FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 11/9/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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I will say this about Raw in the Thunderdome. At least hour 3 doesn’t seem so deflated by lackluster crowds on their hands. The piped in audio is the best thing to come from this Thunderdome.

Only caught the last hour of Raw - Ricketshit and Ali had a very nice match. Don’t think either one of them are going anywhere and that makes it pointless, but they had a very nice match. Wish I could catch these two in the upcoming BOSJ. The 24/7 match was just absolute trash and filler. And the main event was notable only for the Countdown to Drew’s kick which sounded great with piped in noise.

Question: If you were counseling WWE on a Live event strategy post-pandemic, would you advise them to bring Raw and Smackdown on the road again like before, or would you lean in to using the piped in sound to keep TV moving in the right direction and only do PPVs in front of live crowds? I feel like there needs to be a real hook for live attendance and week after week TV tapings doesn’t seem to be it - at least in my opinion.


QUESTION: After the end of Being the Elite, do you really see Hangman joining the Dark Order or turning heel on the Elite? As well, where is Brodie Lee. I haven’t seen him since his TNT title loss?

Take Care guys!

Paul from New Jersey

Another week, another table. Credit where credit is due, Randy Orton cut a fire promo on. Miz and Johnny Jannetty. I badly wanted to see Titus O’Neil capture the US title and go on to survivor series. O’Neill did a good job in that segment. Hey Tucker, not only are we going to turn you heel on PPV, but you sir are going to taste championship gold. Let’s all congratulate 2 time 24/7 champion, Tucker. That is record burial. Still, I liked the show. 6.5.

RIP Canadian legend Alex Trebek.