FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 11/15/21

What did you think of WWE Raw?

It didn’t help increase my interest level for Survivor Series.

Good evening and solutions gentleman

Great to talk to you again hope both parties are well. Man this show sheesh what a build to the survivor series eh, and if the parties involved in this build and I can gauren damn tee that if this guy isn’t dealt with in a hurry there will not be a parent in this school that doesn’t know what’s going on! I’ll go to the papers if I have to. Anywhoo I respected the effort of the parties involved, both teams worked hard great show.


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-you guys ever hear Postwrestleing star Eric Marcotte impression of Jeff Goye? What a talent you guys have been hiding


Not a terrible show, not great either. Some thoughts:

With title holders facing off but non title, so just a fight for brand supremacy between GMs that run both shows? I think they should scrap brand vs brand teams format. Heels vs faces teams within each brand.

Why the constant swapping performers out of teams? This feels like Vince looked at teams late and wanted some changes.

Veer is still coming to a Raw Brand that he never left. I do not see him working on his own.

Who exactly was Rollins out to scout as announce team said? None of the guys in opening tag are on his team and opponents in the tag not his opponents Sunday.

How is the threat of Brock Lesnar a deterrent to Big E from getting involved? He has been a fighting champion with no fear of anyone. Since he steered clear of Owens and Balor, does it mean he fears Lesnar?

Bianca is getting better every week. The loss at Summerslam in a minute or less dug a big hole but she is climbing out with her talent. Seems very comfortable and capable in her promos.

Speaking of better, Rhea Ripley is coming off as a legitimate badass again. Less promos the better.

Terrible accent by Zelina.

I cannot stand the Duo Drop name. If she fails to stick around, it will be partly due to the name. Duo Drop implies a good, innocent competitor. She needs a new name. So does T Bar.

In ring good, storylines needed work. Raw gets a down the middle 5 Dirty Dawg movie nights out of 10.

I hate to grade on a curve but by the standards of Raw, this one wasn’t bad. The promo from Owens off the top and the match with Balor were really good, although I think they “risk” making KO the most interesting character on the show.

They’re handling the build to the Bianca/ Doudrop match pretty well too. Nothing too complicated but “after Survivor Series, I’m coming for you” is perfectly effective. We all know Liv has no chance of winning but I liked the segment with her and Becky as a way to get some excitement going.

The biggest problem with tonight’s show was that it had very little to do with Survivor’s Series or building it up. The men’s team still seems like a confused mess, Adam Pearce is still weirdly picking sides (and, I guess, threatening Big E with a million dollar fine?), and the women seem like they’re more interested in fighting each other than anyone on Smackdown.

I guess they have another swing at a go home show on Friday (although since it’s brand vs brand, it should be more important to give a sense of momentum on both shows). Ultimately, I’m left feeling like there’s no reason I should get excited for the PPV since it looks like no one booking the actual show is.