FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 11/26/18

Leave your feedback here for tonight’s Rewind-A-Raw where we’ll be reviewing the show and discussing this weekend’s news, including reports of WWE signing WALTER, Liddell vs. Ortiz and the passing of Larry Matysik.

What did you think of Raw?

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Brandon from Adelaide

Abysmal Raw. I would’ve preferred Elias singing ‘Bobby Lashley Sucks’ for 3 hours. Dean’s promos are very uninspired. What is his obsession with smells in his promos now?! it seems like they never had a real plan when they turned him. Nia and Ronda’s delivery was bland and cringey this week. OF COURSE they had Maverick piss on the robe, it’s really impressive how quickly they turned AOP into a circus act. Rollins’ open challenge just screamed laziness on the writers part and having Ziggler answer it was just a repetitive cop out, regardless of the great match they had. Open forum was an utter waste of time, Sasha and Bayley’s stock plummets every week, they deserve much better. Baron Corbin in the main event says all you need to know, depressingly horrendous show.

Mj - and for the record I’m posting this with 7 votes in and the avg is 0.71. This Raw SUCKED more than Bobby Lashley. Let’s go:

Dean Ambrose just took steroids on TV yet he’s going to pass a wellness test? Renee has no explanation? To be honest, he and Rollins can have an all time TLC match I have that much confidence in them. This is the type of feud that too much TV time kills the build. The turn, and the 24/7 was all I needed. Give me a sit down with Seth to get his side and the then Roman cut a video about watching his two brothers fight. Make it real and build the match simply and let it shine. But that’d be too simple right?

Is Nia Jax still talking? They just let her out there to die. Ronda wasn’t much better. I didn’t know to laugh or cry when she said hashtag facebreaker changed the history of the entire world.

Then there is Bliss. She’s a gem in any heel role. How they script her as a heel compared to Bayley as a babyface is comical. How can they get one right and one that wrong especially knowing where they came from in NXT.

Why are we still getting Balor and Corbin / Rollins and Dolph matches. Wasn’t that literally the Summerslam matchups? Is this Roster that thin we can’t get something different 3 months later? Smackdown has guys to spare, sheesh.

Did the Revival look out of place tonight walking down the ramp asking the crowd to be quiet or was it me? It was the kind of promo they get over in Full Sail but where they flail on the main roster.

Elias is very over. That gimmick can go ok for months without having a big program. Just keep giving him TV matches to keep material against different guys fresh. This has the makings of a big segment with The Rock and a Rock Concert.

I’ve been into the Riott Squad ever since I heard they got Tattoos memorializing their debut together. That is badass. Any chance you guys get the P from Post with the date on of the official launch for the 1 year anniversary. That would make incredible Patreon video!

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Mark from Vaughan

As fans, it feels like we’re overly critical of the WWE product but what was there for anyone to like tonight? As good as Rollins vs Ziggler was, we’ve seen it so much that I couldn’t get invested. Nothing was compelling and virtually no one felt special.

Question: Do you think Vince is intending for Ambrose to come across as an unhinged heel right now? He’s felt like a comedy character in a bunch of segments. What could possibly have been the goal of him dropping his pants?

Andrew from Cape Breton

Raw was kinda boring. They had the continuation of the best of 500 series between Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins. I really wish they would take a 205 Live guy and have him in a great match with Rollins, but WWE treats 205 Live almost as bad as they treat Smackdown. Also, how am I supposed to boo a man trying to get vaccinated? Anti-vaxxers will always be heels to me. I also never thought I would see a visual representation of what wrestlers did during the 80s on Raw, but at least Dean did so with the aid of a doctor. I was hoping someone in the crowd would have asked Bayley and Sasha about if they heard of the new promotion the Elite might be apart of, as maybe they should consider their options. 1 out of 10 show. The only thing the show was good at was helping me with one liners. I’ve heard of piss break matches, but that tag title match was ridiculous.

Jay from Colorado

Hey fellas, I’m back after a short break, and it seems I could not have picked a worse episode of Raw to come back to.

Nia is awful. I really tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but that promo was one of the worst things I’ve ever witnessed on Raw. The audience just didn’t care, no real heat either way, they just don’t react because she just can’t cut a promo.

And poor Ember Moon, what the hell did they do to her? It’s just heartbreaking thinking where she is on the card vs where Nia is.

And lastly, I just don’t get the pee angle with Drake Maverick. It’s not even funny by attitude era standards. It’s fucking stupid. Vince is a twleve year old boy trapped in the body of a 73 year old man.

My highlight of the night? The show ended at 9:00 right on the dot. Now I’m gonna take a shower to wash off the stench of this shit show.

