FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 10/29/18

Leave us your feedback to Monday’s episode of Raw from Charlotte, NC.

Tune into tonight’s edition of Rewind-A-Raw on the site.


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Chris from Central Queensland, Australia.

While I enjoyed Evolution last night, however on Raw tonight it fell like an afterthought and full speed ahead to “Crown Jewel” at 2:00am Saturday local time.

Massive respect to John & Wai for using your voice to shed light on the tragic issue while most are choosing to ignore it.

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I haven’t watched Raw or Smackdown for over a decade. Spent the past few weeks trying. I have decided that Raw is not worth the time. It’s a YouTube watch.
The highlight for me was when that guy with Bobby Lashley came out.
My girlfriend, who hates this shit, says, “this guy again?”. I ask, “You remember this guy?”.
She says, “Ya, he’s the guy that yells my name with an L on it.”
That popped me.
That shit is too much. The chanting during the match is horrible. We muted most of the match. I almost turned it off then, and it’s part of the reason I’ll stick with your rewinds.
I like Smackdown.

Hello everyone, this is my first time here and I’d just like to say thanks to John and Wai for pumping out these reviews every Monday and Tuesday because good god this show reminded me why I listen to you guys as opposed to watching the shows. This show was never able to hold my attention consistently. I was able to get through the Heyman, Corbin, Lesnar and Strowman opener no problem. However, the next segment enlightened me on one of the most annoying acts ink wrestling, Lio Rush as a heel manager. I swear Vince threatened to dock his pay if he didn’t chant LASHLY! LASHLY! enough times. I took a break during the 5 woman tag to watch some hockey and came back to an Elias Segment, HURRAY! He’s one of my favorite acts in the company and always entertains. The Elias Jinder match was fine for what they can do in the ring but after that, I honestly could tell you more about what I did in the new Spiderman PS4 game than Raw itself. Not even the Seth Dean segment grabbed my attention to be honest. And finally good god does Taker and Kane look old. Solid 5-10, if i could describe it as anything, it was definitely televised.

Brandon Frm New Jersey reppin Da Jersey Triade

My dearest jaccopins

Hey gang it’s me wouldn’t be a raw without my presence in text form and I just wanna say hey. Let’s talk about raw huh, it was something I felt kinda how you sat weird with Roman’s illness leading off the show again and boom we pivot to Baron “The Cooler” Corbin holding the strap in the ring like he is a top player in the organization. No bueno man. The show was fine glad Lucha House party got some work in and went over aginst the revival man what did those dudes do to piss off management? Anywhoo shout out to Cena for finding away to bail on Crown Royal. I won’t watch but I’ll follow along cause I’m a moron

Meanderings of a mad man

-Pollock I heard you were curious about what I do during the day, I’m a ups driver silly. All you had to do was ask. I also use to operate cranes.

-thoughts on Lio Rush rockin the blazer with no shirt look? Lookin like a pocket Russell Westbrook

-Rousey/Becks at survivor series I guess that is becks roadblock end of the line am-I-rite

-“looks like jinder mahal tuned you up” that line was gold like Arie Emmanuel

-poor Dana Brooke reduced to panhandling for Elias to play her a song

-separation at birth Rezar and Luke Thomas

-Rey Mysterio on a boat I don’t know about you but I couldn’t handle a trip like that. See JoePoe I’m like you I love going to wrestling shows and what not but to be around that all weekend and in the seas people chanting two sweet every two count I may be getting a dinngie and rowing myself to the Nassau

-Tamina Nash and Nia Jax thoughts

-also Spring Break 3 selling out so quick shout out to GCW and Janella man I cant wait till the whole lineup is release

-shout out to Danielle Lappage Justina De Stasio and Erica Weibe for reppin the maple leaf hard in Budapest this past weekend

I’m out of here peace

Honestly I’m just so disgusted by this build to Crown Jewel and them selling out I could care less about Raw. I enjoyed Evolution.

I’ve cancelled my WWE network subscription for the time being. I cannot support this. It’s disgusting and sad that so many people still turn a blind eye to this.

Kudos to John Cena. That’s RESPECT

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Charly from Maryland

This show felt like an afterthought if it’s going to be like that tomorrow for smack down why even watch tomorrow. The Bálor vs Lashley match was bad, actually any Lashley match that has Lio rush saying “Lashley Lashley” is bad I couldn’t stand it Elias turning face actually is entertaining and I didn’t even like the guy before the Seth and dean segment did nothing for me and seeing that they will go with Becky vs Ronda at survivor series is weird their interaction look so odd and uncomfortable “hey champ” “sup champ” like really come on anyways raw was an afterthought 3 out of 10

Tyler from Orlando,

I’m having to look at WWE’s Youtube channel because I only remember 2 things from this show that just happened 40 minutes ago as I type this.

I thought Trish & Lita being in the 10 women tag was just wasteful, they should feel special if they are going to start wrestling again, PPV’s only.

Elias face turn is still weird to me, but I’m willing to give it a shot, Jinder is a easy guy to pair him with, as he will never get cheered over his opponent.

I nearly spat out my coffee when Bobby Lashley spoke words, what is this, some kind of character development?

I’m a fan of Lucha House Party being on RAW. Best thing you can do for the cruiserweight’s is integrate them with non 205 Live talent.

Ronda and Becky at Survivor Series is something I’m looking forward to, although they are setting Ronda up for failure as she will obviously not get cheered over Becky.

Question - you may have already discussed it, but what happen’s with the RAW tag team titles? Surely they won’t have Seth & Dean defend them as the classic “these 2 guys can’t get along but must defend their titles!” that would be not fitting.

Jalen from Pickering,

Found the show pretty bad overall, but at least we’re almost past Crown Jewel. This Ambrose and Rollins feud was the only interesting thing, and it has the potential to be Ciampa/Gargano levels if it’s booked properly. I found that the amount of mentions and highlights about Roman were a bit much, even during Rollins’ promo. Obviously it’s a big deal, I just hope the company doesn’t overdo bringing it up, and that they don’t use it as a central aspect of the Rollins/Ambrose feud.

Hunter sure wears a lot of hats

Paul from the Jersey Triad

I really appreciate Corey Graves bringing up Lashley’s losing nets him the losers share of the purse. I know it’s a very small detail, but I appreciate him bring it up especially when it comes to matches or feuds that aren’t terribly interesting.

I love the idea of Rousey Vs. Lynch, The only problem is I really don’t want Becky lynch losing to anyone for the foreseeable future so will be interesting to see how they book it. .

Jersey Triad out.

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