a bore, but at least it wasn’t a mess like last week. I thought Sheamus and Matt Riddle had a good match, as Riddle remains on the skids during his ugly lawsuit business. Not a fan of the running gag of Lana being put through a table; this week it just felt mean. They stated that this week’s Hurt Business vs. Retribution match had been building for months… a week after they already had a match. I take it the Raw men’s team will win their match at Survivor Series because AJ Styles made it on the team, and everyone on the SmackDown team will be petrified in fear by AJ’s big friend. I guess any NXT reps decided to sit out because they went out on top last year?

Alexander from Portland

I’ll eat my hat if there’s a gimmick worse than Retribution to come in 2020. Nothing I saw tonight endeared them to me, congratulations to SmackDown for not drafting them. Maybe I’d be excited for Sasha Banks and Asuka if we didn’t already see them have multiple matches earlier this year. Maybe I’d be excited for Randy Orton and Roman Reigns if outside interference was guaranteed to not happen, but I can’t see WWE choosing to let one of these Hell in a Cell winners lose at the next PPV. As a side note I listened to the new Elias EP that came out today. I’d say it’s not worth the time, but we’re all used to wasting three hours every Monday anyways. At least this show was better than King of the Ring 1995. 5 awkward seizures/10