FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 10/7/19

What did you think of Raw?

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Anybody who missed this show should watch the Rey promo, Google who Dominic’s godfather actually is, and know that their lives will forever be better than those who watched anything else from tonight. This sucked! I give it a Wai Ting inspired, “lowest lifeform” out of a trillion.


Chris from Melbourne.

This last week of WWE programming has been a godsend, as I finally have the motivation to end my Network subscription (at least until Rumble season at the earliest) and put that money towards AEW Plus.

I’m writing to say that unlike Jeff in St Louis from last night’s HIAC feedback, I’ll at least be sticking with Team POST and supporting the Cafe.

With the two of you, I can remain up to date with the storylines and occasional must-see matches, while still voting with my wallet about the changes I want to see in the wrestling world and rewarding the people I feel are doing the best work; that being AEW, NJPW, and of course, POST Wrestling.

Thank you for watching, so I don’t have to.


AJ from PA

This was a nothing show. The opening segment was honestly really hard to watch. At least they gave Rusev a beatdown to get some heat unlike Kanellis but it still felt extremely awkward.

The Fury stuff was okay but the pull apart lasted way too long and Fury looked awkward trying to pull punches.

Probably the smart move to just briefly gloss over last nights debacle. They will still have to address it eventually though. Curious to how Seth’s crowd reaction will be moving forward


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Noah from Vaughan

Imagine paying hundreds of dollars for floor seats for this show. I feel awful for those fans in Bakersfield. Such a boring show tonight. You guys are awesome for watching this whole show. Thoughts on Darby Allin vs Jimmy Havoc announced for Wednesday dynamite?

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Jalen from Pickering,

Yup, I’m done with these guys until the Rumble.
I find it a bit distasteful that the instant they turn heel, Kairi and Asuka are allowed to speak their native language, but I really enjoyed their mannerisms when they came out. Idc about Braun, but the crowd was into it, so kudos to them. Rest of the show was genuinely worthless


Tonight’s Raw reminded me of the day after an embarrassing incident with your significant other – lack of eye contact, tip-toeing around the elphant in the room, “Are we just not going to talk about what you did last night?”

There has never been a more baffling transformation to me than Rusev’s “evil Bulgarian brute with Russian sympathies” to “hard-working Bulgarian immigrant family-man whose evil wife leaves him because he sends all his money back home.” But after some deliberation, I have to say I kind of like it. It’s the opposite of the Mike Kanellis story where Mike is a dweeb, but Rusev is supposed to be sympathetic.
It was a minor thing that they just kind of mentioned, so I hope they do some interviews with Rusev where he talks about some of his family back home and how he is changing their lives with the money he’s sending. It’s a really cool character trait for Rusev that makes him more likeable to me, also a family of immigrants who still send money back home regularly. Plus it puts the heat on Lana like “how dare she be such a gold digger when there are little Rusevs to feed!”

The Kabuki Warriors’ promo left me pining for chris Charlton.

Also, Charlotte is an idiot – her character at least. When Becky said her reigns were at least meanigful while Charlotte’s are plenty, Charlotte just says “yeah, well, still. 10 times.” Absolutely terrible. If my eyes weren’t prosthetics I’d roll them at this segment.

Shout-out to Dio Maddin when talking about Charlotte becoming the next Becky 2 Belts: “She’ll be Charlotte Two Championships.” I LOL-ed.

I’m worried about the dark room where Alistair Black and AOP hang out. what if it gets drafted to Superstars? Will they then be forced to interact with the other wrestlers in catering like everyone else?

I don’t know anything about Tyson Fury except that he apparently boxes good. Closing angle was cool, but I’m worried how the match will play out.


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Brandon from Oshawa

What a terrible show.

I guess cuckolds are over now, except if your name is Mike Kanellis. I hope the fans keep getting behind Rusev and dont let this garbage ruin his career.

I was really hoping for some more info about the draft tonight. The only takeaway that I got, was that they were pushing FOX & USA making the selections for their respective brands. Do you think we’ll get some kind of “representative” to make picks? Or are they just going to go back to that old random generator that they used to do?

I kind of like the idea of someone who “works for the network” overseeing each show. I liked the idea back in ECW when Cyrus was claiming to work for TNN and even back when Palmer Canon was playing the role on Smackdown. I think they can do something different with it, than the usual GM role.


Mj - watched Raw ONLY because I needed something not too distracting while I worked this evening…

So the WWE went with the good ol’ say nothing PR strategy tonight and hope the stank of the Cell match goes away.
One problem with that strategy - Seth Freakin Rollins is your Universal Freakin Champion. Oh and Bray is dead. How do they even bring him back without the crowd rallying behind him as an F U to the company? They seem genuinely afraid of that if tonight was any indication. Will this blow over? Doubtful with AEW now in the fold.

Tell me, is this not WCW 2000 level bad? A marriage scandal angle, geek squad matches littering the show, and then a celebrity angle to close that looks so cartoonish I have zero interest in a novelty match.

On a business related note, is WWE a victim of their own success in that they have so much going on to promote they can’t ever focus on correctly delivering promotion or execution on one thing…other sports have made entire off seasons exciting by hyping drafts, yet WWE is running what is suppose to be a hard brand split draft and they can barely tell you what is happening. Just feels with more focus and more less distraction they could be better served but I guess good wresting shows aren’t what pays the bills and they already locked in their big payday. The company appears to be suffering from being spread to thin; or just Lazy.

