FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 12/10/18

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What did you think of tonight’s show?

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Ari from montreal
With the last 2 weeks I was actually debating what to watch between watching raw and spiderman 3 which was on another chanel…and everyone knows how shit spiderman 3 was. But i digress. I love the fact tht corbin is being blamed for ratings. I kept chanel surfing so i onlu watched the main event…and it was good…NO CORBIN CHINLOCKS give this match 5 stars!
I cant believe slater actually through rollins off i even said imagine he does it.
Just a last note is it me or does slater remind you of shane when he was a ref the time before the survivor series deadly game tournement?

Andrew from Cape Breton

It did feel like tonight was some sort of make good for the past few weeks, but Raw still is pretty lacking. I feel bad for the Lucha House Party getting buried pretty badly in the opening segment. Hopefully they just correct the course for them and don’t just give up on them based on bad booking. Speaking of which, if they’re going to keep capitalizing on Jim Neidhart’s death, why not just go all out. Maybe she could read a poem to Nattie like the Big Bossman did when Big Show’s Dad died? Tonight had some decent stuff. The main event has me somewhat perplexed though. Who called for the bell when Seth Rollins pulled down the title? Maybe it was Heath after being kicked. We can start calling this ref Red Hair, and know he’ll accept any outside interference or assaults and just shrug it off. I bet the Tongans would want in the WWE with referees like that. 5 out of 10 show.

Jay from Colorado.

Another pretty abyssmal edition of Raw. Nothing really connected with me, and I didn’t even realize until about an hour in it was a go home show for TLC.

There have been rumors that Vince was frustrated with the direction of Raw and rewrote the episodes during the last few weeks shortly before airing, any truth to this?

Mark from Vaughan

Meltzer tweeted out during the opening segment that it seemed Vince was basically writing the criticism toward himself with Baron as a surrogate. It was an interesting interpretation. Do you think there’s any validity to the theory?

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That’s 100% what it was of course. Rollins saying what every podcast, every fan was saying. He could have said so much more.

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