FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 11/11/19

We’re releasing tonight’s Raw feedback thread early for those who attended the UK tapings live. If you haven’t seen the show yet, please refrain from voting and posting until you have.

What did you think of Raw?

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Chris from Cork

Hi guys, hope you’re well.

I wanted to post my feedback from attending Raw last Friday and I’ll be fast asleep by the time it airs.

The main thing I remember from the show was the show-opening pyro. I was literally in the corner by the aisle barrier and the tron, so the pyro was only about 2-3 metres away. I forgot it was coming and before I knew it, I felt like Jeff Hardy in that angle where Matt supposedly sabotaged the pyro. Also the heat from it was intense. I was glad Becky’s ‘steam’ cooled things down shortly after.

The show itself was terrible. The women’s opener went way too long, then we were treated to a Drew squash match and ‘comedy’ from the 24/7 lads. Drew was pretty over in the building, being Scottish.

Seth Rollins came out to a chorus of boos. I want to start a petition to replace his ‘Burn It Down’ catchphrase with ‘Tweet It Out’, as the keyboard warrior has lost a lot of fan respect through that and his terrible character. Hardly anyone in the building knew Imperium, unfortunately. I think someone like Pete Dunne might have been a better choice here. I also don’t understand why they gave away that Imperium were there in a nothing angle on Smackdown, if they were going to do something significant with them on Raw.

I was looking forward to the WALTER match but it barely started. Fans went mad for Kevin Owens, so I’d look to build Raw around him if I was Heyman.

The Lana nonsense inevitably turned towards pregnancy. My friend, who had up til this point felt guilty as he couldn’t bring his kids to the show, was suddenly very glad he hadn’t. One thing I’ll say is that while other media, such as the Marvel movies, can appeal to both kids and adults, WWE seems intent on driving both away with ‘adult’ drivel like this, and childish humour such as Roman’s chihuahua noises.

A couple more squash matches, then suddenly, the show was over. I was shocked that 6 man was the main event. The crowd was dead by that point, and we were ready to go home. The Fiend showed up and destroyed the O.C. in the dark segment, which did send people home on a high note. Overall a 3/10 show for me.

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Paul from New Jersey

October 28th–Charlotte & Nattie defeat the IICONIC’s when Nattie submits Billie Kay

November 4th–Charlotte & Nattie defeat the Kabuki Warriors when Nattie submits Asuka.

I guess Nattie didn’t pull her weight to earn her spot in a women’s tag team championship match. WWE is a silly place. I like Zelena Vega a lot, but Andrade comes off looking a little weak when he cannot defeat the lakes of Cedric Alexander, Sin Cara & lower case g without her assistance. Her interference should be reserved for more challenging opponents. Looks like Black Will be getting a proper feud, who would you guys have for that?

Brandon from Oshawa

Poor Eric Rowan. He gets the push of his life and gets a rare win over Roman Reigns. Looks pretty decent in the feud and is now relegated to carrying a pet around and making baby noises? I guess since NXT UK isnt going to be at Survivor Series, they had no issues with making them look like chumps tonight. I think there is potential for an Orton & Ricochet team for a couple months. We all know the RKO is coming, so they can get away with some good teases for a while.

Best part of the show was the Aleister Black promo, knowing we’d get it recapped from John. Can I request we get some recaps in the future of Eric Rowans dark room promos, talking to his pet?

Noah from Vaughan


Jon From Nashville

Wow… That was horrible! I gave up after the Lana/Rusev angle. I’m pretty sure they turned down the crowd volume for this angle and when Seth Rollins came out earlier. I mean if you are going to give us this trash, You might as well give us the full effect of the crowd, I think after Survivor Series I need to take a break from the main roster shows. NXT is the only thing i’m enjoying from the WWE product.