FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 11/29/21

What did you think of WWE Raw?

Andrew from Cape Breton

I felt a little uncomfortable with the comment Liv Morgan made about Becky Lynch’s contract being the reason people were fired as if WWE is this mom-and-pop operation and Becky has got them over a barrel. I can picture Vince McMahon begging Becky to give them back some money so they don’t have to lay off more workers as it would break his little heart. Even Edge was in on it, as I guess Miz leaving was the reason John Morrison was fired because he wasn’t around. I did like Edge’s comment about everyone talking about Miz, but it did feel like that whole promo was a lesser version of Punk and MJF. One lowlight of the night was Corey Graves pointing out that the 10 women in that tag was practically the entire division. It almost seems like 10-12 is the set amount of women per brand and if you’re not in that group, they’ll probably fire you. Becky’s contract must be crazy.

Apologize for not having too much to share today but I wanted to give a quick shout to the fact you guys joked about Damian Priests double personality gimmick being a representation of his name. Damian = the devil in him and Priest = the saint in him. You cant make this shit up. Not surprised whatsoever as this is clearly the creative direction we are heading to. One dimensional gimmicks all day everyday.

WWE trying to garner heat for feuds using real life heat for firing so much talent is exactly the kind of thing I think they would come up with as a good idea.

I hope somebody asks on the next Earnings call about the creative direction and whether it’s improving ratings. Nothing brings fans in like reminding them you fired people features a few weeks before.

They are definitely piping in crowd noise right?

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I can’t believe how badly they script baby faces.

Liv Morgans argument was Becky cried and she makes too much money. Wtf. I actually thought Liv was good in her performance but the scripting sucked.

Edge and Miz was interesting and again well performed but the crowd was dead. No one cared. It’s weird how we’re supposed to take Miz serious now after he was playing with water guns for the last year.

Vince and Austin Theory - what exactly am I supposed to be feeling after these segments? Just incredibly awkward, bad acting and no point.