FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 11/18/19

What did you think or Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

The IICONIC’s kicking off RAW?!? It’s not even my birthday! I figured one or both of them would be decent enough to make the RAW Survivor Series team considering they are actually a legitimate tagteam, but I guess their stock really is that low. When Samoa Joe came out right after Charlotte, I was curious to see if he was going to put on a wig & start choking lady superstars out, but he was there to do commentary & I thought he did an excellent job. Since I start the show a little late to avoid commercials, I’ve decided I’m just going to fast forward anything involving the cuck angle. No need to waste even a single braincell on this storyline. This show really illustrated how convoluted the build to Suvivor Series has been. It’s the week of & we have had full incomplete teams, faces putting up their spots for nothing in return & a run in by the Lucha House Party. These Drew McIntyre match finishes seem like an inside joke at this point. Also, the Black Room needs a doorbell to avoid missed opportunities. Might I suggest ring. Question, will the 5 on 5 survivor series matches still be 1 on 1 in the ring or will it be triple threat style as well?

PS becky had the line of the night with “I don’t give a bollocks about brand supremacy”. Neither do we Bex, neither do we.

Terry from Colorado

Well the return of John’s favorite geek shirts. With the all new geek hat. I’m hoping they won’t go the same route this year with raw winning every match. Hopefully they can at least put over some of the nxt talent. Keep up the good work guys.

Brandon from Oshawa

When the Lucha House Party came out to interrupt Rollins & Andrade, I had no clue what show they were on, even while they were wearing their geek shirts. I actually thought we were seeing the debut of a new Mexican stable, but then they attacked Andrade and I started to wonder why the hell Smackdown sent their job guys. If the main guys dont care, why should I? Have Roman Reigns, Baron Corbin or Braun Strowman even interacted with anyone from NXT?

When did Lana get so bad? Is she even trying anymore? She used to be a valued member of her team with Rusev. These days I cringe when she gets on the mic, because she’s so bad.

Samoa Joe was great. This was without a doubt, the best night for the Raw announce team since it changed over.

So much good wrestling. Just goes to show how much talent this company still has and how much they waste most of the time. Is it just me or did SmackDown come off looking like idiots and clearly the C show. Surely Fox can’t be happy with that. The ending brawl might not be for everyone, but I actually enjoyed it.

Also did you guys follow the Punk, Orton and Tony Khan thing on Twitter? It was hilarious.

Can wwe please give me one reason why any of these men and women care about “brand supremacy” ? The draft was what, 7 weeks ago? Is there money on the line? Title shots for match survivors? Extra rumble spots for the brand that wins? Give me one reason, just one simple reason to care about this event on Sunday and this tired concept. I’m a football fan and with the Crown Jewel/Survivor Series 8 wk cycle the last 2 yrs the WWE sure makes it easy to tune out

Carl in Cloverdale

Mj from Nj

It’s a shame there is just no real excitement in Raw (or Smackdown’s) presentation. I only caught the last 30 minutes which was the women’s match in front of a crowd that seemed entirely muted…a tag title match with the hook that Orton had a mystery partner and when Richochete was revealed not even the announcers could muster up excitement. I believe the quote was “oh…that’s interesting”

I’m watching the brawl at the end thinking, there’s Pete Dunne - he used to be special…oh Undisputed Era is there? How did they arrive? They seem so unimportant. just not exciting,
like there is no urgency and it is all just going thru the motions. We’re watching guys that know they can’t get over in this angle.

And I hate to compare, but remember when Darby rode a skateboard to enter an end of show brawl. Or Mox put Omega thru a glass table during one? With AEW and even NXT booking end-of-show-brawls that feel meaningful…this was feeling so flat…
AND THEN IT HIT ME. Actually Stared me right in the face…
DAD! Hunter! of course the brawl can’t be exciting and guys can’t get over during it. Because how would that work if the plan is to cut to the back, show Hunter, and have him tell you to watch HIS show on Wednesday…


If AEW beats NXT this week, I don’t think NXT is long for this world in its current form. Then again, we’ve been hyped an invasion from other brands on what should be the big go home for TakeOver WarGames. They’ve already messed with (and ruined in my opinion) the formula that made NXT great and that took 3 months since announcing it.

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Guy from Charlotte, NC

There have been worse installments of RAW lately but this one is still far from what I would consider good.
They tried to make me care about Survivor Series but kinda missed the mark again. Everything just feels so forced and phoney (even by WWE standards).
My patience is wearing thinner and thinner by the week when it comes to WWE programming but i guess this week wasn’t offensively bad.
I give this episode a resounding “meh.”

5 out of 10.

Jay from Colorado

Awful show, not the worst, but still pretty bad. Most of the Survivor Series feud has been NXT vs Guys who were on NXT within the last three years vs Guys who have never been in NXT. Weird to see the Viking Raiders, Ricochet, and Heavy Machinery be so pro Raw when they just got there.

I’m giving it a 4 out of 10 because of the Iconics returning, but that’s it.

Ventak from India,

I didn’t catch the whole show as I was busy, so I’ll reserve show feedback for others. I just have one question. What incentive is there for Raw or SD not appearing on Takeover. Surely they have to appear and disrupt all the matches. Any thoughts?

Happy Monday!
Liz from Winnipeg.
First time posting.

After about the 5th time I heard about ‘DENNY’S $5.99 SUPER SLAM’ breakfast… I literally yelled out “We get it!” in my living room. :weary:

This was a slightly better RAW than usual but the ending just made me realize that Survivor Series is going to be a complete gong show. No good reason or stakes involved for anyone.

Thanks for your hard work fellas!

Sam from Nebraska

So I think this show is able to manipulate time as it seemed like this show took 7 hours to finish. The action was decent to good but I’ll admit the standard of in ring work is so high anymore I just kind of don’t care for Raw matches just thrown out there especially this week with so many non-finishes.

But let’s get to the stupidity of Murphy banging on the Aleister’s door and no one answered and he walks away, then Aleister pops out like a real jabroni. Just awful.

And if they are going to do these shots from Rowan’s creature can they do it well and not half ass it? Only the corners were in focus and it bugged me to no end.

Samuel from Quebec

Tonight was my favourite Raw since this year’s draft. I really enjoyed Owens vs McIntyre although I found it stupid to just end the match during the break. I was totally invested in knowing if Owens was going to rejoin NXT. Lots of good wrestling on the show.

Main negatives were the Lana stuff, Eric Rowan talking to a camera in a cage and too many brawls. While this is the best build to a Survivor Series in years, I think multiple attacks from both brands on one single show gets quite tiresome.

Finally, what the hell was Aleister Black doing that made him unable to open the door of his dark room in time, and why didn’t he at least appeared after Murphy’s match? 7/10 (On a WWE Main Roster scale)

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