Brian from MN

I would like to be positive, but I have absolutely nothing. RAW has drained my soul and I am done. Moving fwd I’ll listen to Rewind-a-RAW and catch anything worth watching on Hulu. It’s far more entertaining listening to you guys’ recaps anyway. I’m sticking with SDLive, NXT, and NXTUK

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Eric in Miami, I watched an hour later on DVR, FFWD the Elias match and I thought i forgot to delete last weeks episode because there was the same beatdown angle. That Ambrose promo was just awful and too cartoony.

Tommy from Scotland,

What did we do to deserve that?


I spent most of this episode catching up on the Cafe Hangout. Just a note; you two are great on 1.5x the speed, Martin, not so much. Had to switch back to normal speed for him.

Connor from St. Paul

I was hoping they would have course corrected Ambrose’s promo after last week, but this just seems like they are doubling down.

I have nothing all that nice to say about this Raw. My favorite moment was probably hearing that Becky would be on Smackdown tomorrow. I will be attending so that gave me something positive to take from this episode.

1/10… Lets just forget this happened.

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Ian from Chattanooga Tennessee
This is my first time posting in the forum. But my God what an awful show. Open challenge accepted by the one guy that Rollins has faced most of the second half of the year. I can’t justify anything more than a 1.

Dave from Sydney

Drake pissing on Roodes robe pretty much sums up my feelings towards WWE in 2018. This is it for me and the main roster for the year unless I hear something through your podcast that I need to go back and watch.

0 out of 10

On a side note I was at a WSW show last night near Sydney featuring Cody Rhodes and he had many some funny comments regarding signing Walter for his new promotion, which makes me feel that Walter may not have signed with WWE or maybe Cody is making a joke of it.
Cody hasn’t wrestled any of these shows either and has instead been having a staring competition, Dwayne rock Johnson, paper, scissor competition and a thumb war with Joey Ryan for the IWGP US title. Thank god the wrestling on the card was great

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Jalen from Pickering,

So people have wanted heel Ambrose for years and his gimmick is that he finds people gross? The only thing that makes him a lunatic is the fact that he’s willing to spew this garbage. Best thing about this Raw was Seth finally winning with the falcon arrow. That Sasha and Bayley segment was pointless and awful, but at least they finally have a new trio of geeks that they can feud with for 8 months. And once again Drew is in a temporary top heel trio. I guess creativity is too much to ask for from a multi-million dollar company.

Noah from Vaughan

I’m so disappointed, with the most talented roster arguably in the companies history, they have managed to turn raw into a completely barren wasteland of pee jokes and geek wrestlers. When Ziggler came out for the open challenge I turned off my TV. I honestly can’t imagine the amount of money the elite would need to be offered to want to head there

Sorry you guys had to watch all three hours. You are True Canadian Heroes

Carl in Cloverdale

This show was bad. Just actively and aggressively bad. At several points I felt embarrassed that somebody would walk in the room and see what I’m watching. That’s about as low as you can go. 2 outta 10 for Dolph and Seth working their asses off.

This was garbage, literally 0/10. Thank god for football.

Brandon frm NJ

My dearest Kelly Hrudey’s

Good evening gentlemen been a fortnite how are you? Just passing through on this cold night. Apologies for my irrelevant emails recently been suffering from writers block. I’ll be better than ever soon. I could write more about nonsense like what I had for dinner or my day at work because it would prob be better than that episode of Raw cause man what a turd of a show. Hold up I’m in a rest hold, as raw rolls on


-still in a rest hold double box with a commercial

-from a scale of 1-Yama Pit fighting what would you rate the Tito/chuck3 card and will there be another golden boy MMA show.

-still time left on cyber Monday to get your post wrestling merch half off gang.

I’m out of here peace

Ventak from Mumbai

First time poster here. I usually catch the show on replay as the live broadcast starts at 6:30 AM out here, but I was off of work and up early and figured I would catch the show live. Boy, was that a mistake. I started off my day watching a guy piss on someone’s jacket. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Raw went downhill from there.

What is Dean Ambrose’s character even supposed to be? Pro-vaccination? Anti-pests?

How are the Revival heels in this feud against LHP? Isn’t it like story telling 101 that the good guys have the disadvantage against the bad guys?

Rematches, handicap matches which don’t really make sense, awful promos, incompetent babyfaces, evil authority figures - This Raw was just plain boring. It really is uninspired and repetitive story telling.

Suffice it to say, that I won’t be watching RAW first thing in the morning ever again. Nice to see NWJ get his obligatory once in a quarter conga line entrance.

1 GM pissing on a piece of clothing out of 10.

Also thanks to the two of you for providing countless hours of entertainment. You guys really do know how to turn dogshit into lemonade. Maybe a future Patreon level?

I honestly can believe someone rated this episode higher than a 1, wtf?!?