1 air punch to a jobber security guard out of 10


Sam from Oswego,

Hey guys, after last nights debacle I truly wanted to see how WWE would try to remedy the situation. However, the night started out awful. You have the Rusev Lashley angle, which thank god turned Rusev into a brute again, and then just pointless upon pointless matches. We had to sit through another Nattie Lacy match, but The Alister squash was fun and so was the abrupt Ricochet Apollo match. They barely covered the shit show that was the end of the PPV but at least Raw ended with something fun. Braun and Fury should be a fun special attraction match, but in all, the show was a middle ground for me. 5 out of 10 Charlotte championship wins.


Thank you WWE for showing me racism is still alive and well by having your heels revert back to Japanese and spew green mist. For a second I thought this was 2019. Thanks!


Tommy form Scotland

They followed up one of the most negatively received matches with one the most boring Raw’s that I can remember. I thought WWE was at their best when they had competition? The only saving grace will be hearing John do Aleister Black‘s promo.


Paul from New Jersey

Tuned into Monday night cuck and after the opening segment, I was already counting down the minutes to Yankees/Twins game 3. I mean what is this? Who is this for? This feels like on air bullying. Lana has put her foot in her mouth on more than one occasion and Rusev did ask for his release at one point. Is this some sort of weird punishment or did somebody introduce Vince McMahon to a new type of porn? the last lady standing match dragged a bit, but both ladies worked hard. Liked that the Kabuki Warriors could just speak Japanese and Kairi pinned Becky! That’s pretty much the positives excluding Black’s dark room promo. Wonder if he has to split rent with AOP. This show screamed non priority. Showcase means let’s get this show over with and focus on the draft. Piss poor. Yankees up 2-0 bottom 6.

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Diana from Pittsburgh.

Hey guys! First time here as I just became a patron this afternoon!

Raw barely kept my attention tonight and I ended up doing a bunch of things around the house as it was on in the background. Tons of cringey segments and couldn’t believe they opened the show with that awful Bobby Lashley/Lana promo. Sick of Braun being thrown in these weird storylines with people outside of WWE, and the rest of the show really didn’t do anything for me. Otherwise, the only match worth watching was Ricochet v Crews and Rey’s promo.

Question - I have a hunch that Seth was supposed to open the show and they scrapped it at the last second as damage control, which is why the Lacey/Natalya match was so long. Thoughts? Do you think the glaring absence of Seth made things worse or are they hoping we’ll just forget the dumpster fire of that main event?

Thanks for all the work you do - really happy to be able to support you guys!


Alexander from Portland

For the past few months I’ve been watching RAW in the background of whatever else I’ve been doing. Whether it’s cooking, studying, doing laundry, watching RAW has been supplementary to what I’ve been doing on Monday nights. Tonight helped me realize that that’s the best way to enjoy the show. If something important happens I can tune in, and if nothing is going on then I don’t feel bad for missing it. I feel bad for the people that spend the entire three hours glued to their television with nothing else going on but Monday Night RAW. I’m going to make a bold prediction: listening to John and Wai review RAW will be more enjoyable than watching it tonight was. 3 literal lunches/10

Question: Correct me if I’m wrong but it seemed all throughout tonight the wrestlers were attempting to impress “network executives” for the draft. Do you think we’ll get authority figures for RAW and SmackDown during/after the draft, or will “network executives” run the shows?


Bad show and I think I will take a break from WWE and just enjoy it in the background while I learn Adobe Illustrator, then get all the sweet sweet news from the Cafe later.




Como estudes mi amigos

‘Tis I the albino rhino man this episode felt like a bad hangover after drinking too many steam whistle brew. It was bad man like joe Jackson bad like michael Jackson bad. I dug Rey promo and Kabuki Theaters heel Japanese promo and understand the Tyson fury angle because he is trying to make himself popular on this side of the country. Otherwise it was very forgettable I’ll hang up and listen


Adam from Australia

Honestly, going through a really tough break-up at the moment and wrestling has been helping distract me, been one of the only things to get me through the days, and after last night and tonight, not sure if i could even be bothered with any wrestling anymore, might need to find a new escape.


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Josh From Southampton UK

I had insomnia tonight so was really heartened by WWE going out of their way to try to bore me to sleep. Sadly that opening segment, and the thought that a seventy something year old man most likely thought it up, was enough to give me nightmares.

On the plus side, at least Asuka and Kairi got to do a Japanese promo

Rob from Mississauga

So I’ll be honest, since Monday Night Football came back on, I’ve been changing channels between that and RAW. In watching playoff Baseball tonight, I figured that the opening segment would have Seth involved in the usual monologue opening, so I turned it on just to see how it was. Nope we had Rusev involved in what is going to be my WTF moment of the year, the rise of cuckold angles and immediately switched back to the game.

I know it sounds kinda cheap to leave feedback for only catching the first segment, but it’s gotten to the point of so much stupid shit on RAW, that it makes me go back to when everyone was praising Heyman was onboard and that he would put the show back on the proper direction. Well after a few good promising weeks it’s gone to shit once again so not even he can do a thing to make it better.

Finally it just boggles my mind that with the money USA is paying the WWE now, that this is the best that they can come up with. Wednesday can’t come fast enough for AEW.
Sorry for the long wall of feedback.