FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 11/1/21

Leave your questions and comments here for tonight’s Rewind-A-Raw. DD+ patrons, join us live in Zoom anytime after 11pm ET for a live review and a very special announcement.

What did you think of WWE Raw?
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I enjoyed the closing segment to set up something for next week. It actually was refreshing. Then they turned Big E heel? Did they just turn Big E heel? WTF?

Liv Morgan and I share a hometown area code. I’m so tired of Becky. But zero hope they do anything more with Liv than maybe a solid match like it seems they did with Shotzi last Friday. With such a gap between the Top tier Women in the company, how does one really ever break into that upper echelon. Bianca did but Rhea did not and I don’t see any other women challenging for the top tier. Not due to lack of talent but just the hierarchy presented each week.

It’s busy season for me so I am catching more Raw and NXT while working late; for as much as I rag on the product, I wish it was engaging for nights like these. Sorry to leave feedback on this Monday.

Regarding the announcement made today - I had a real moment this afternoon when I realized what could be. I have been very proud to supporter of POST Wrestling and Wrestlenomics over the last few years and for the two to come together - couldn’t be more excited and happy for all involved. This is a perfect addition to POST Wrestling; it’s so cool to see you continue to add to the network and continue with new shows. I think I say this for a lot of people but I truly appreciate that 4 years into this you are continue to grow and build and add. Shout out, you guys!

Definitely got some good wrestling tonight, which seems like a strange thing to be thankful for on a wrestling show but here we are. Since it seems Becky vs Bianca is going dormant for a while, what do you think they can do to with Bianca for the next month or so?

The ending of the show felt super weird to me. Owens went for the pin and then kind of denied taking advantage of the situation, so he seemed to be sliding back into his old ways. But then he gave what seemed like a genuine apology and rather than saying “Ok but I’m keeping an eye on you” E attacked him. I’m left thinking “everyone sucks here”. It feels like they’re not yet sure which one of them, if either, they want to turn heel.

I did really enjoy the Owens 3 months (end of his contract)/ 3 years (length of a standard WWE contract) line, followed by Big E making a “Mount Rushmore” comment. Very clever.

Actually thought this was the best RAW in months. Full of fresh matches (other than any of the tags which I ff’ed).

Main event was good and Becky/Bianca was great. I also think Dijak/Priest was good, they have chemistry and Priest got over at the end. Dijak can go so it’s nice to see him get a chance.

Balor/Gable was also good. I don’t think it was a heel turn by Big E at the end, it’s just Vince making his champ look like a real man by laying everyone out. It won’t be referenced again.


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I don’t think it was a direct heel turn, but yeah I can see KO being the one most heavily cheered in a lot of markets if they don’t solidify him as being also heel (which seems Seth’s job). I thought they were going to Montreal soon but seems that is Smackdown not Raw. Had they have booked that finish before heading to Montreal I’d for sure expect KO to be the sympathetic babyface. I still think he is. I rather see a KO chase for the title than a tweener Big E