FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 11/30/20

What did you think of tonight’s Raw?

Leave any feedback or questions here for me and Nate on tonight’s Rewind-A-Raw.

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I’m glad it’s over so I can finally go to bed.

Paul from New Jersey

This Elias/Hardy feud broke 1000 guitars and didn’t draw a single dime. Tom Phillips said the Symphony of Destruction match would be like no other match we’ve ever seen unless you watched the Symphony of Destruction match on the February 21st edition of Smackdown. I feel like we get an Austin Powers joke at least once a month on WWE television. Bet you that’s the last comedy Vince McMahon saw. Dana Brooke recorded her first singles, pinfall victory since September 8, 2019 when she defeated Sarah Logan in the 100 years war. Happy AJ was victorious, but the show was a dumpster fire. Had to check out before the main event. Apparently, the final script was handed in 25 minutes before the show. If that’s the case, it really showed tonight. 2 money in the Branks out of 10.

Do you think Morrison cares about his terrible booking since returning, or at this point in his career, do you think the paycheck solves that problem?

So the most dastardly thing Sheamus can do to Drew McIntyre right now is to be the reason why Drew no longer has the championship, which presumably would mean The Miz will be the beneficiary of that angle. So my question is for you two gentlemen is what direction do you think we are heading in between now and wrestlemania? Do you think Miz holds it for a bit and Drew wins it back again or is Miz walking into wrestlemania with the championship? There is a 10 year old redemption story there that the wwe can play on with The miz in 2011 being the after thought. Whether the audience would be interested in that or not I don’t know.