FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 10/5/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Tuned into RAW late on account of the ALDS games, but man, this Seth Rollins stuff is hysterically bad. Still have no idea what the greater good is PIEBOY supposed to be, but I think I will just take the Wai approach and view this for what it is. Not sure what the point of the Braun/Keith Lee exhibition was, but I guess you could say that for many things on RAW. I feel bad for Bianca Belair. That promo was cringe. Ricochet shouldn’t be allowed within 10 feet of a mic. I liked that Murphy stood up to Seth and Ali is a great choice for the Retribution leader. Pointless show otherwise. 2. I miss the IICONIC’s.

Wai’s Cowboys suffer their first loss. No undefeated teams remain.

Alexander from Portland

On a show where the WWE Champion was pinned by the #1 contender we still couldn’t get a finish to a Keith Lee match. Here’s hoping the draft can freshen Lee up, having all of his matches go nowhere is killing my interest. Bianca Belair seems like the worst person to play games with. Ricochet with a microphone should be a crime. Ali as a faction leader isn’t a direction I’d have ever expected with WWE, I hope they can hack it. Do we know the rules of the draft when it comes to factions? Can RAW use one draft pick to pick all six stablemates in Retribution? I love that WWE never clarifies anything beforehand. 5/10


So RETRIBUTION isn’t Antifa, they’re Anonymous, and the Hacker is their leader.

This company really can’t create organic, fresh, unique baby faces. Ali is a great personal story that can relate to audience and fans alike, but alas it under six feet tall and only turning him a hell will get his “over.”

Sorry, but I don’t trust this company, with their track record revealing that the leader of their “top” invading faction is one, " Mustafa Ali" without making this racist in some way.

Sorry guys. I am not on board with this.

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Brian from New York

Well…two weeks ago I couldn’t have been more down on Retribution…and now? The Hacker is the leader! Did this save the angle? Not really. Am I suddenly willing to give it a shot? Begrudgingly…I guess? Touche, WWE.

Mustafa Ali is overdue a major role and even if I would have preferred it to be as a major babyface, they’ve at least given him a huge part in a pet project of the boss. He’s a great talker and while his off-camera story is an excellent good guy background, his on-TV story comes with a lot of baggage for what’s happened to him since the Bryan program and should give him a lot of ammo to shape a better focus to this aimless group.

Or at least until next week when this small sliver of light for Retribution is somehow given a terrible 2D explanation and any sort of excitement is thrown away. I guess we’ll see.