FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 11/8/21

What did you think of Raw?

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KING WOODS actually suggesting STAKES on the Five on Five Survivor Series match is why he has my vote!

Didn’t watch RAW, but Happy Birthday Keith Lee!

I did not particularly like this show.

Why do they make Otis look like he has Down’s Syndrome but never mention it? Do you think they will casually put a helmet or headgear on him but not mention it going forward?

Why does Rhea Ripley always look like she’s just about to burst into a crying fit?

This was just like if I was playing TEW and used the Auto-Booker option to book the show. What was the whole beginning? I was half paying attention but it seemed like the draft doesn’t matter or something?

Alexander from Portland

Liv and Becky sounds like a good match, and her and Doudrop getting more focus tonight was nice. I still don’t get why you’re breaking apart the women’s tag team champions for the survivor series match. Favorite part of the show was Lashley squashing Dominik. I could see the men’s survivor series match ending with Drew getting his big win over Lashley. Meh show overall.

Good evening and saludes seniors

Loved the show tonight it was full of rip roaring laughs and mad cap adventures. It was a thrilling ride as they roll to the survivor series and I hope we are the survivors nah mean. I loved the……and that part……and also……then……5 stars


-fellas what a ufc show the other night my question is should Turning Point USA Chandler jump in front of the line for a I mean Gathjie should jump in front of the line to a title shot or get in another title eliminator

-hey something your not aware of with Eric Marcotte, star of the post wrestling universe he does impressions. Ask him to do his Jeff Goye impression. It’s a hoot

-hey can you guys do me a favor? Can one of you lend me your password from Bell cause I miss my friends at CP24 breakfast. I’ll pay you back