FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 10/4/21

What did you think of WWE Raw – Draft Night 2?
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Flipped on opening of Raw…then the last few segments.

I’ll give WWE this - their top tier women’s division is stacked. Has it been mostly the same people for 5 years, sure, but they definitely pack a punch of superstars. Also enjoyed their pushing NXT 2.0. They pushed it more in that final hour than I remember in a long time - is that the case, or have I just not watched Raw consistently for that long?

While I will praise the star power of the Women’s division, the minute they split up again after this run of mixing brands, the rest of the talent feels so far below the Becky, Charlote, Bianca and Sasha. After seeing them together, I really don’t want to go back to other parings (again). Becky on the mic is brutal…she spends the entire time getting herself over, even when the match is peaking. I thought Charlotte and Bianca were great. But they are burning through these pairings pretty quick, which leads me to believe we’ll go back to a few months ago shortly. Glad I caught that opening and closing segment tonight.

Brian from New Jersey.

These draft episodes only seem newsworthy when they make the most drastic moves, or do NXT call-ups. I thought Smackdown had a big one with Hit Row, and Raw tonight had the biggest with Gable Steveson. Sometimes these shows can have some fun matches too, and I liked the main event, even with its predictable ending.

Goldberg looking to commit murder? In Saudi Arabia? I’ll leave that one alone.

Also, kudos to the recent crowds. They expressed audible disappointment on Smackdown when the New Day was separated again, and audible disgust when Seth Rollins drank the Copeland family’s orange juice direct from the container, and then tonight I heard New Day “Who” chants when Smackdown drafted Ridge Holland. Funny.

I guess these new rosters are to take effect after Crown Jewel on Oct 21 to allow them to build feuds with people still on same brand. Not a bad way to go.

Seth Rollins promo was just terrible. The Drip God character is not working. No conclusion of the home invasion angle. Plus we already had a drip god, Johnny Drip Drip.

I am so done with Xavier Woods at this point. He is annoying with the yelling all the time. Crown him? KOTR Tournament has not started. I know it is a matter of time before we see The New Day crowned as Tag Champs beating the Usos.

I feel the Demon character is done at this point especially after how he lost at Extreme Rules. Supernatural characters are not working anymore.

Draft freshens things up but rest of show average.
6 drip sticks out of 10

This was such a weird show. The Dirty Dogs, Nattie and Tamina, and the Hurt Business (Cedric and Shelton) all performing but then failing get drafted (at least during Raw). They seemed to tease a feud with Shayna and Doudrop, despite them being drafted to different shows. They tried to convince us that Charlotte and Bianca had never fought before, even though their NXT match is available in its entirety for anyone to see on the WWE YouTube channel. (And they still have Bianca using the “you don’t even go here” line, which she originally said to Charlotte when she showed up on NXT.) At the same time, they had Dolph bringing up all sorts of history (which is a good idea, even if the match was inconsequential). I think they’ve broken up every women’s tag team other than the champions, despite giving lots of time to the women…

Those sorts of inexplicable decisions are why I’m hesitant to either dismiss or get excited for the new rosters until I get a look at what they’ve got planned for them. “Anything can happen” is a double-edged sword…


Man I cannot imagine being in the crowd sitting for three hours watching this show. So boring and full of useless matches.

RAW feels like it got a lot worse with these picks.

And why was Steveson pleased to be a late round pick? If he’s so good why wouldn’t he be a first rounder. Again, the show was put together by someone who has never seen a real sports draft and doesn’t understand how they work.


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